I Became the Rich Second-Generation Villain – Chapter 157


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    Chapter 157: Watching Performance.

    Doctor Xue felt that it was unnecessary to establish his reputation among the common people, but Su Lang thought it would be useful for himself.

    Su Lang had invited Doctor Xue to help him keep up appearances.

    Taking advantage of treating the wealthiest person in Qingling, Doctor Xue gained popularity in the area. As a result, the sensation caused by his presence as a guest at a wedding would be even greater.

    This is exactly what Su Lang wanted to see.

    “Then let the media know,” Doctor Xue immediately changed his mind.

    Since it was the God of War who ordered, how can do otherwise?

    After the discussion, Ma Hongsheng immediately put the plan into action.

    Collecting the medicinal herbs needed for Ma Hongsheng’s treatment took time, and during this time, the news of the Capital City’s Miraculous Doctor treating Ma Hongsheng’s illness gradually spread.

    In this age, the speed of news dissemination was simply too fast.

    After only a day of fermentation, the news quickly spread throughout the streets and alleys of Qingling, almost making it common knowledge.

    — — —


    Qin Yunhan secretly called Wang Haoran to a place where no one was present for a talk.

    “What, do you miss me so much?” Wang Haoran hugged Qin Yunhan’s waist and jokingly smiled.

    “Don’t be ridiculous, you can’t do anything anyway.” Qin Yunhan rolled her eyes at him.

    Wang Haoran was stunned, realizing that he had a problem in Qin Yunhan’s eyes.

    “Ah, that’s right.” Wang Haoran pretended to be sad and sighed.

    “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it.” Qin Yunhan thought Wang Haoran was hurt and apologized quickly.

    “It’s okay.”

    “By the way, I heard that a Miraculous Doctor came to Qingling, and maybe there’s hope for your illness to be cured.” Qin Yunhan said hopefully.

    “Really? Is that so?” Wang Haoran pretended to have just heard the news.

    In fact, he secretly instructed Cheng Rui to spread the news of the Miraculous Doctor treating Ma Hongsheng’s illness, and Cheng Rui did not disappoint him.

    “It’s absolutely true. I even asked my dad about it.”

    “Nowadays, there are so many fake Miraculous Doctors, who knows if he’s just an incompetent doctor.”

    “How could that be? He came from the Capital City, and his reputation is quite well-known there. How could he be an incompetent doctor?”

    “So, what do you mean, do you want me to go for treatment?”

    “Mm-hmm.” Qin Yunhan nodded vigorously. “I heard from my dad that the Miraculous Doctor will treat Ma Hongsheng at 1 o’clock this afternoon. It’s only 12 o’clock now. Let’s go take a look. If the Miraculous Doctor is really that powerful, you can also go to him for treatment.”

    “I’d rather not.” Wang Haoran was not very willing.

    First, he was very well and not sick at all.

    Second, the so-called Miraculous Doctor’s signboard was about to be smashed.

    “Come with me. You’re all like this, what kind of face do you care about,” Qin Yunhan urged and pulled Wang Haoran towards the school’s exit.

    Seeing how urgent she was, Wang Haoran complied with her wishes and decided to go and watch the spectacle.

    The two left the school, took a car, and went to the Tianhui Clinic.

    Outside the Tianhui Clinic, there were many reporters, but they were mostly blocked from entering.

    Only a small number of journalists from major media outlets were eligible to enter.

    Some journalists tried to impersonate patients to get in, only to find that they were not even qualified to see a doctor.

    The Wang family and the Qin family are top members of the Tianhui Clinic. Wang Haoran is the young master of the Wang Group, and Qin Yunhan is the eldest lady of the Qin Group.

    The two wanted to enter, so no one stopped them. Wang Haoran had already been here once before and knew where Ma Hongsheng’s ward was.

    However, at this moment, dozens of people were surrounding the corridor outside Ma Hongsheng’s ward, blocking the doors.

    These were wealthy people who had come to admire and witness Doctor Xue’s medical skills.

    “A lot of people, they won’t all come to see a doctor, right?” Qin Yunhan was a little anxious.

    Wang Haoran smiled playfully and calmly said, “What’s the hurry? The Miraculous Doctor hasn’t even started to perform yet. Let’s wait and see if he really has the ability.”

    “It’s about time, the Miraculous Doctor should start treatment, but unfortunately we can’t see it.” Qin Yunhan stretched her neck but couldn’t see anything, so she sighed.

    Wang Haoran didn’t have this problem, and with his perspective opened, no obstacles could block his vision.

    In the ward, Doctor Xue had already prepared the medicinal materials and silver needles. He signalled everyone to back away and not to interfere with the treatment, and made a silent gesture.

    The surrounding wealthy people slowly retreated, and the conversation stopped.

    Ma Hongsheng was lying on the bed, in a deep sleep.

    Cheng Rui was waiting by the bed, and there was also a foreigner with blonde hair and blue eyes watching from the sidelines.

    He was Blake, the director of the Tianhui Clinic, who focused on Western medicine but admired Chinese medicine.

    He had heard about the famous Miraculous Doctor of Chinese medicine and had come to witness his medical skills.

    Su Lang was also present but mixed in with the crowd and wore a hat to cover most of his face.

    Ma Hongsheng was still very important to his wedding, so he had come to take a look.

    Doctor Xue took a deep breath, took out the silver needle, disinfected it, and then soaked it in the processed medicinal herb solution. 

    Immediately afterwards, he pierced Ma Hongsheng’s acupuncture points.

    Doctor Xue’s movements were extremely fast and dazzling, but the position of the needle was nonetheless extremely accurate.

    Some wealthy people were recording with their mobile phones, trying to record this magical scene.

    About three minutes later, Doctor Xue finished the needle, with an unfathomable smile on his face, and said to everyone around him, “It only takes ten minutes, and when the medicinal power is fully effective, Mr. Ma will wake up automatically.”

    “Chinese acupuncture skills are really good, which is really eye-opening,” Director Blake said in good Chinese, and after seeing Doctor Xue’s dazzling needle technique, he immediately praised it.

    “Chinese medical skills are vast and profound. These are just the basics, and I haven’t even used the really powerful acupuncture techniques yet,” Doctor Xue brushed his beard and said lightly to Blake.

    “Miraculous Doctor, is it convenient to have an interview with you?” A reporter from a large media outlet spoke.

    Upon hearing this, Doctor Xue initially refused. 

    He didn’t have the intention of becoming famous among the general public, but Su Lang in the crowd suddenly signalled him to agree.

    “Yes,” Doctor Xue nodded and agreed to the interview.

    When the reporter saw Doctor Xue’s approval, he immediately walked forward from the crowd with a microphone for the interview.

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