I Became the Rich Second-Generation Villain – Chapter 158


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    Chapter 158: Miraculous Doctor’s Failure

    This reporter spent about five minutes conducting a simple interview with Doctor Xue.

    However, since the reporter had worked hard to get this opportunity, he wouldn’t let it go just by asking a few questions.

    “I appreciate Doctor Xue for answering our questions, but Doctor Xue, the theories you mentioned are too general. Would you mind showing us some practical skills?”

    Feeling challenged, Doctor Xue was secretly unhappy.

    If it wasn’t for Su Lang asking him to cooperate with the interview, he would have been offended.

    When he was in the Capital City, who didn’t know his name?

    After coming to Qingling, these people who hadn’t seen the world actually doubted his ability.

    “Okay, who here still needs medical treatment? Why don’t you come over and let me take a look?” Doctor Xue spoke loudly to the wealthy onlookers.


    “Me, me.”

    “Here, here!”

    The wealthy people around immediately responded, calling out and waving.

    “You, come over.” Doctor Xue scanned the crowd and pointed to an obese woman with heavy make-up, dressed in luxurious clothing.

    When the woman saw that she was chosen, she immediately twisted her huge body and walked over to sit on the stool in front of Doctor Xue.

    Under the woman’s weight, the stool made a faint sound of being overloaded.

    “Doctor, please take a look at me.” The woman extended her fat wrist.

    Doctor Xue glanced at her and didn’t even need to check her pulse. He could already tell what was wrong with her just by looking.

    “You have high blood fat and high blood pressure, and also moderate heart disease. Am I right?” Doctor Xue said.

    “Yes, yes, yes!” The woman was surprised. “I went to the hospital six months ago, and the doctor did say I have these illnesses. He prescribed medicine for me, but I didn’t get better even after taking it for six months.”

    “You are truly a miraculous doctor. You can tell just by looking at me. Amazing!”

    “Obese people usually have these illnesses. Even I could guess that,” said another person.

    “That’s right,” others agreed.

    The people around were discussing with each other.

    Hearing this, Doctor Xue couldn’t help but sneer.

    These people from small towns were just too naive to doubt his abilities.

    Thinking like this, Doctor Xue said to the woman, “The root cause of your illness is your obesity. To put it plainly, all your illnesses are caused by excessive weight. If you can’t lose weight, these illnesses cannot be cured.”

    “I also want to lose weight, but I have an obese physique. I gain weight just by drinking water. I can’t lose it,” the woman lamented.

    “I have a weight loss formula. You only need to take it for a month, and I guarantee that you will lose weight and there are no side effects.” Doctor Xue revealed his true skill and let these small-town people have a look.

    “Is it so? Then hurry up and give me, miraculous doctor!” the obese woman said in a hurry.

    “I have rules for treating illnesses. If you want me to treat you, you need to pay first,” Doctor Xue said lightly.

    “I haven’t been treated yet, but I have to pay first?” The obese woman was a bit unhappy.

    “This is the rule I follow in my medical practice, always has been. If you’re not willing, you can find someone else to treat you,” Doctor Xue, confident in his medical skills, had always followed this rule when treating the wealthy and powerful in the Capital City.

    Could people in a small place like Qingling be more precious than those in the capital?

    It was impossible for him to break the rules.

    “How much do you need?” The obese woman was dissatisfied with the miraculous doctor’s rules, but she was in a hurry to treat her illness and had plenty of money, so she asked directly.

    “This much,” Xue said, holding up three fingers.

    “30,000? Okay, deal, I’ll pay right away,” the obese woman said happily.

    “No,” Xue shook his head.

    “300,000? Okay, I’m not short of money as long as I can lose weight,” the obese woman said.

    “Add one more zero.”

    “3,000,000? Are you robbing me?” The obese woman’s eyes widened.

    “If you think it’s too expensive, you can go elsewhere,” Xue said coldly.

    “Humph, you haven’t even cured Mr. Ma yet. I don’t know if you really have the skills. I’ll wait until Mr. Ma wakes up before deciding,” the obese woman thought the price was too high, so she wanted to be more cautious.

    “If you come back to me for treatment later, the price won’t be this low. At least double the price,” Xue warned.

    “I see you’re crazy about money!” The obese woman couldn’t help but criticize him.

    “Humph, now you’re on my blacklist. Even if you kneel down and beg me and offer all your property, I won’t treat you,” Xue also had his temper. Seeing the obese woman’s attitude, he couldn’t help but feel annoyed.

    “This…” The obese woman regretted her impulsiveness.

    If this miracle doctor could really help her lose weight, she would be willing to pay three million.

    “Miraculous doctor, I was impulsive just now and said something offensive. Please forgive me,” the obese woman tried to make up for it.

    “Humph, it’s too late now,” Xue sneered.

    Doctor Xue had his pride, and he had already said what he had to say. There was no reason to take it back.

    Seeing this, the obese woman was quite helpless and could only temporarily return to the crowd, preparing to assess the situation and then wait for an opportunity to beg the miraculous doctor to treat her.

    Because the obese woman had set a bad precedent and Xue’s asking price was too high, no one else came forward to ask for treatment from him.

    The journalist who had been interviewing Xue didn’t know how to wrap up the situation.

    Regarding the reactions of the people around him, Doctor Xue didn’t care at all.

    What he needed to do now was wait.

    As soon as Ma Hongsheng woke up, the situation would immediately turn around.

    Time passed quietly and quickly reached ten minutes.

    At this time, the medicine that had been introduced into Ma Hongsheng’s body through the silver needle had taken effect.

    And at this moment, Ma Hongsheng’s fingers also moved slightly.

    Cheng Rui had been waiting by his side, watching Ma Hongsheng’s changes, and naturally noticed this subtle movement.

    Cheng Rui had taken care of Ma Hongsheng for a period of time since he got his strange disease.

    Cheng Rui knew that this was a sign of Ma Hongsheng waking up.

    According to Ma Hongsheng’s sleep frequency, he shouldn’t wake up at this point.

    Cheng Rui couldn’t help but clench her toes and felt a little anxious.

    At the same time, she was also annoyed at Wang Haoran’s unreliable information.

    Before, Wang Haoran had confidently stated that this divine doctor did not have enough skills to cure him.

    “Water, water…”

    Ma Hongsheng made a faint sound from his mouth.

    “He’s awake, he’s awake!”

    The people around him saw the movement and showed shocked expressions.

    Cheng Rui bit her lip secretly, feeling very disappointed in Wang Haoran at this moment.

    However, she didn’t dare to show any strange emotions and immediately went to pour a glass of water for Ma Hongsheng to drink.

    After a glass of water entered his stomach, Ma Hongsheng completely woke up.

    “Miraculous doctor, he is really a miraculous doctor!”

    The people around him exclaimed in admiration, looking at Doctor Xue with admiring eyes.

    Doctor Xue saw the reactions of the people around him and couldn’t help but snort proudly.

    These people from small places were really difficult to deal with. If someone wanted to come and cure them, they must raise the price a bit, as it was the cost of their lack of trust.

    “Ah, ah, ah!!!”

    However, just as Doctor Xue was calculating how much to charge, Ma Hongsheng suddenly held his head and screamed in agony.

    “How…how could this happen?”

    The sudden situation made Doctor Xue a little unsure of what to do.

    — — —

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