I Became the Rich Second-Generation Villain – Chapter 159


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    Chapter 159: Quack Doctor

    “Hongsheng, Hongsheng, what’s wrong with you?!”

    Upon seeing the situation, Cheng Rui immediately called out several times.

    However, Ma Hongsheng didn’t respond and continued to hold his head in pain, appearing quite distressed.

    “What did you do? Why is Hongsheng like this?” Cheng Rui questioned Doctor Xue, who looked bewildered and at a loss.

    “It… it should be a stress reaction. He… he’ll be fine soon.”

    The situation had somewhat slipped out of Xue’s control, but he still retained a trace of confidence in his medical skills.


    However, right after he finished speaking, Ma Hongsheng’s voice stopped, and he immediately fainted.

    Doctor Xue’s lips trembled, unsure of what to do.

    Director Blake, who remained relatively calm, immediately approached to check Ma Hongsheng’s pupils and also looked at the data displayed on the monitoring devices connected to him.

    “Mr. Ma has fainted, and his condition seems to have worsened,” Director Blake assessed and said.

    Upon hearing this, Cheng Rui secretly rejoiced, realizing that Wang Haoran’s words were correct.

    This “miraculous” doctor not only failed to cure Ma Hongsheng’s peculiar illness but also aggravated his condition.

    Of course, although she thought so, Cheng Rui wouldn’t show it. Instead, she burst into tears, with tears streaming down her face.

    Wang Haoran, who could see the situation through his perspective ability, couldn’t help but admire Cheng Rui’s acting skills.

    “I thought he was a real miraculous doctor, but it turns out he’s just a charlatan!” The obese woman who had sought treatment from Doctor Xue earlier witnessed the scene and couldn’t help but come over and disdainfully spit.

    She had initially held some hope, thinking that Doctor Xue was truly capable of helping her lose weight successfully.

    Little did she know that all this time, he was just a fraud.

    “Madam, please calm down. Let me take another look at Mr. Ma. Perhaps there is still hope for a turnaround. Trust me, trust me!” Doctor Xue tried to remedy the situation.

    Cheng Rui didn’t respond and continued to cry sorrowfully.

    “You’ve caused enough harm by treating him. Look at what you’ve done to him. If you treat him again, you might end up killing him!”

    “That’s right, this quack is harming people.”

    “We can’t let him get away. Call the police quickly!”

    The crowd around was filled with anger, glaring at Doctor Xue, and loudly condemning him. Some even spat at him.

    At the same time, Wang Haoran received a notification from the system.

    [Ding! The host manipulated behind the scenes, causing the reputation of the protagonist’s faction, Doctor Xue, to be ruined 

    • Obtained 600 villain points
    • Su Lang’s protagonist Halo decreased by 30
    • Host’s villain halo increased by 30!]

    As he heard the furious accusations and condemnations from the surroundings, Doctor Xue’s face turned dark.

    Considering that he had practised medicine for decades, it was the first time he had been cursed at as a quack.

    However, he couldn’t find any words to refute them.

    The fact was that he had indeed made Ma Hongsheng’s condition worse.

    This puzzled him greatly.

    But now was not the time to dwell on that.

    Because someone had made a phone call, and the area was blocked off.

    He had no means of escape now.

    Shortly after, the police arrived.

    Leading the team was Ling Duanya.

    A path was cleared through the crowd to allow Ling Duanya and her team to enter.

    “You are suspected of harming people under the guise of practising medicine. Please come with us,” Ling Duanya coldly said to Doctor Xue.

    “I haven’t harmed anyone. I wanted to save people out of good intentions. I am saving lives!” Doctor Xue tried to defend himself.

    “Every quack in the world claims they have good intentions.” Ling Duanya sneered and said to her colleagues, “Take him away!”

    Doctor Xue was directly apprehended.

    “Lord, please save me! Please save me!” Doctor Xue panicked and shouted towards Su Lang in the crowd.

    “Hmm? He has an accomplice?” Ling Duanya’s eyelids twitched as she followed Doctor Xue’s gaze and locked onto Su Lang, who was wearing a hat.

    She approached Su Lang and asked, “Do you know this quack?”

    Su Lang squinted his eyes and angrily stared at Doctor Xue, slowly uttering a few words, “I don’t know him.”

    “Lord, you can’t do this. You asked me to come to Qingling. How can you just ignore me now?!” Doctor Xue yelled.

    Su Lang’s face darkened, wishing he could go over and slap Doctor Xue a few times.

    He had called Doctor Xue over to support him at his wedding.

    Now that Doctor Xue had gotten into trouble and his reputation was ruined, he had lost all value to Su Lang.

    If Doctor Xue becomes associated with him, wouldn’t it ruin his own reputation?

    Moreover, if because of Doctor Xue’s actions, he ends up being accused as an accomplice, he would not be able to proceed with the wedding.

    Seeing the situation, Su Lang naturally decided to sell out Doctor Xue.

    “You quack, shut up!” Su Lang stared at Doctor Xue, warning him with his eyes.

    Upon hearing this, Doctor Xue dared not shout and create trouble for this formidable individual.

    However, he felt extremely unhappy in his heart, sensing a significant amount of resentment from this formidable person.

    “Officer, I really don’t know him. He is talking nonsense. Please take him away quickly,” Su Lang said to Ling Duanya.

    “We will investigate thoroughly. If there is any connection, we will come back to seek your assistance in the investigation,” Ling Duanya replied, taking out a pen and paper, “Please show me your identification and leave your contact information and address.”

    Su Lang cooperated and directly wrote down the information that Ling Duanya wanted to know on the paper, presenting his identification as well.

    Having already warned Doctor Xue, Su Lang expected that the latter wouldn’t speak recklessly.

    After recording the information, Ling Duanya quickly left with her team.

    The wealthy individuals who knew Ma Hongsheng began comforting Cheng Rui, telling her not to be too sad and to take care of herself.

    Cheng Rui was already weak, and after crying for a while, she felt a bit dizzy and was taken to the hospital room by a nurse.

    Doctor Blake, the Director, prepared to conduct a detailed examination on Ma Hongsheng once again.

    The wealthy individuals gradually dispersed.

    The media representatives had initially planned to promote Doctor Xue extensively, even preparing the press release.

    But now, they would definitely have to revise the press release, changing it to warn everyone about the harm caused by a quack.

    “He turned out to be a quack, damn b*****d…” Qin Yunhan was quite annoyed and almost wanted to curse.

    She had eagerly brought Wang Haoran here, originally holding great hopes and envisioning that Wang Haoran’s illness would be cured.

    Who would have thought that after waiting for so long, they would discover that the so-called miraculous doctor was a harmful quack?

    It’s easy to imagine how angry she was.

    “Just let things take their course. You can’t force it,” Wang Haoran pretended to be melancholic.

    “Haoran, I’m sorry. It’s all my fault for bringing you here, giving you hope, and then disappointing you,” Qin Yunhan apologized.

    “How can you blame yourself?” Wang Haoran shook his head and then his expression changed. Suddenly, he said, “Actually, I secretly saw another doctor and learned that there might be a remedy that can cure my illness, but…”

    At this point, he seemed to find it difficult to speak and didn’t continue.

    “What remedy? Tell me, quickly!” Hope surged within Qin Yunhan, and she urged eagerly.

    “It’s…” Wang Haoran whispered a few words.

    After hearing them, Qin Yunhan’s eyes widened, and her face turned as red as a cooked lobster.

    — — —

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  • [Host: Wang Haoran] 

    [Combat value: 1369] 

    [Charm: 268] 

    [Villain Halo: 1931] 

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    • Charm Halo
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