I Became the Rich Second-Generation Villain – Chapter 160


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    Chapter 160: Shopping for Wedding Dress

    [At Night]

    Su Lang returned from outside.

    In the afternoon, he went to inquire about the handling of Doctor Xue’s arrest.

    According to the lawyer, it’s impossible for Doctor Xue to be released in the short term.

    Moreover, the media outside has been flooded with headlines such as “Quack Doctor Harms People” and “Murderers Must Pay,” occupying major media outlets.

    Almost everyone in the world knows about it.

    Doctor Xue is considered socially dead, and even if he were to be released, he would be treated as a pariah.

    The plan to have Dcotor Xue attend the wedding was completely ruined.

    However, Su Lang doesn’t mind.

    After all, he didn’t just summon Dcotor Xue.

    If Doctor Xue has problems, there will naturally be other important figures who will attend.

    With this in mind, Su Lang regains his spirit and intended to go home and cook.

    However, after walking a dozen steps, he suddenly stops in his tracks.

    “Come out.” There was no one around, but Su Lang seems to be speaking to thin air.

    “Not bad, God of War, your perception is still so sharp.”

    A man dressed in dark clothing walks slowly out of the shadows, speaking with a smile.

    “Shadow, as expected, it’s you.” Su Lang smiled faintly.

    Among the people he notified, this person standing before him was included.

    “Shadow reporting, I pay my respects to God of War.” The man called Shadow respectfully greets.

    “You don’t need to be so formal.” Su Lang waves his hand.

    “God of War, when you sent the message back, it caused quite a stir. I obtained confidential information that your enemies have also sent people to infiltrate Qingling.” Shadow reported.

    “Since I revealed my place of seclusion, I had already anticipated this day. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have called you here.” Su Lang wore a smile that seems to suggest he has everything under control.

    “Lord, you truly have extraordinary foresight. Please give your orders.” Shadow immediately responds.

    “As for those jumping clowns, I don’t care about them at all. The only concern I have is that they might target my wife. Protect her secretly for me.”


    Shadow received his orders and blended into the darkness.

    Su Lang returned home as usual and started cooking, while contemplating about the wedding.

    Previously, he had placed his hopes on Ma Hongsheng and planned to let him handle the wedding after his illness improved.

    But now, Ma Hongsheng’s condition was not optimistic, and there was no hope for him anymore.

    After thinking it over, Su Lang decides to personally take care of the wedding preparations.

    The Yang Family has not returned yet.

    After finishing cooking, Su Lang took advantage of this free time to contact the largest bridal shop in Qingling and make an appointment to try on wedding dresses and suits tomorrow.

    — — —

    [Inside the bedroom.]

    “Gag… gag…”

    Qin Yunhan rushed to the bathroom and vomited for a while before rinsing her mouth.

    Then, she returned to the room and stared at Wang Haoran with an annoyed look.

    “So, this remedy really works. I feel like I’m really fine. It must be the power of love.” Wang Haoran exaggerated his expression and said to Qin Yunhan.

    “Hmph, trying to make a fool of me…” Qin Yunhan pouted.

    “Okay, I’ll tell you the truth. After that incident where Xiao Yifeng secretly harmed me, for a period of time afterward, I found that things were sometimes quite normal. But I couldn’t be sure, so I played a little joke on you.” Wang Haoran sees Qin Yunhan’s stern face and asks, “You’re not angry, are you?”

    Qin Yunhan was not angry, of course.

    Now that Wang Haoran has recovered, she was overjoyed. How could she care about such a small matter?

    However, she deliberately put on a serious face and said, “I sent Zhaozhao back today. You come over and make up the missed lessons for me. Consider it your punishment for deceiving me.”

    “Okay.” Wang Haoran agreed readily.

    At this time, it’s still during class break. The two of them sneak back to the dormitory, chat for a bit, and then quickly returned.

    — — —

    [On the other side.]

    After waiting for a while, Su Lang saw the Yang Family returning with laughter and conversation.

    After dinner, Su Lang washed the dishes and mopped the floor, keeping busy until almost ten o’clock.

    He went outside Yang Jingwan’s bedroom and knocked on the door.

    “Why are you knocking? What’s the matter?” Yang Jingwan was annoyed and had no choice but to come and open the door, asking in a complaining tone.

    “I made an appointment with the bridal shop to try on wedding dresses. Tomorrow when you finish work, let’s go together,” Su Lang said.

    “I’ll be finishing work late tomorrow, so I won’t go,” Yang Jingwan said, leaving those words behind and trying to close the door.

    However, Su Lang quickly held it with his hand, not allowing her to succeed.

    “I’ve already made the appointment. Let’s just go once. How can we attend the wedding without wedding dresses and suits?” Su Lang pleaded.

    Yang Jingwan didn’t want to pay attention to him, so she pushed the door with force, trying to lock it.

    However, Su Lang’s strength was unexpectedly strong. He resisted the door, and no matter how hard Yang Jingwan pushed, it didn’t budge.

    “I already said I won’t try on wedding dresses. Why are you bothering me?”

    “If you don’t agree, I’ll just stay here and not leave,” Su Lang said shamelessly.

    “I’ll tell you the truth. I’ve fallen in love with someone else, and… and it’s already like that, I’ve cheated, so let’s get a divorce,” Yang Jingwan blurted out in anger, laying it all on the table.

    “Jingwan, don’t lie to me. You’re clearly still a virgin,” Su Lang didn’t take it seriously at all, knowing she was lying.

    Upon hearing this, Yang Jingwan couldn’t help but be surprised, “Can you really tell? How did you figure it out?”

    “I can tell from the way you walk. I can confirm that you’re still a young girl. You can’t fool me,” Su Lang said proudly.

    After being teased by Su Lang, Yang Jingwan also calmed down a bit and didn’t continue with the confession.

    “Wife, we’ve already agreed. After the wedding, if you still insist on getting a divorce, I will agree. But before that, could you cooperate? Just try on the wedding dress,” Su Lang persuaded her with tenderness.

    “Fine… Fine,” Yang Jingwan reluctantly agreed.

    “Then, when you finish work tomorrow, I’ll come to pick you up,” Su Lang said attentively.

    “You absolutely must not come. If you come to pick me up, I won’t go,” Yang Jingwan immediately rejected.

    Su Lang only has an electric scooter, which runs very slowly. She would rather take the bus herself.

    Moreover, Yang Jingwan didn’t want her colleagues to see that she had such a useless husband.

    “Alright, I’ll go directly to the bridal shop…” Su Lang didn’t insist.


    Before he could finish speaking, Yang Jingwan closed the door directly.

    Su Lang shrugged his shoulders and didn’t mind.

    As they say, after bitterness comes sweetness.

    He firmly believes that the more terrible Yang Jingwan’s attitude towards him is now, the more tender she will become in the future.

    — — —

    ‘He really has some incredible skills…’

    In the dormitory, Wang Haoran was tutoring Qin Yunhan with her homework while listening to the commotion from Yang Jingwan’s side.

    When he heard Su Lang saying that he could determine whether a woman is a virgin or not based on her walking posture, he was completely shocked.

    Of course, Wang Haoran’s main focus was not on that. Instead, he was focused on the matter of Su Lang and Yang Jingwan going to the bridal shop to try on wedding dresses.

    If his assumptions were correct, there might be a triggering melodramatic plot in the bridal shop.

    For example, if Yang Jingwan fell in love with an expensive wedding dress, but the salesperson thought she couldn’t afford it and mocked her.

    Then Su Lang would step forward and take out billions of dollars, directly embarrassing the salesperson?

    Of course, this was just Wang Haoran’s wild guess, and it’s uncertain whether such a melodramatic plot would happen.

    But Wang Haoran secretly decided to go and witness it, to join in the excitement at the bridal shop.

    Yang Jingwan’s favorability towards him has now reached 75, and she has even proposed divorce to Su Lang.

    As long as he continues to make an effort and raises the favourability to the next level, Yang Jingwan will undoubtedly be more open-minded.

    In that case, he will be able to deal with Su Lang even better.

    “How do you solve this problem?” Qin Yunhan pointed to a math problem and asked Wang Haoran for guidance.

    “It’s very simple…” Wang Haoran explained the train of thought to Qin Yunhan and let her solve the problem on her own.

    During this time, he took out his phone and started editing messages.

    — — —

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  • [Host: Wang Haoran] 

    [Combat value: 1369] 

    [Charm: 268] 

    [Villain Halo: 1931] 

    [Villain Point: 9300] 


    • Charm Halo
    • Master-level Calligraphy and Painting Copying Skills
    • Master-level Actual Combat Style: Wing Chun
    • God-level Singing Skills
    • Movie-level Acting skills
    • X-Ray Vision
    • Supreme Poison Sutra (Advanced)
    • Top-Tier Hacking Techniques
    • Internal Energy (20 years)]
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