I Became the Rich Second-Generation Villain – Chapter 163


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    Chapter 163: Choosing a Wedding Dress

    “Don’t… don’t cry, I’m fine.”

    Seeing Yang Jingwan crying with tears streaming down her face, Wang Haoran immediately tried to comfort her.

    “But… but you said you’re fine. Look… look at your body, it’s bruised… how can you be fine?” Yang Jingwan cried intensely, struggling to catch her breath and speaking in a stuttering manner.

    “I’m strong, really, it’s nothing serious. Let’s leave this place quickly in case those two come back.” Wang Haoran tried to scare her a little.

    Upon hearing this, Yang Jingwan quickly stopped crying. “Can you… can you still drive?”

    “No problem.” Wang Haoran nodded.

    Seeing this, Yang Jingwan immediately helped him into the car and then sat in the passenger seat.

    The car started, quickly leaving the suburban area.

    “We won’t go to the bridal shop. Let’s go to the hospital for a check-up.” Yang Jingwan was very worried.

    “It’s just some superficial injuries, nothing serious. I’ll apply some medicine when we get back, and it’ll be fine in a few days.” Wang Haoran said.

    The bruises on his body were actually caused by condensing his Qi and blood with true energy. He intentionally made it look worse than it actually was. He didn’t really get hurt.

    While acting, he wouldn’t really let himself get beaten up.

    “If it’s too painful, you should go to the hospital and get checked just in case there are any lingering effects.” Yang Jingwan was still concerned, so she reminded him.

    “Don’t worry, I know my limits. Let’s go to the bridal shop first.” Wang Haoran insisted.

    Yang Jingwan’s affection for him had already reached 90, so even if he made excessive requests, Yang Jingwan would likely agree.

    Given the current situation, it was only natural to do something.

    If not to completely frame Su Lang, at least he should give him a hard time.

    Upon hearing Wang Haoran’s words, Yang Jingwan felt slightly relieved and then remembered the incident that had just happened. She couldn’t help but feel a lingering fear.

    “I don’t know who those two were and why they wanted to grab me.”

    “From what I can tell, it’s very likely that Yu Yan harbours a grudge over being expelled, so she sent someone to deal with you.” Wang Haoran temporarily didn’t want to expose Su Lang, so he made up a story.

    Those people who were after Yang Jingwan were actually Su Lang’s enemies.

    Dealing with them was equivalent to solving Su Lang’s problem.

    That was one of the reasons why Wang Haoran only pretended to drive them away without actually eliminating them.

    “Yu Yan is truly wicked!”

    Upon hearing Wang Haoran’s words, Yang Jingwan didn’t doubt it and immediately believed that the person behind it was Yu Yan.

    In Yang Jingwan’s understanding, she had only offended Yu Yan.

    “Don’t mention this to anyone for now, in case Su Lang finds out about our private meeting. I will take care of this matter.” Wang Haoran instructed.

    “Okay.” Yang Jingwan obediently nodded.

    Twenty minutes later, the McLaren arrived near the main store of Mingmen Bridal Shop.

    To avoid being seen, Wang Haoran found a place to park and let Yang Jingwan get off the car first.

    Yang Jingwan walked for a few minutes and soon arrived at the entrance of Mingmen Bridal Shop.

    The grand and luxurious entrance was adorned with glass display windows showcasing many beautiful wedding dresses.

    After taking a few glances, Yang Jingwan was astonished and couldn’t wait to try them on.

    She had only seen pictures online before, but seeing the actual dresses was a completely different experience.

    Women often have a special longing and affection for wedding dresses.

    “Wife!” Su Lang, who had been waiting here, saw Yang Jingwan at the door and quickly walked over with excitement.

    Yang Jingwan was in a state of anticipation, imagining herself wearing a wedding dress and a happy scene of holding hands with Wang Haoran. However, her thoughts were interrupted by Su Lang.

    This made her very displeased.

    “You can freely choose any dress here, buy whichever you like.” Su Lang said.

    “How much money do you have? “Just buy whatever you want”? Aren’t you afraid of your tongue being struck by lightning?” Yang Jingwan glanced at Su Lang.

    “You can rest assured about that, I definitely have enough money.”

    Yang Jingwan snorted and didn’t respond, but hurriedly walked into the bridal shop.

    Seeing this, Su Lang couldn’t help but feel delighted and sighed inwardly.

    Although his wife seemed unwilling on the surface, her actions clearly showed her eagerness to try on wedding dresses. It seemed that the meals he had been quietly cooking for her over the past year and his meticulous care had worked.

    Although she appeared to have a bad attitude towards him, deep down she actually liked him.

    With these thoughts, Su Lang’s mood instantly improved, and his steps became much lighter as he walked into the bridal shop.

    Yang Jingwan wandered through the bridal shop, looking at the dazzling array of wedding dresses around her. For a moment, she was a bit overwhelmed and didn’t know which set to choose.

    Su Lang followed Yang Jingwan like a shadow, waiting for a long time but still not seeing her make a choice.

    “Wife, I think that set is nice. Why don’t you try it on?” Su Lang pointed to a wedding dress and offered a suggestion.

    “With your taste, it’s too tacky. I don’t want this one.” Yang Jingwan followed Su Lang’s direction and looked at the dress, then pursed her lips.

    “Miss Yang, I think this mermaid-style wedding dress would suit you better.”

    At that moment, Wang Haoran, who was wandering in the bridal shop, suddenly walked over and said.

    “Do we know each other?” Su Lang frowned at Wang Haoran and coldly said.

    He had seen Wang Haoran once at a cocktail party, and he had a very unfavourable impression of him.

    “Su Lang, we’ve met this young man before. It can be considered an acquaintance. Your attitude is really impolite!” Before Wang Haoran could speak, Yang Jingwan immediately couldn’t help but reprimand him.

    “What kind of nonsense acquaintance is this rich kid? He’s not worthy of knowing me.” Su Lang had an air of superiority and didn’t even bother to look at Wang Haoran.

    “Su Lang, you have no manners at all. Apologize to him!” Yang Jingwan said sternly.

    “Wife, there’s no need to give face to this second-generation rich guy.” Su Lang thought that Yang Jingwan’s defensive attitude was because she was wary of Wang Haoran’s wealthy background.

    “You are really unreasonable!” Yang Jingwan was extremely annoyed and didn’t want to reason with Su Lang anymore. She turned around and apologized to Wang Haoran:

    “I’m sorry, Mr. Wang. This is just how he is, very uncultured. Please don’t take it to heart.”

    “Hmph!” Su Lang turned his head to the side and looked away, completely ignoring Wang Haoran.

    “Su Lang, go call a salesperson over. I want to try on this mermaid-style wedding dress.” Yang Jingwan said to Su Lang.

    “What’s so good about this mermaid-style wedding dress? Choose something else.” Su Lang strongly opposed Wang Haoran’s suggestion.

    “If you keep blabbering, I won’t try on any wedding dress.” Yang Jingwan threatened.

    “Alright, I’ll go, I’ll go.” Su Lang couldn’t argue and immediately went to call a salesperson.

    During this gap when Su Lang was out of sight, Yang Jingwan gazed softly at Wang Haoran. “It would be great if it was just you and me here.”

    “Now it’s just you and me, isn’t it?” Wang Haoran looked around, seeing no one else, and stepped closer.

    Yang Jingwan’s heart raced, and she shyly lowered her gaze.

    — — —

    Su Lang, who had gone to find a salesperson, returned to Yang Jingwan’s side.

    “Why is your face so red?” Su Lang asked in surprise.

    “It’s too hot in here.”

    “But there’s air conditioning. I don’t think it’s hot at all,” Su Lang wondered.

    “I feel a bit hot, okay?” Yang Jingwan impatiently replied.

    “Should I ask someone to lower the air conditioning?” Su Lang showed great concern.

    “No need!” Yang Jingwan pouted.

    — — —

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    • Top-Tier Hacking Techniques
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