I Became the Rich Second-Generation Villain – Chapter 164


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    — — —

    Chapter 164: In The Dark

    At this moment, the female salesperson whom Su Lang called over also arrived and took down the mermaid-style wedding dress from the mannequin stand.

    “Madam, you have great taste. This wedding dress suits your temperament perfectly,” the female salesperson sincerely complimented, then gestured towards another direction, saying, “The fitting room is over there. Do you need any assistance?”

    “Thank you, but I can manage by myself,” Yang Jingwan politely declined.

    “Alright,” the salesperson nodded, then glanced at Wang Haoran and Su Lang beside her. Suddenly, she turned to Wang Haoran and said, “Sir, there is a matching groom’s suit for this mermaid-style wedding dress. Would you like to try it on?”

    Yang Jingwan was taken aback but quickly admired the salesperson’s keen eye.

    Meanwhile, Su Lang’s face turned as dark as the bottom of a pot.

    “You have no eyesight! I am her husband!” Su Lang retorted angrily to the salesperson.

    “Oh? I’m sorry, my mistake. I apologize,” the salesperson made a big blunder and quickly bowed to apologize.

    “Keep your eyes open in the future,” Su Lang reprimanded once again.

    The salesperson apologized again, but in her heart, she felt that she wasn’t to blame for this.

    Because Yang Jingwan and Wang Haoran were a perfect match, both in talent and appearance. On the other hand, Su Lang seemed average and completely mismatched with Yang Jingwan.

    However, she kept these thoughts to herself and didn’t voice them publicly.

    “Sir, would you like to try on the groom’s suit?” the salesperson asked again.

    “Go ahead and bring it,” Su Lang replied with a cold snort.

    “Alright,” the salesperson quickly fetched the groom’s suit.

    “Can you help me?” Su Lang couldn’t tie a tie, so he asked the salesperson.

    The salesperson nodded and followed Su Lang to the fitting room.

    “I’ll go change into the wedding dress,” Yang Jingwan said when there was no one around. She sweetly addressed Wang Haoran when there was no one around and walked toward the fitting room.

    However, Wang Haoran followed her in and locked the door behind them.

    “Why did you come in too?” Yang Jingwan asked nervously.

    “I noticed that the wedding dress has a zipper at the back, and I thought you might need help reaching it,” Wang Haoran explained.

    “Oh,” Yang Jingwan nodded and then composed herself, “Turn around, please.”

    Wang Haoran stood motionless, gazing intently at Yang Jingwan.

    Yang Jingwan became slightly flustered but soon felt secretly delighted.

    — — —

    “Looks pretty good,” Su Lang had changed into the suit and was turning around in front of the full-length mirror in the store, quite satisfied.

    “Sir, you look incredibly handsome in this suit!” the salesperson complimented.

    “Am I not handsome if I don’t wear this suit?” Su Lang snorted and asked in return.

    “Hehe, you are handsome either way,” the salesperson smiled professionally, but in her mind, she thought, ‘Doesn’t he realize his own looks? Isn’t he a bit self-unaware?’

    ‘You are not handsome, where do you get the confidence from?’

    “By the way, hasn’t my wife finished changing into her wedding dress?” Su Lang asked.

    “Women take longer to change clothes, especially when it’s a wedding dress,” the salesperson laughed.

    Su Lang found the explanation reasonable, so he waited patiently.

    However, after waiting for nearly twenty minutes and still not seeing any sign of Yang Jingwan, with her phone turned off and unreachable, Su Lang couldn’t sit still.

    — — —

    “Wife, are you inside?”

    “Wife, are you inside?”

    Su Lang couldn’t sit still and started knocking on the fitting room doors one by one.

    “Ah!” Su Lang pushed open a door that wasn’t closed properly and saw two disheveled strangers, a man and a woman. The woman screamed in fright.

    The female salesperson, witnessing this scene, didn’t find it surprising and quickly closed the door that Su Lang had opened.

    Su Lang’s expression turned unpleasant, and he planned to continue knocking on other doors.

    “Sir, please calm down. Your wife is definitely changing into her wedding dress, not doing anything else,” the female salesperson reassured Su Lang, fearing that he might lose control.

    “What nonsense are you talking about? My wife is well-educated and conservative. She only loves me and would never do such a thing. I’m just worried because she hasn’t come out for so long. Maybe she’s in danger,” Su Lang scolded.

    “Let me handle this. You’re a man, and it might be easily misunderstood if you keep knocking on the doors. It would be better if I handle it since I’m a woman and it’s more convenient,” the salesperson suggested.

    “Hurry up,” Su Lang urged.

    “Alright, alright.” The salesperson nodded and went to knock on the doors of the occupied fitting rooms, asking if anyone was inside. She quickly found Yang Jingwan’s room.

    Yang Jingwan, wearing a white mermaid-style wedding dress, slightly opened the fitting room door and walked out, covering her mouth as she coughed a few times.

    “Wife, what happened to you?” Su Lang asked with concern.

    “Cough!…water…bring…water,” Yang Jingwan coughed while speaking unclearly.

    “Coming, coming.” Su Lang hurriedly went to get water.

    “Ma’am, are you okay?” The salesperson saw that Yang Jingwan’s face had turned red from coughing and asked with concern.

    “The water is here, the water is here!” Su Lang brought a bottle of mineral water.

    After drinking the water, Yang Jingwan’s complexion improved, and she stopped coughing.

    “What happened just now?” Su Lang asked anxiously.

    “My head felt a little uncomfortable. I just felt dizzy,” Yang Jingwan nervously explained, with her heart pounding in her chest. But she maintained a calm demeanour on the surface.

    “No wonder you took so long to change into the wedding dress,” Su Lang realized.

    “Oh, I told you. This wedding dress, it’s really beautiful,” Wang Haoran appeared out of nowhere and came to Yang Jingwan’s side, praising her.

    “It’s beautiful because it’s my wife’s. It has nothing to do with you, so don’t come over,” Su Lang said displeasedly to Wang Haoran.

    “Right, right, it’s your wife’s, it has nothing to do with me,” Wang Haoran couldn’t help but smile.

    Yang Jingwan lowered her head and secretly glanced at Wang Haoran, thinking to herself that he had been really bad just now.

    She was still trembling inside.

    However, looking back now, she felt… it was quite exciting.

    “This mermaid-style wedding dress gives a noble and mature feeling. With a slim and narrow design concept, the wide skirt below the knees forms a mermaid tail, which can showcase your figure perfectly. Are you satisfied with it?” the salesperson asked with a smile.

    “I’ll choose this wedding dress.” Yang Jingwan made a direct decision.

    She didn’t care much about this wedding, so any wedding dress would do. She couldn’t be bothered with too much selection.

    “Alright,” the salesperson’s face lit up with a smile.

    Yang Jingwan took off the wedding dress, and Su Lang also took off his formal attire, letting the salesperson wrap everything up.

    “Ma’am, let’s go over there to settle the bill.” The salesperson led Yang Jingwan towards the cash counter.

    — — —

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    • Top-Tier Hacking Techniques
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