I Became the Rich Second-Generation Villain – Chapter 167


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    — — —

    Chapter 167: Feigned Surrender

    Seeing the serious expression on Tian Ji Zi’s face, Su Lang couldn’t help but be taken aback for a moment, then he burst into laughter.

    “This isn’t the first time you’ve said something like this to me, but I am still alive and well, aren’t I?” Su Lang retorted.

    Tian Ji Zi had predicted Su Lang’s fate at least five times before, and each time, he had warned of extreme danger.

    As it turned out, just as Tian Ji Zi had said, Su Lang had faced great danger every time.

    However, every time Su Lang was on the brink of death, his potential would erupt, and he would display his might, killing all his enemies.

    After experiencing this cycle multiple times, when Su Lang heard words similar to Tian Ji Zi’s warning, he naturally dismissed them.

    “This time’s situation might be ten times or even a hundred times more dangerous than usual. It’s best to treat it cautiously and leave Qingling as soon as possible. That would be the wisest choice,” Tian Ji Zi advised solemnly.

    “I can’t do that. I’m about to hold a wedding, and I can’t leave Qingling,” Su Lang firmly replied.

    “The danger might very well stem from this wedding. You really can’t proceed with it. It’s better to leave quickly,” Tian Ji Zi advised.

    “My decision is made. There’s no need to discuss it further.”

    Su Lang cut off the conversation abruptly and wore a scornful smile. “I know those guys have come to Qingling, but they’re just a bunch of small fry. If they dare to cause trouble when the time comes, I’ll make sure they don’t leave alive.”

    “Ah…” Tian Ji Zi sighed deeply, realizing that further persuasion was futile. He was left with no choice but to accept Su Lang’s decision.

    — — —

    After buying groceries, Su Lang returned to his apartment.

    He also received updates from his subordinates.

    They had found Shadow, but he had become dumb and was not in a condition to give any information on the enemy.

    Upon hearing this, Su Lang immediately confirmed that these were enemies who had arrived in Qingling in response to his announcement.

    At that time, Shadow was prepared to deal with two small fry. However, judging from the situation, Shadow had clearly underestimated them and ended up being defeated by the small fry.

    Su Lang was disappointed in Shadow’s performance.

    However, Shadow was his subordinate, and if something happened to him, it would be a blow to Su Lang’s face.

    Regardless of the circumstances, Su Lang would retrieve the situation.

    Of course, not immediately.

    His current priority was to resolve the issue of money. Without money, how could the wedding proceed?

    Moreover, he had promised Yang Jingwan that he would buy the wedding dress today.

    — — —


    Wang Haoran took the time to visit the place where Yang Jingwan worked.

    During her break, Yang Jingwan brought Wang Haoran to an empty reception room and they chatted for a while.

    After receiving a minor reward, Wang Haoran asked, “Is work going smoothly? Has anyone bullied you?”

    He had given Su Lang half a hat, as Su Lang’s special skill could determine whether Yang Jingwan was still pure or not.

    If Su Lang realized this hat was completed, he would be suspicious.

    Wang Haoran’s question left Yang Jingwan blushing slightly. After rinsing her mouth with water, she replied, “After the old witch left, everyone thought I had someone backing me up, so no one dared to bully me. Even the new branch manager treats me respectfully.”

    “That’s good,” Wang Haoran nodded. He then suddenly asked, “Why did you marry Su Lang in the first place?”

    “Talking about this annoys me,” Yang Jingwan rubbed her sore mouth and complained, “My family used to be quite wealthy. However, more than a year ago, we started experiencing a series of unfortunate events. My parents consulted a fortune teller. That fortune teller said that my bad luck was causing our misfortune and that to break the curse, I needed to marry a man with a specific fate.”

    “My parents were superstitious and believed it. According to the fortune teller’s instructions, they found a beggar to come over…”

    “Was that beggar Su Lang?” Wang Haoran asked.

    “Exactly.” Yang Jingwan replied angrily.

    Hearing this, Wang Haoran seemed to be lost in thought.

    Su Lang had been the Ye family’s son-in-law for a year. His identity as a War God couldn’t have developed during that time.

    He must have been a War God before that.

    But Su Lang appeared in the Ye family’s sight as a beggar, which was obviously suspicious.

    “Have you ever considered that this might be a conspiracy?” Wang Haoran suddenly said to Yang Jingwan.

    “A conspiracy?” Yang Jingwan was surprised. “Are you saying my parents intentionally harmed me?”

    “It’s not that. Perhaps your parents were also deceived. The fortune teller might be involved.”

    “So you’re implying that Su Lang bribed the fortune teller? But that’s unlikely. After I married Su Lang, although my family didn’t become rich again, our bad luck ceased. That fortune teller seems to have some skill.”

    “Think deeper. Your family’s misfortunes could have been caused by someone in secret.”

    Yang Jingwan grew more alarmed the more she thought about it. Her thoughts were in turmoil.

    “When you get home, ask your parents for details about what happened back then. Tell me later, and I’ll analyze it for you.”

    “Okay.” Yang Jingwan nodded.

    — — —

    Cheng Rui left Ma Hongsheng’s hospital room and was about to return to her own room to rest.

    Just as she closed the door, she noticed that there were two more people in the room.

    One was the mysterious man she had seen before, and the other was a man whose face was as hideous as a demon’s.

    Cheng Rui was startled and tried to scream for help.

    But the mysterious man, like a ghost, was suddenly right in front of her, pressing his hand on her neck.

    Cheng Rui couldn’t make a sound, and her body was immobilized.

    “Be quiet. I won’t hurt you. I just want to talk. If you understand, blink your eyes,” Su Lang said.

    After a momentary shock, Cheng Rui, with her strong mental resilience, quickly calmed down. She blinked her eyes in response to Su Lang.

    “Very well,” Su Lang withdrew his hand.

    Cheng Rui was now able to speak and move again.

    “Who are you?” Cheng Rui asked warily.

    “You don’t need to know that. Just understand that no matter what crisis you face, I can ensure your safety,” Su Lang said calmly.

    “I’m just an ordinary woman, minding my own business. Who would want to harm me?” Cheng Rui said slowly.

    “Being so composed in this situation suggests you’re not just an ordinary woman,” Tian Ji Zi interjected. “In fact, you seem to be an ambitious woman who doesn’t hesitate to resort to any means to achieve your goals. If you were born in ancient times, you’d probably be a scheming queen who causes turmoil in the palace.”

    Tian Ji Zi sighed, “It’s a pity…”

    — — —

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