I Became the Rich Second-Generation Villain – Chapter 169


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    — — —

    Chapter 169: Tian Ji Zi’s Escape

    In the blink of an eye, several days passed.

    People arrived at Qingling one after another.

    Among these people were Su Lang’s friends as well as his enemies.

    The preparations for Su Lang’s wedding were proceeding orderly.

    Cheng Rui possessed exceptional methods and had taken over many of Ma Hongsheng’s industries.

    There were oppositions and dissents, but under Su Lang’s covert operations, these voices of opposition were quickly silenced.

    In just a few days, 50% of Ma Hongsheng’s industries had fallen into Cheng Rui’s hands.

    Cheng Rui’s influence was growing by the day.

    The preparations for the wedding and the reception of guests who came to observe the ceremony were all inseparable from Cheng Rui’s assistance.

    Because of this, Cheng Rui came to know a lot of information.

    Naturally, all this information reached Wang Haoran’s ears.

    — — —

    [Market, Qingling.]

    There was a small stall.

    Above the stall hung a cloth with inscribed words: “For the destined ones, no payment is taken. For those without destiny, a thousand gold pieces are charged.”

    Beside the stall sat a man with an ugly appearance.

    Ordinary people avoided him like the plague.

    Consequently, few people came to have their fortunes told at his stall.

    This ugly man was none other than the Divination Master, Tian Ji Zi.

    He had a sort of professional ailment; he felt uneasy if he didn’t tell people’s fortunes for a day.

    Staying at the hotel arranged by Cheng Rui was dull for him today, so he roamed to the market, intending to tell fortunes.

    However, he had been waiting for nearly an hour and not a single person came for a fortune. Yet, he wasn’t bothered by it.

    Because he didn’t consider money when telling fortunes, he looked at whether one was destined or not.

    He preferred to tell fortunes for those with destiny, and disliked telling fortunes for those without.

    Naturally, those who avoided him weren’t destined.

    The sunlight was just right.

    Tian Ji Zi closed his eyes, napping and waiting for someone with destiny.

    Not long after, he suddenly heard approaching footsteps.

    Opening his eyes, he saw a handsome young man of about twenty sitting down before his stall.

    “Esteemed guest, may I ask what you want to have your fortune told for?” Tian Ji Zi asked.

    “I didn’t come to have my fortune told; I want to inquire about something from you.”

    “What matter?”

    “When you’ve told people’s fortunes and predicted their luck throughout your life, have you ever told a lie?”


    “Are you absolutely certain you’ve never done so, not even once?”

    Tian Ji Zi’s expression froze, and he fell silent for a few seconds. He immediately issued an order to leave, “Since you are not here for a fortune telling, then please leave.”

    “I truly did not come for a fortune telling, but I have a friend who really wants you to tell their fortune.”

    As soon as the words fell, a beautiful woman approached from behind and arrived before Tian Ji Zi.

    Seeing this beautiful woman, Tian Ji Zi’s complexion immediately stiffened.

    Throughout his life of telling fortunes, he had only once told a lie, a lie that deceived a woman.

    And that woman was the one before him.

    The handsome young man and the beautiful woman were no one else but Wang Haoran and Yang Jingwan.

    “Sir, would you please tell my friend’s fortune? Is her destiny conflicted with her parents?” Wang Haoran asked Tian Ji Zi with a faint cold smile.

    Tian Ji Zi was dumbfounded, unsure how to respond.

    “Is it true that you deceived my parents?” Yang Jingwan tightly gripped her hand, angrily questioning.

    Tian Ji Zi remained silent, choosing to keep quiet.

    “Why aren’t you speaking? Say something! What’s your relationship with Su Lang? Why did you conspire with him to harm me?” Tears welled up in the corners of Yang Jingwan’s eyes.

    Tian Ji Zi let out a long sigh.

    When he had calculated the fate of Su Lang and Yang Jingwan in the past, based on a general probability, they had the potential for a blissful and fulfilling life together.

    If that were the case, even if he had told a lie, he would find solace in his heart.

    However, judging by Yang Jingwan’s current attitude, the fate line between Su Lang and her had clearly deviated, leaning toward the less probable outcome.

    He had brought this upon himself.

    “Sir, since you tell fortunes all the time, why not tell your own fortune and predict your luck for today?” Wang Haoran, seeing that Tian Ji Zi remained silent, smiled and said.

    Tian Ji Zi looked into Wang Haoran’s eyes and couldn’t help but shiver.

    Because from Wang Haoran, he sensed an overwhelming oppression.

    It was a similar feeling to what he had experienced from Su Lang.

    However, the oppressive feeling from Wang Haoran was much stronger than from Su Lang.

    Tian Ji Zi immediately confirmed that this seemingly harmless handsome man was definitely not an ordinary person.

    Thinking this way, he immediately started counting his own fortunes to gauge his luck for the day.

    After about ten seconds, Tian Ji Zi’s movements stiffened, and his face was filled with shock.

    ‘This is… an omen of great misfortune!’

    “Sir, have you finished your prediction?” Wang Haoran asked with a smile.

    “I’ve repaid what I owe to Su Lang. Today, I’ve decided to cut ties with Su Lang completely. I will leave Qingling as soon as possible and never appear here again!” Tian Ji Zi said with seriousness. He had calculated a sign of great misfortune for himself, but it wasn’t necessarily a death sentence; there was a possibility of avoiding it.

    [Ding! The host successfully intimidated Tian Ji Zi of Su Lang’s camp, leading to his departure.

    • Villain Points +500
    • Su Lang’s protagonist Halo -20
    • Host’s Villain Halo +20!]

    “Truly befitting a fortune teller,” Wang Haoran couldn’t help but sigh.

    Indeed, he had harboured the intention to kill Tian Ji Zi, but if Tian Ji Zi distanced himself from Su Lang, there was no need to do so.

    “I owed Su Lang a favor. When I deceived your parents, it was all to repay his kindness. Back then, I thought you two were fated, but I never expected to harm you.” Tian Ji Zi looked at Yang Jingwan apologetically.

    All of Yang Jingwan’s doubts were resolved, and she felt an immense anger rising within her.

    She grabbed vegetables and eggs from a nearby vendor and hurled them at Tian Ji Zi, thoroughly disheveling him.

    Tian Ji Zi didn’t dodge, letting Yang Jingwan vent her anger by throwing things at him.

    After Yang Jingwan had exhausted her anger, Tian Ji Zi quickly packed up his things.

    Having vented her pain, Yang Jingwan also didn’t stop Tian Ji Zi from leaving.

    This fortune teller before her was truly despicable, but she hated Su Lang even more!

    At this moment, she wished she could cut Su Lang into pieces.

    “I’m going to confront Su Lang. I want someone to capture him and expose his marriage scam!” Yang Jingwan, full of anger, wanted to go back and find Su Lang.

    “Exposing his marriage scam is letting him off too easily. Leave it to me; I’ll seek revenge for you. However, you have to listen to me,” Wang Haoran intervened.

    “Okay, I’ll listen to you.” Yang Jingwan’s emotions gradually calmed down, and she leaned her head against his chest, speaking gently.


    Su Lang’s first subordinate, Tian Ying, arrived to report news.

    “Tian Ji Zi left without saying a word. Do you know why?” Su Lang felt somewhat surprised.

    “I’m not clear for now.” Tian Ying shook his head.

    “Forget about him for the time being. Tian Ji Zi has always been unpredictable in his actions. Let him be,” Su Lang waved his hand. Then he asked, “Any news from that group of people?”

    “They are all lying low, and there haven’t been any actions to strike yet. They’re probably waiting for an opportunity.”

    “It seems that my wedding is bound to be lively. But that’s fine. I haven’t had any action in a long time, and my hands are itching. If any of them dare to make a move, I will ensure they don’t leave alive!”

    “We await your glorious display of invincible prowess, God of War!” Tian Ying’s face was full of admiration.

    — — —

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  • [Host: Wang Haoran] 

    [Combat value: 1369] 

    [Charm: 268] 

    [Villain Halo: 2031] 

    [Villain Point: 8600] 


    • Charm Halo
    • Master-level Calligraphy and Painting Copying Skills
    • Master-level Actual Combat Style: Wing Chun
    • God-level Singing Skills
    • Movie-level Acting skills
    • X-Ray Vision
    • Supreme Poison Sutra (Advanced)
    • Top-Tier Hacking Techniques
    • Cloud-Seeking Dragon Palm
    • Internal Energy (20 years)]
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