I Became the Rich Second-Generation Villain – Chapter 171


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    Chapter 171: The Happy-Go-Lucky God of War

    [Wedding Venue.]

    Su Lang, who was wearing the bridegroom’s official attire, looked around with a hawkish look on his face, completely losing the cowardice of his previous ‘useless son-in-law’ identity.

    Even though his physical appearance still looked rather ordinary, he instead exuded a special kind of masculine charm, and his aura had become extremely powerful as well. 

    The surrounding guests couldn’t help but cast awe-inspiring gazes his way when they saw him.

    “Sir, we have found some small-fry sneaking into the venue. Do you want us to take action?”

    At that moment, Sky Shadow, who was dressed as a wedding banquet waiter, walked up to Su Lang and reported to him in a hushed voice.

    “No need, just protect my wife and leave the rest to me.” Su Lang replied lightly.

    “Understood, sir! There are already 10 shadow guards stationed at your wife’s room. It’s absolute, constant security. Completely foolproof!” Sky Shadow accepted the order and swiftly retreated.

    Su Lang possessed 18 shadow guards total, all of whom were masters.

    Of course, to the precise, he only possessed 17 shadow guards now.

    Since Dark Shadow’s dementia meant he had lost the qualifications to be his Shadow Guard.

    Sky Shadow was the leader of the Shadow Guard, and all 17 of them were currently posing as a wide variety of hotel staff, closely monitoring the activities occurring within the wedding venue.

    Most of them were secretly protecting Yang Jingwan.

    Meanwhile, the rest would observe the surroundings before relaying back to him.

    At the wedding reception, many important guests arrived one after another.

    These guests were all bigwigs from various walks-of-life. Yet today, there were all gathered here.

    In order to congratulate and celebrate the wedding of one man.

    At the wedding sign-in desk, many guests arrived one after another.

    Yang Tai and Li Manli walked around tentatively for a while, seeing the many big shots would could usually only be seen on TV News channels or respectable newspapers.

    Under normal circumstances, it would be extremely difficult for them to meet these big bosses.

    However, today, they actually came to congratulate the wedding of their daughter!

    The two of them quickly came to Su Lang’s side.

    “Useless—… Su Lang, did you invite all of these people?” Li Manli quietly asked with an incredulous look on her face. She had been practically scared speechless walking through the banquet hall.

    “That’s correct,” Su Lang nodded. Instead of acting humble like the useless son-in-law he was in the past, the God of War merely responded arrogantly as he should.

    “Mother, are you satisfied with the wedding arrangements?”

    “O-one hundred percent! I’m fully satisfied, satisfied!” Li Manli fervently nodded her head, almost like a chicken pecking at rice, before continuing nervously:

    “Good son-in-law, if you are so capable, why didn’t you tell me earlier? Mom neglected you in the past, but mom also wanted you to become successful, so you won’t take it to heart… right?”

    “Haha. Mother, what do you think?” Su Lang sneered slightly and asked.

    When Li Manli heard this, her calves couldn’t help but tremble.

    She had a bad attitude towards Su Lang in the past. She often said rude things to him, and even used various methods to torment Su Lang, relieving all of her stress on him.

    Seeing Su Lang’s cold expression at this time, how could she not be afraid?

    “Good son-in-law, I won’t let you cook or mop the floor anymore. I was wrong… so please forgive me!” Li Manli’s usual acrimony vanished into thin air and she immediately became humble.

    “Yes, my good son-in-law, we are a family, and the most important thing for a family is harmony.” Yang Tai also responded fearfully.

    Witnessing the scared expressions on the couple’s faces, Su Lang felt extremely liberated within his heart, sweeping away the depression he’d felt from being bullied by the two of them in the past.

    Su Lang did not respond to Yang Tai and Li Manli’s words.

    He simply left with an inexplicable smile, walking away with his hands behind his back.

    When Yang Tai and Li Manli saw that Su Lang didn’t express his opinion, they obviously thought that Su Lang would hold this grudge over them, and might take even revenge in the coming days.

    Their faces grew pale and worried.

    Su Lang glanced back and smiled mockingly.

    Although Yang Tai and Li Manli were hateful, he still cared about Yang Jingwan’s face.

    The reason why he didn’t express his opinion was merely in order to scare those hateful guys.

    “My wife should have finished putting on her makeup by now. I wonder what her expression will be like when she comes out and sees this grand scene…”

    Su Lang secretly looked forward to it.

    He wanted to complete this magnificent transformation from a useless son-in-law to an invincible God of War during the ceremony, to fully win over Yang Jingwan’s heart!

    Preparing for so many days and spending so much money… of course he’d long for its completion.

    Time passed quietly, and it was getting closer and closer to the promised hour.

    To facilitate the wedding process.

    The room where Yang Jingwan puts on makeup was inside the Century Hotel.

    Seeing that it was almost time, Su Lang quickly led the groomsmen group towards the room where Yang Jingwan resided in, probably doing the finishing touches on her makeup.

    According to the procedure, Su Lang would take Yang Jingwan away from the room, before returning to the wedding venue, and beginning the ceremony proper.

    In the corridor outside the room, there were already many gorgeously dressed bridesmaids guarding the door, meant to stop any unrelated personnel from entering.

    In this corridor, were also numerous wooden stools.

    And on each stool, sat a glass of expensive wine.

    The meaning was obvious. If one wanted to pass through the corridor, then one must drink the wine.

    However, this corridor was rather massive in length.

    Drinking your way out wouldn’t be very easy.

    “Come on.”

    Su Lang commanded the groomsmen.

    There were nine groomsmen following him, all elites from all walks of life.

    These nine burst out and started drinking the wine immediately, but after everyone had drank only two or three glasses, they suddenly felt a little tired.

    The entire groomsmen group was wiped out, becoming unsteady on their feet.

    “So useless.” Su Lang couldn’t help complaining.

    “This wine is a bit strong, I can’t stand it…”

    “What kind of wine is it? It’s stronger than vodka.”

    The groomsmen complained.

    Seeing this, Su Lang was ready to enter alone.

    His drinking capacity could be considered quite good. He once managed to drink a thousand cups of wine without getting drunk. Getting this done would not be too difficult.

    But as he drank ten glasses of this wine, his steps suddenly started swaying.

    This wine… is indeed a bit too strong.

    Su Lang decided to give up on finishing the corridor’s test.

    He still needed to deal with the small fry that had snuck into the building, so getting too drunk was out of the question for him.

    With this in mind, Su Lang directly called over all 10 shadow guards to aid him.

    Combining the efforts of 10 people, the amount of alcohol in the corridor was reduced by a lot.

    However, they still had a mission to do and couldn’t get drunk, so they had no choice but to leave it.

    The 11 men looked back, realizing there was still half a corridor’s worth of alcohol left.

    Drinking everything here was almost impossible.

    “We can’t do it anymore. Just give it a rest and let us continue.” Su Lang said to the bridesmaids.

    “Eh~? No can do! You can’t take the bride away until the wine is finished!”

    “That’s right!”

    “A man can’t say no, just keep drinking!”

    The bridesmaids booed him relentlessly.

    When Su Lang saw this, he felt a bit unhappy, and secretly blamed Cheng Rui for this mistake.

    She was the one who hired all these bridesmaids.

    Yet they were obviously making things difficult for him on purpose. What did this mean?

    Su Lang just wanted to kick all the wine off the corridor, barge open the door, and hug Yang Jingwan close to him while leaving the vicinity. 

    But thoughts were simply thought.

    After all, today was a big day, and he didn’t want to break the rules.

    Upon thinking about it some more, Su Lang made a call to Yang Jingwan.

    He couldn’t walk over, but it was okay for Yang Jingwan to come out on her own.

    The call was soon connected.

    “Honey, these bridesmaids are so abominable, I can’t get in. Come out quickly, the wedding is going to start any minute now!”

    [“Ugh. Uh. You…you don’t…don’t…don’t think…don’t even think…about coming in until you finish all the drinks, I… …I won’t…go out.”] Yang Jingwan’s voice sounded muffled and out of breath.

    Hearing this peculiar response, the God of War’s eyebrows raised in an instant.

    — — —

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