I Became the Rich Second-Generation Villain – Chapter 35


Chapter 35: What a Good Boy

“Master, please hurry!” Wang Haoran urged the master stonecutter.

“Alright, alright…” The master stonecutter nodded, as his hands began to shake.

Although he was a famous master, it was his first time opening such an expensive stone. It was only natural for him to be a little nervous.

However, he eventually settled down.

A few minutes later, one of stone’s sides was revealed.

He couldn’t see a trace of jade on the surface.

It didn’t look good at all; this stone could easily be worth nothing.

The people around the area all looked at Wang Haoran with a bit of concern.

Was he not content with a profit of 2.9 million yuan? Why spend the money he just made in addition to another 100,000 yuan?

“Haoran, even if it turns out to be worth nothing, I’ll reimburse you for the 100,000 yuan.” Tang Bingyun spoke with the comfort and generosity of an elder.

“It’s a waste? That’s great, if I lose money, then Auntie Tang won’t suffer any losses.” Wang Haoran didn’t show the slightest bit of distress. In fact, he seemed to be quite happy.

He was about to make a huge profit, after all. How could he not be happy?

Of course, Tang Bingyun didn’t know what Wang Haoran was thinking. As such, she simply took him at his word.

The smile on Wang Haoran’s face was no mere act. It was quite genuine.

Tang Bingyun’s indifferent heart felt a warm feeling begin to rise.

Today was the first time that they’d met, yet he was so nice.

She didn’t expect Sister Zhen Li would have such a sincere, honest and outstanding son.

[Ding! Tang Bingyun, one of the heroine’s favorability for the Host, has risen by 10 points. The current total favorability is 20 points (Very friendly).]

[Ding! The Host has influenced the original plot’s direction, receiving 200 villain points.]

“In the future, if someone bullies you in school, tell me and I’ll be sure to help you.” Tang Bingyun spoke with sincerity to Wang Haoran.

“Thank you, Miss Tang.” Wang Haoran said with a bright smile.

“It’s Auntie Tang.” Tang Bingyun corrected him.

“Ah! Yes, yes. Thank you, Auntie Tang.” Wang Haoran smiled and nodded.

Deep down, he felt quite embarrassed.

Tang Bingyun was only about four or five years older than him, yet she wanted him to address her as his auntie? Wasn’t she ashamed to insist on it?

But there was nothing he could do. She was a senior, and he couldn’t offend her for the time being.

The master stonecutter repositioned the stone and started cutting it again.

A few minutes later, the atmosphere was similar to a boiling pot that had exploded.

“This… this is an Imperial Crystal Green Jade!”

The master stonecutter shouted.

He had been in the business for over 40 years, but he’d only ever opened up an Imperial Crystal Green Jade once in his entire career. He never expected to find another one today.

He began to cut the stone very steadily. In no time at all, he was able to reveal the full shape of the stone.

Judging from the size of the jade, this piece was at least two times larger than the one he had opened before.

“This Imperial Crystal Green should be over 60 million yuan!” Tang Bingyun said, a slight feeling of regret rising in heart.

She had bought the original stone for just 3 million yuan.

If Wang Haoran hadn’t opened it, she wouldn’t have made such a huge profit.

However, as she thought about it, she began to blame herself.

She’d seen it herself… Wang Haoran didn’t blame anyone when he found out that the stone might be a complete waste. In fact, he was more than happy to help her regain her lost money.

Now that he had opened up a good stone, she should be happy for him.

After a brief struggle with her thoughts, Tang Bingyun opened her mouth to congratulate Wang Haoran.

The others around him were incredibly jealous.

The Wang family’s son was lucky to have been born into a good family. And yet it seems that he was lucky even in gambling!

In such a short span of time, he had made over 60 million yuan in profit!

“I’ve made another profit, haven’t I?” Wang Haoran jumped in excitement, before he happily exclaimed, “It looks like I’m quite lucky. I wanna play again! Haha!”

“You’ve already profited twice in a row. If you keep playing, you may end up losing quite a hefty amount of money.” Tang Bingyun advised.

“I’m fine with it. After all, if that was the case, Auntie Tang would suffer fewer losses.”

Having said that, he impatiently began picking a few more stones.

This time, he didn’t pick them individually. Instead, he pointed out more than thirty stones at once.

“You’ve picked too many, the total price of all these stones is almost 30 million yuan. You’ll probably lose a lot of money.” Tang Bingyun said.

“Then I’d be happy to lose to compensate for Auntie Tang.”

‘Just kidding, why shouldn’t I open up every stone I can profit from? Why save them for Chu Bai?’

‘Am I stupid?’

There was only one stone cutter in the warehouse, so the process was quite slow.

Tang Bingyun asked her assistant to call some of the other stone cutters from the factory to come over.

Eight stone cutters started the machines at the same time to cut the stones chosen by Wang Haoran.

The entire warehouse was filled with the sound of machinery.

A few minutes later, audible gasps filled the room.

Of the eight masters, seven of them finished their work.

Wang Haoran had made a profit yet again.

‘His luck is absurd.’

The people around him were so shocked that they didn’t know what to say.

Fortunately, Wang Haoran chose to keep a low profile, adding a few empty stones to the dozens he had chosen. 

Otherwise, Wang Haoran would have been able to maintain a 100% win rate.

After a while, all of his stones had been opened.

The group summed up Wang Haoran’s “record.”

Wang Haoran picked a total of 39 stones, 33 of which made a profit.

After opening the stones, a discussion ensued between Tang Bingyun and some of the factory’s jade appraisers. In total, he was estimated to have made a profit of 123.6 million yuan.

In just a little over an hour, he’d made a total profit of 123 million yuan!

[PR/N: I do love it when these authors repeat stuff.]

The eyes of all of Tang Bingyun’s acquaintances turned red.

“Haoran, congratulations!” Tang Bingyun felt happy for Wang Haoran.

Although Wang Haoran had made a huge profit, Tang Bingyun wouldn’t lose out.

After some polishing in the factory, these jades will be made into various kinds of jade jewellery and then sold.

The price will then increase exponentially.

In other words, the 123.6 million yuan’s worth of jade will turn into several hundred million yuan in the process.

This was especially true with the large piece of Imperial Crystal Green Jade, a superb piece of jade that is highly sought after by those in the upper class.

There was no doubt that someone would buy it.

Tang Bingyun was guaranteed to make a profit; it was just a question of how much.

“Auntie Tang, these raw stones were purchased by you, and they were selected very carefully.” Wang Haoran said.

As he said these words, Tang Bingyun’s mental image of Wang Haoran became even better.

The stones here had indeed been carefully selected. Some of the ones that Tang Bingyun considered to have a very high rate of profit were picked out by her.

That said, the remaining stones that weren’t carefully selected still had a higher profit margin than those in other gambling warehouses.

Tang Bingyun’s acquaintances probably didn’t realise it, thinking that Tang Bingyun wanted to make money off them so that they could cover her losses.

Wang Haoran’s words hit Tang Bingyun right in the heart.

How could she not be happy?

“Haoran, sell all these jade stones to me, Auntie Tang will definitely give you a reasonable price.”

These jades were opened in her factory. Naturally, she had every right to them. However, Tang Bingyun wanted to respect Wang Haoran’s thoughts on the matter.

“The jade stones are yours, Auntie Tang. I’ll throw in a discount, so just say the amount.” Wang Haoran casually answered.

Tang Bingyun took a deep breath. It was a shame she didn’t have a beautiful niece around his age. Otherwise, she would’ve introduced her to Wang Haoran.

‘I’m afraid there aren’t many boys in the world who could compare to him.’

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