I Became the Rich Second-Generation Villain – Chapter 36


Chapter 36: The Same Tropes

All of Tang Bingyun’s wealthy acquaintances grew envious upon seeing Wang Haoran’s huge profits. They were immediately tempted to gamble on stones again.

Wang Haoran was not even 20 years old, so it was not possible for him to have any experience in gambling stones.

When he selected the stones, it looked like he was picking watermelons, choosing whichever one pleased him.

The fact that he made so much profit was probably just out of sheer luck.

However, the most important part is that these stones were likely to be profitable.

“I’ll try again!”

The middle-aged man surnamed Li, who had lost 950,000 yuan earlier, followed Wang Haoran’s technique of choosing at “random”, picking out five stones in one go.

He had been losing money on individual stones before, but since he picked five stones at once, he shouldn’t keep losing money, right?

The rest of the group couldn’t help themselves either and began to choose their own stones.

After the stones were selected, the master stonecutter turned on the cutting machine again.

They gathered around the machine, each with a smile on their face as they waited for their harvest.

Each time a stone was opened, Tang Bingyun and several appraisers assessed it and immediately assigned a profit and loss value.

“A loss of 50,000.”

“A loss of 100,000.”

“A loss of 250,000.”

“A loss of 800,000.”


Gradually, the smiles on the faces of the surrounding elites faded, and in the end, they looked as if they had lost their souls.

None of the stones they had chosen was profitable, and even if they had, they had only made a couple thousand, not enough to even cover the losses from the other stones.

All of them lost money.

The one with the lowest loss was 300,000 yuan while the one with the highest loss was 3.3 million yuan.

Wang Haoran watched, trying his best not to laugh.

Naturally, he’d left nothing substantial in the remaining stones.

There was little profit, if any, that could be made.

Originally, these losses would have been shouldered by Tang Bingyun, but now it seemed that they were helping Tang Bingyun cover her own losses.

“Mr Wang, is there some secret to opening stones. Can you teach me?”

The middle-aged man surnamed Li, who had lost the most, came up to Wang Haoran and asked for advice.

“When I picked the stones, did I pick them carefully? There is no secret, it’s all a matter of luck.”

The middle-aged man surnamed Li was speechless at Wang Haoran’s answer.

He could only think that the Wang family’s ancestral grave might have been blessed by their ancestors to an absurd degree to have a successful business in addition to giving their descendants ridiculous luck when it came to gambling.

The Wang family was blessed!

Right then, a vintage car arrived outside the factory.

The old school principal and Chu Bai stepped out, one after the other.

“Little friend, Chu Bai, are you really that good at betting on stones that you can win nine out ten every time?”

“Honestly, I’ve actually never tried it before (bullshit), but with the knowledge and experience that I’ve received from an expert, I can say that I’m sure there will be no issues.”

In fact, Chu Bai had only read some basic information about jade stones on the internet, but it was enough.

Right now, all he could think about was how to spend all the money after he earned a fortune from gambling on stones.

“If you have never actually done it before, aren’t those just empty words?” The old principal was dumbfounded.

“You’ll find out soon enough whether they’re empty words or not.” Chu Bai was brimming with self-confidence.

Although he had no experience in gambling stones, he had the ability to see through things, so for him, gambling on stones was like picking up money.

“In that case, I will open my eyes wide and see what happens.” The old principal smiled, full of anticipation.

After a while, the two of them arrived at the entrance of the warehouse.

Chu Bai and Wang Haoran exchanged glances.

Chu Bai was shocked, but then he quickly followed up with a look of resentment.

Xu Muyan is such a kind and lovely girl, and only he could treat her well and make her happy.

Compared to him, Wang Horan was scum, completely unworthy of Xu Muyan’s affection.

‘I must find an opportunity to talk to Xu Muyan properly.’

‘If not, Wang Haoran will definitely ruin her life!’

Wang Haoran didn’t know what Chu Bai was thinking.

If he did, Wang Haoran would definitely throw up.

Does he think Xu Muyan will only be happy with him?

Just because she likes someone else her life will be ruined?

Chu Bai’s thinking was simply unreasonable.

‘Sure, you like Xu Muyan, but you also like all the other beautiful girls.’

‘You’re just scum who falls for every other girl!’

Of course, Wang Haoran regarded himself as a scum too.

However, he was the villain.

Wang Haoran shrugged off Chu Bai and walked up to greet the old school principal.

Tang Bingyun also came over and curiously asked, “Old man Ren, what took you so long?”

Although Principal Ren might be a subordinate of Tang Bingyun, he was renowned in the education industry and she had great respect for him.

“This old man’s eyes are no good, I was driving slowly, and I had a flat tire on the way.” The principal spoke with a hint of discontent, “I don’t know who was wicked enough to put nails on the road.”

“Is the car still parked on the side of the road? Do you want me to have someone tow it?” Tang Bingyun asked politely.

“Fortunately, this little brother was there to help me replace the spare tire, so the car is fine.” Old Ren looked at Chu Bai who stood next to him.

Wang Haoran was surprised and glanced at Chu Bai.

‘This guy changed the spare tire? He’s really something!’

After hearing what the old principal said, even Tang Bingyun couldn’t help but look at Chu Bai.

Just now, Chu Bai was worried about Xu Muyan. But right now, she was the furthest thing from his mind, only having eyes for Tang Bingyun in front of him.

‘This woman is too beautiful, right?’

‘Her beauty and temperament are simply incredible!’

‘This is the first time I’ve seen such a stunning woman!’

[PR/N: Man has clearly never touched grass.]

‘If I could become this woman’s boyfriend, how happy would I be?’

“Old man Ren, why have you brought a stranger here?”

Chu Bai’s ogling eyes displeased Tang Bingyun a little.

“Oh, this is a student of mine. When he heard that there were gambling stones here, he came along to have some fun.” The old school principal replied.

“This young boy knows how to gamble on stones?” Tang Bingyun looked at Chu Bai with a sarcastic smile on the corner of her mouth.

“Ms. Beautiful, I might look young, but I’m the best at gambling on stones in the entire Qingling City. If I call myself second, no one else would dare call themselves first.” Chu Bai raised his head and exclaimed.

“Are you not afraid that the wind will blow your tongue away?”

“You don’t believe me? Let’s make a bet, I’ll choose ten stones, if eight of them have jade inside, I win, otherwise, it will be my loss.”

“What happens if I win, and what happens if you win?” It was the first time Tang Bingyun had seen someone with such a big mouth, and she was very unconvinced.

“If you win, I will work in your factory for a lifetime for free, if I win, you… you have to become my girlfriend.” Chu Bai is confident of victory, so he said boldly.

As soon as Tang Bingyun heard this, her eyebrows narrowed.

On the other side, Wang Haoran spat curses in secret.

‘This Chu Bai really loves to make bets with people. Last time it was with Xu Muyan, and now with Tang Bingyun, can you change it to something new? Is it really so interesting to make bets every time?’

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