I Became the Rich Second-Generation Villain – Chapter 37


Chapter 37: Surrendering By Half

“Why don’t you answer me, Ms. Beautiful? Do you dare to accept?” 

Chu Bai saw that Tang Bingyun did not answer, so he asked again. 

Tang Bingyun snorted coldly. 

She didn’t want to argue with Chu Bai, but the other party only became even more aggressive. 

‘This guy was less than 20 years old, how could he know how to bet on stones?’ 

‘When I win, I won’t let him go. I’ll make him sign a contract to work in a jade factory for the rest of his life.’ 

‘When the time comes, let’s see if this kid can still act so arrogantly.’ 

“You are very confident, alright then…” 


Before Tang Bingyun could finish her sentence, she was interrupted by Wang Haoran. 

“Why are you interfering when this is none of your business?” 

Chu Bai was very upset to see Wang Haoran trying to make trouble. 

“You and I are in the same class, aren’t we?” Wang Haoran replied with a question. 

“That’s right, why are you bringing this up now?” Chu Bai said, confusion evident in his voice 

“You only have to answer me.” Wang Haoran continued to ask, “You are from an average family and you are at the bottom of your class, correct?” 

“Speak your meaning, Wang Haoran!” Chu Bai felt he was being insulted and exclaimed with anger. 

“If you don’t deny it, then I’m right.” Wang Haoran’s words gradually became sharper, “You and I are fellow students, so we are naturally peers. This beautiful lady is one generation older than us, and she is your elder, yet you act so rudely.” 

“You are from an ordinary family, you are a poor student, you speak frivolously, and yet you have ideas of courting a woman as successful as her. You’re delusional.” 

“The fairness of a bet lies in the fact that the stakes are equal. The labor you can contribute in your whole life is limited and also cheap, while Auntie Tang’s happiness in her life is priceless.” 

“Wang Haoran, you bas-“ Chu Bai was so angry that he was about to utter a curse, but he forced himself to swallow it back. 

He hated himself for not studying hard enough and for not being able to speak with eloquence. He couldn’t even come up with a reply. 

However, even he knew that swearing was inappropriate in such a situation. 

Chu Bai did not want to damage the impression that the old principal and this ice-cold beauty had of him. [PR/N: Bro, she has a name. Also, what impression?

“Haoran, you have a point, there is no need for me to pay attention to this kid.” Tang Bingyun calmed down and didn’t bother with Chu Bai anymore. 

[Ding! The host prevents the protagonist Chu Bai from setting up one of the female heroines, Tang Bingyun. Receiving 200 villain points]. 

‘My mouth almost became dry from talking so much, luckily I didn’t speak for nothing.’ 

Wang Haoran secretly smiled, then looked at Chu Bai and said, “If you’re really so confident, I’ll bet with you. Just as you said, you pick ten stones, and if eight of them are profitable, then you win, and if not, I win.” 

“As for the stakes, it depends on how big you want to play, I’ll entertain you.” 

“Are you serious?” Chu Bai’s face brightened up. 

“Everyone here can testify to it.” 

“It’s a deal!” Chu Bai said with great joy. 

“If I win, you will stay away from Xu Muyan and not speak even a word to her. If you win, I will do the same.” 

Wang Haoran was simply amused by Chu Bai’s words. 

‘This guy’s skin is too thick, how could he even suggest making such a bet?’ 

Xu Muyan didn’t want to bother with Chu Bai. Instead, she was getting closer and closer to Wang Haoran. 

If Chu Bai wins, Wang Haoran loses. 

If Chu Bai loses, Wang Haoran gains nothing. 

‘The nerve of this dog protagonist, how about having a little shame?’ 

“What are you smiling at; are you betting or not?” Chu Bai was annoyed. 

“Of course.” 

Although Chu Bai had made such a shameful bet, he still wouldn’t be able to win. 

Wang Haoran was certainly not afraid. 

“You’re going to lose!” 

Wang Haoran calmly said. 

“I don’t mind losing, but I would like to ask how much money you have with you, will it be enough to buy ten stones?” 

“By the way, as a friendly reminder, there are no raw stones below 5,000 yuan.” 

Chu Bai was startled. 

The last time he’d earned money was back when he reported that illegal gambling ring. He’d earned a total of 40,000 yuan in compensation. He’d paid 30,000 for the medical bills, and he’d returned 1,000 yuan to Chen Zishi. With that, he only had 7,000 yuan left. 

Wouldn’t that be enough to only buy a single stone? 

“Little brother Chu Bai, just pick the ones you want, I will cover the cost of the raw stones for you.” Old Ren spoke, causing Chu Bai to breathe a sigh of relief. 

“Thank you, Principal, I’ll pay you back as soon as possible.” Chu Bai gratefully spoke. And with a smile on his face, he walked towards the raw stones placed in the warehouse. 

Using his X-ray vision, he looked at the stones on the ground. 

One minute, two minutes, three minutes… ten minutes. 

[Ding, The host successfully intercepted the plot by preventing the protagonist, Chu Bai, from showing off by gambling on stones, receiving 200 villain points] 

“Hey, how much longer are you going to look, have you chosen yet?” Wang Haoran urged. 

Chu Bai’s confident smile had completely disappeared, replaced by confusion, shock and embarrassment. 

“Ms. Beautiful, there’s something wrong with the stones you have here. Based on the prices marked on them, there are almost no more than 50 stones that can make a profit.” Chu Bai bluntly spoke to Tang Bingyun. 

“As far as I’m concerned, you’re nothing more than a shameless little fool!”  

Tang Bingyun said angrily, “A lot of good ones were already found. There was even an Imperial Crystal Green among them, how could there be any problems?” 

“Someone found good ones, even an Imperial Crystal Green?! Who was it?” Chu Bai said in disbelief. 

“It was me. I opened 39 of them just now, and I made a profit on 33 of them, roughly around 120 million yuan.” Wang Haoran said lightly. 

“You? You know how to gamble on stones?” 

“No, it’s my first time gambling today, but I was lucky.” Wang Haoran gave a brief explanation and then urged on, “Don’t delay any longer, if you can’t pick, just admit defeat.” 

“I won’t admit defeat!” 

“Then you can start by picking up the stones.” 

“I…” Chu Bai was speechless. 

There was nothing good left among the raw stones, so what was the point of opening them? 

“How about we play by the rules of the Jianghu? Let’s call it a draw and lose half, I’ll admit defeat, and you’ll win half. I won’t ask Xu Muyan for extra lessons from now on.” Chu Bai’s brain turned as he suddenly said. 

“Call it a draw and lose half?” Wang Haoran was once again surprised by Chu Bai’s shamelessness. 

‘This guy is without an ounce of shame.’ 

However, to Chu Bai, this was completely normal. 

He didn’t like to study and often dealt with people who were younger than him, and it was not uncommon for him to lose a bet with others and cheat them. 

When Tang Bingyun heard Chu Bai’s shameless words, she looked at him with disgust. 

He was simply absurd. He couldn’t even properly admit defeat after clearly having lost the bet. 

“Principal Ren, this student you’ve brought is quite shameless.” Tang Bingyun couldn’t help but say the words aloud. 

“Oh, is that so? I find it rather endearing to surrender and lose half, an interesting rule indeed.” Old Ren laughed. 

Tang Bingyun frowned, thinking that the old principal was a bit too biased towards Chu Bai, but she didn’t say anything more. 

Wang Haoran was not surprised to hear this from the old principal. 

Although Chu Bai’s style was… different, it wasn’t bad to the point of treason. The old principal, as a loyal supporter of the protagonist, would naturally think there was nothing wrong with it. 

The old principal looked at Wang Haoran with a smile, “You’re both in the same class, there is no need to make a fuss.” 

“How can I say anything else when the principal has already spoken?” Wang Haoran smiled faintly. 

‘This principle is like a fence around Chi Bai, even if I keep arguing with him, he’ll not change his attitude.’ 

‘Since this is the case, why do I need to waste my words?’ 

‘I’ll wait and watch how long you can help Chu Bai.’ 

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