I Became the Rich Second-Generation Villain – Chapter 38


Chapter 38: Held hostage

“Since you don’t want to pick any of the stones here, there’s no need for you to stay any longer. Please leave.” Tang Bingyun didn’t delay and directly moved to evict Chu Bai from the premises.

Wang Haoran and Chu Bai both identified themselves as students of Shui Ze Middle School, yet the old principal did not treat them equally. Instead, he favoured Chu Bai.

It was no wonder that Tang Bingyun, whose relationship with Wang Haoran had increased to a very friendly degree, could not stand it any longer.

‘This Chu Bai. . . no matter how one looks at him, he has the attitude of a gangster, not a student of a prestigious middle school.’

She pondered whether the principal had gone senile. Why else would he treat such a vile and perverted person with such preferability?

However, this dissatisfaction ultimately led to nowhere, as Tang Bingyun still respected the old principal and decided to not say anything that’ll make the old principal lose face in the end.

But Chu Bai was a different story.

This was her personal territory. If she found him displeasing, then he’d have to walk out without fail.

“Ms. Beautiful, this visitor here is a guest. There’s no need to be like that.” Chu Bai spread his hands wryly.

“Humph. It seems you still don’t know who I am. I think I need to explain it clearly to you. Listen well, I am the Managing Director of your Shui Ze Middle School.”

Hearing this, Chu Bai was dumbfounded.

This ice-cold beauty turned out to have an even bigger background than the old principal!

“Send him out.” Tang Bingyun didn’t bother explaining and ordered the female assistant to take action.

Her attitude perfectly conveyed her apparent disgust towards Chu Bai.

Upon seeing this scene, Wang Haoran was elated.

‘If it’s like this, Chu Bai should have nothing to do with Tang Bingyun anymore, right?’

Unfortunately, just when Chu Bai realized that same sentiment, a chorus of shouts suddenly came from both inside and outside the warehouse.


“Don’t run!”

. . . . . .

The sudden movement surprised everyone in the building.

However, before they managed to react, a thin, flustered man rushed into the area.

Followed closely by a few security guards chasing behind .

The thin man noticed that there were no more routes for him to escape as the security had fully blocked the only remaining exit. In a hurry, he hastily took Tang Bingyun hostage, who was the closest to him.

“Ah!” Tang Bingyun’s beautiful face paled.

“Stop! Don’t come any closer!” The man threatened several advancing security guards.

“Release Mrs. Tang, there’s no escape!” The security guards nervously warned them as they began to approach the man step-by-step.

“You’re forcing my hand!” The thin man took out a firearm from his body and pointed it straight at Tang Bingyun’s head.

Some security guards were startled and subconsciously took a few steps back.

They never imagined he would possess a firearm.

Wang Haoran was also taken aback.

He originally planned to play the ‘saving the damsel in distress’ trope and use his Master-Level Combat Skills on this little thief, thereby teaching him a lesson and gaining favorability points.

‘Perhaps it would be better to leave it for now. . .’

No matter how strong his Combat Skills are, he can’t win against a firearm.

‘That said, the laws in Qingling City are so strict, where in the world did this b*****d go to get a firearm from?!’ 

Wang Haoran grew a bit suspicious, so he took a small peek with his X-Ray vision, and instantly discovered the truth.

‘How unoriginal, it turned out to be a toy gun. . .’

‘Routines, routines, every goddamn thing is a cliche routine set for the protagonist!’

Wang Haoran was speechless.

‘Tang Bingyun’s attitude towards Chu Bai is already abysmally bad.’

‘Yet the universe somehow still gave Chu Bai a chance to turn the whole game around?’

If Wang Haoran with his lottery-won X-Ray vision noticed the truth, then Chu Bai with his X-ray vision can definitely notice it as well.

‘Furthermore, with Chu Bai’s combat strength, wasn’t this thin man just itching for a beating?’

‘The hero saves damsel in distress, thereby winning Tang Bingyun’s affection.’

‘Goddamn cliche routines. . .’

“Grow some brains, let go of the beauty!”

Just when Wang Haoran had this revelation, Chu Bai’s voice rang out from beside him.

Wang Haoran followed the noise and saw that Chu Bai was walking towards the thin man.

“Don’t act rashly. President Tang’s life is at stake!” The security guards tried to discourage him.

“I have a plan, don’t worry.” Chu Bai’s voice was steady and calm.

“Don’t try me, boy, I’ll kill you if you take another step!” The thin man pointed at Chu Bai with his toy gun and threatened viciously.

“Kill me? try it if you can.” Chu Bai, however, remained fearless.

“You— you. . .” The thin man immediately panicked and became worried.

‘Is this kid unafraid of death, or does he know that I’m holding a fake?’

‘No, no. How could it be that?’

From the outside, the counterfeit firearm definitely didn’t look fake. Therefore, in that case, it’d make more sense that the kid in front of him is not afraid of death.

“Stop! If you take another step forward, I’ll kill this woman instead!” The thin man abruptly changed his strategy and pushed the toy harder against Tang Bingyun’s head.

“Don’t mess around. . . i-if you want money, I-I can. . . I can give it to you.” Tang Bingyun, who had never experienced such a situation before, became so frightened that even talking properly was impossible. Stuttering out a plea, her face paled; it looked like it had lost all blood.

“Tell the kid to stop moving!” The thin man felt a little guilty, so he gave orders to Tang Bingyun.

“Chu. . . Chu Bai, stand where you are.” Tang Bingyun spoke in a trembling voice.

“Don’t be afraid, I will definitely save you.” Even so, Chu Bai stepped towards them little by little.

In order to save the beauty as a hero, Chu Bai did not point out that the thin man was holding a fake firearm in his hand, wanting to portray himself as a man with extraordinary courage.

The thin man grabbed Tang Bingyun and stepped back until he hit the edge of the building with his back against the wall. There was no more space to go back now.

“If you still have a brain, you better let go of her now.” Chu Bai continued to force the issue.

“Boy, are you really. . . Are  you really not afraid of death?” The thin man’s face twitched.

“My life is cheap. Even if I die, so what? If you are interested, feel free to kill me. Shoot me right here.” Chu Bai pointed his fingers directly at his heart.

The thin man almost cursed aloud, nearly throwing the gun at him. At the same time, his mental state slowly started to crumble under the pressure surrounding him.

After all, in his hands was a just toy, incapable of hurting anyone.

He was already unable to escape, and now a crazy person without the fear of death blocked his path.

The thin man immediately had the idea of ​​surrender.

However, at this moment.

“Chu Bai, it doesn’t matter if you want to die yourself, but don’t drag others down with you!” 

Wang Haoran suddenly stepped up, and then yelled at the security guards,“Why are you just standing there stupidly? Don’t you understand that this kid is trying to take revenge and get President Tang killed with a borrowed knife? Hurry up and restrain him!”

A few security guards finally woke up from the protagonist halo’s influence, surrounding Chu Bai in an instant.

Although Chu Bai’s combat strength was quite high, these well-trained security guards successfully restrained Chu Bai by working together.

“Wang Haoran! I’m in control of the overall situation, why are you making trouble for me?” Chu Bai gritted his teeth and spoke harshly.

Wang Haoran picked up the piece of rag that originally covered the rough stones laid upon the ground, walking towards Chu Bai ominously,“Are you mentally ill? Control of the overall situation my a*s, can’t you see his firearm?”

The words fell like an executioner’s axe, and before Chu Bai made a sound, Wang Haoran stuffed his mouth with a rag.

“Argh! That’s. . . a. . . fa. . . to-“ 

Chu Bai wanted to say that the thing in the thin man’s hand was a fake, a toy. However, Wang Haoran’s swift hand gagged him before he could speak, making his words vague and difficult to understand.

No one understood what he was trying to say.

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