I Became the Rich Second-Generation Villain – Chapter 39


Chapter 39: Swapping Hostages

Wang Haoran stepped forward, getting closer to the thin man.

Seeing this, his driver hurried over and shielded Wang Haoran, standing in front of him like a meat shield. His expression was indifferent, but it was tinged with a hint of fear nonetheless.

He was obviously attempting to protect Wang Haoran, standing between him and the firearm. 

‘How brave and noble of him.’

As Wang Xiang had stated, the driver was indeed very sincere.

“State your demands. I’ll try to satisfy you as long as you don’t hurt the hostage.” Wang Haoran spoke to the thin man holding a firearm.

“I need a car and 5 million in cash. Hurry up and have it prepared in ten minutes. And don’t try to call the police, or I will kill this woman!” The thin man saw that things had turned around, so he again acted like a mighty lion and postured boldly, seemingly unafraid.

Wang Haoran asked his driver for the car keys and said, “There are no banks nearby. It’s impossible to prepare such an amount in such a short while. That said. . . I just recently acquired an Imperial Crystal Green Jade, worth more than 60 million. It should be enough for you to live on for a lifetime.” 

Having said that, he gestured toward the driver.

The driver hastily brought the Imperial Jade over.

The thin man almost drooled as he stared at it, his eyes glowing with greed.

“The car keys and more than 60 million are all here.” Wang Haoran held the key in one hand and the jade in the other.

“Take everything and walk in front. This woman and I will walk from behind.” The thin man planned to use Wang Haoran as a makeshift guard to escort him out of the perimeters.

“Alright, but I have a request. Why hurt such a frail and delicate woman? I will be your hostage instead, so let her go.” Wang Haoran spoke calmly.

Tang Bingyun, who was already in a state of desperation and panic, flinched in shock as she looked at Wang Haoran in sheer disbelief.

“I…… I’ll be the hostage…… it- it’s fine.” Tang Bingyun said in a trembling voice, her pride not allowing a kid to take her place even though she was just about to wet herself from fear.

“Look. You can’t even speak clearly, and your legs are trembling. Let me take your place.” Wang Haoran stated confidently.

Tang Bingyun stared at the figure in front of her, stunned for a moment.

Before, Tang Bingyun considered Wang Haoran to be nothing more than a boy. But now, she has finally started to consider him as a man.

A brave and masculine man at that!

[Ding! One of the heroines, Tang Bingyun, now has a more favourable impression of the host, increasing by 20. The current total favorability is 40. (Intimate)]

[Ding! The host succeeded in influencing the direction of the plot. Receiving 300 villain points.]

“Humph, controlling a woman is much easier than controlling a man. Do you think I would be so stupid?” The thin man stared at Wang Haoran in disbelief and spoke.

Wang Haoran did not answer immediately, but instead picked up another rag from the ground and asked the driver to tie his hands firmly.

“I’ll introduce myself first. I am the only son of the Wang Group. In the future, I’ll inherit tens of billions of family properties, so be assured that I won’t play around with my life. Furthermore this. . . should relieve some of your worries.” 

Wang Haoran lifted up his bound hands.

“You should believe in my sincerity.”

“Because if you don’t, I’m sorry but, we’ll just stay in this stalemate forever.”

Wang Haoran’s tone became slightly tougher at the end.

He knew that this thin man had no other choice.

The firearm in the opponent’s hand was just a toy, unable to pose any threat to him at all.

Wang Haoran first revealed his identity as the rich second generation and stated that he cherished his life. Then he even tied his hands, conveying to the other party that he will not resist.

The thin man hesitated. He didn’t reply immediately.

Fortunately, Wang Haoran was not in a hurry and waited quietly for the thin man’s decision.

‘I have time anyways. If he doesn’t agree, I’ll drag this on indefinitely.’

‘Let’s see who can afford to keep going.’

Of course, Wang Haoran had limited patience.

If the crook’s continued refusal and bluffing annoyed him, he would definitely rush up and use his combat skills on him, beating him into submission!

After a minute of silence, the thin man made a decision.

“Okay, I’ll do it.”

He followed it up with a threat, “But don’t try to play any tricks. Otherwise, you’ll never inherit your family’s tens of billions of assets and will instead be buried six feet under.”

Hearing this, Wang Haoran discreetly chuckled.

‘This b*****d’s acting is pretty good.’

‘The gun in his hands is obviously fake, yet he’s still pretending and putting up such a scary facade.’

If Wang Haoran wasn’t aiming to gain more favorability from Tang Bingyun and needed to create a dangerous atmosphere, this great actor of a man would definitely be unable to get up from the ground right now after being pummeled by him.

“Don’t worry, I won’t mess around. I’ll be walking over now, so after you take me hostage, let the lady beside you go.”

Wang Haoran’s wrists were restrained but his palms could still move. He had also asked the driver to tie the Imperial Crystal Green Jade with the rags, making it easier to grab.

Afterwards, Wang Haoran carried the crystal jade and walked toward the thin man.

“Haoran, don’t. . .”

“Shut up!”

Tang Bingyun wanted Wang Haoran to give up trying to replace the hostage, but Wang Haoran sternly interrupted her before she managed to finish her sentence.

People around Tang Bingyun usually treat her with respect since she was a president. No one has ever treated her harshly before.

Thus, Tang Bingyun developed the habit of giving orders to people, with no one talking back to her.

If someone said this to her on any other occasion, Tang Bingyun would definitely get angry.

However, at this moment, Tang Bingyun was like a little kid and remained docile.

While Tang Bingyun’s mind twisted and tumbled with anxiety, Wang Haoran had already arrived in front of the thin man.

The crook first pointed at Wang Haoran’s head with the firearm, and then let go of Tang Bingyun.

Tang Bingyun was able to escape, yet she didn’t feel relieved. The thought of rejoicing in her newfound safety didn’t even occur to her. Instead, she appeared even more worried than she was previously.

“No one else moves.” The thin man warned the others in the warehouse, then turned to Wang Haoran and grinned maliciously.

“Go ahead and try doing something. If you dare to make any movements, I will definitely kill you.”

Tang Bingyun’s rich friends all shrank in the corner and shivered, not daring to take a single breath.

In addition, although the old principal didn’t tremble, he stood silent and didn’t dare move.

Several security guards also watched the scene. They kept holding down Chu Bai forcefully, restraining his actions completely.

At this moment, he’d already spat out the rag in his mouth.

In those TV dramas, the moment a rag is forced into someone’s mouth, it suddenly becomes impossible to talk and get rid of. However, that was simply nonsense.

Nevertheless, although Chu Bai could speak, he decided not to say anything, unwilling to reveal that the thing in the thin man’s hand was actually just a toy.

If the hostage was Tang Bingyun, Chu Bai would definitely have spoken up.

However, now that Wang Haoran had replaced the jade beauty as the hostage in the scenario, why should he help him? He is his nemesis, after all.

Naturally, Chu Bai didn’t wish to go through with such a selfless act.

‘I’ll let him worry for a little while. If he wets his pants in public, I can shame him until he spits out blood!’ Chu Bai hated rich assholes like him to death!

In the midst of Chu Bai’s thoughts, a sudden “Thud!” filled the area.


The thin man exclaimed . . .

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