I Became the Rich Second-Generation Villain – Chapter 40


Chapter 40: The Hero Saves The Beauty

Everyone turned to look. 

The piece of Imperial Crystal Green in Wang Haoran’s hand had suddenly fallen to the ground. 

The thin man was so nervous that he let out a cry of panic. 

This was an object worth more than 60 million yuan, if it fell to the ground and cracked, there was no telling how much would be lost. 

“Be careful, what if it breaks?” The thin man said to Wang Haoran. 

Wang Haoran was secretly amused at his words. 

‘This is my stuff, what are you so nervous about?’ 

The jade stone was wrapped in many rags, and the distance it fell to the ground was very short, so it wouldn’t break so easily. 

“It’s a bit heavy, and my hands are tied, so it’s a bit difficult to carry.” Wang Haoran said to the thin man. 

There was no way he could let go of Wang Haoran. 

So the thin man had no choice but to slowly squat down and pick up the jade stone on the ground. 

He was very careful, although he squatted down to pick up the jade stone, he kept pointing the toy gun in his hand towards Wang Haoran, with his eyes fixed on him. 

Right at this moment. 

The ragged rope tied around Wang Haoran’s wrist was loosened. 

Wang Haoran rushed forward and grabbed the toy gun from the thin man’s hand. 

The two of them started to struggle with each other. 

When the driver and the security guard saw this, they tried to rush forward to help. 

But as Wang Haoran struggled, the toy gun was being pointed all around, preventing them from approaching him carelessly. 

They were naturally afraid of getting shot. 

Wang Haoran was still struggling with the thin man, but the two men were seemingly evenly matched, with neither one necessarily beating the other. 

Was Wang Haoran unable to beat the thin man? 

Of course not. 

If Wang Haoran was serious, he could have beaten the thin man with a few simple moves and make him call out for his father. 

The toy gun that he was pointing around was deliberately done by Wong Haoran. 

Its purpose was actually very simple. 

After pointing around randomly for a while, the toy guy’s muzzle suddenly stopped and pointed straight towards Tang Bingyun. 

Tang Bingyun was so scared that her soul almost flew out of her body. 

Just the slightest bend of the thin man’s finger and she would be dead. 

Wang Haoran knew that it was time, so he swiftly shifted his body and stood in front of the toy guy. 

Tang Bingyun’s heart jumped. 

‘He… he’s even willing to give up his life for me?’ 

[Ding, the host has severely altered the plot direction, receiving 500 villain points, Chu Bai’s protagonist halo -30, host villain halo +30.] 

While Wang Haoran was holding the thin man back, several security guards finally approached and snatched the toy gun from the thin man’s hand and restrained him. 

“So it was a fake, it looked so real…” 

The security guard who had seized the toy gun was surprised to find that the object in his hand was quite light. 

The situation was brought under control and someone immediately called the police. 

Tang Bingyun’s friends all breathed a sigh of relief and looked at Wang Haoran like he was a hero. 

Chu Bai was in a state of distress. 

If Wang Haoran hadn’t been so nosy and told the security guards to tie him up, then he would’ve been the hero. 

“Hello, can someone untie me?!” 

Chu Bai’s arms and legs were still tied up, so he shouted at the security guards. 

When the security guards heard him, not only did they not untie him, but also questioned him, “Tell me, kid, why did you try to harm our President Tang just now?” 

“No, I didn’t. The gun was a fake, it couldn’t hurt anyone at all. That’s why I had no fear.” Chu Bai explained. 

“If you could tell it was a fake, then why didn’t you tell us earlier?” 

“…” Chu Bai was at a loss for words. 

Tang Bingyun walked up to Wang Haoran and spoke in shock, “How can you be so impulsive? What if something happened?” 

“It was a bit dangerous, but it turns out I’m quite lucky.” Wang Haoran wiped the cold sweat from his forehead and pretended to be in a state of panic. 

When Tang Bingyun saw this, she didn’t feel like blaming him, instead asking with a concerned face, “Are you okay? Are you hurt anywhere?” 

“My wrists are a bit sore from being tied up.” Wang Haoran said with a smile. 

“Let me massage them for you.” Tang Bingyun didn’t care whether Wang Haoran was willing or not, she directly massaged his wrist. 

After all, she was used to being in a superior position, and it would be difficult to change some of her subconscious manners. 

However Tang Bingyun now had a soft and gentle demeanor. 

Even her assistant was stunned. 

She had been Tang Bingyun’s assistant for two or three years, but this was the first time she had ever seen her so intimate with a man. 

Could you call a wrist massage intimacy? [PR/N: My question exactly, author.] 

Maybe not for other women, but for Tang Bingyun, who doesn’t even shake hands with business partners of the opposite gender… it fit the bill. 

“Why did you defend me from gun just now?” Tang Bingyun’s moist eyes lifted slightly as she gazed into Wang Haoran’s eyes. 

“I saw that you were in danger, so I blocked it without thinking.” Wang Haoran replied. 

“Were you not afraid of getting killed?” 

“I wasn’t thinking that much at the time.” Wang Haoran stared at Tang Bingyun with his peach blossom eyes and asked, “Auntie Tang, why are you suddenly asking about this?” 

Tang Bingyun frowned. 

Earlier, when she heard the title “Auntie Tang”, she found it quite pleasant to the ear. 

But now, when she heard Wang Haoran call her that, she suddenly felt an uneasy feeling in her heart. 

“It’s nothing. Actually, now that I think about it, I’m just a few years older than you. You’d better stop calling me Auntie Tang, it’s awkward.” 

‘And now you don’t want me to call you auntie. What was all that for then?’ 

‘The young master captures your heart, and suddenly the formalities go away?’ 

‘No way.’ 

‘I won’t change my mind unless you play me at first base[1].’ 

[1. A slang for s*x] 

“My mother and you are sisters, I should call you Auntie Tang with respect to your seniority.” Wang Haoran took it for granted. 

Tang Bingyun was now feeling a bit of regret. 

If she had known, she wouldn’t have taken advantage of Wang Haoran. 

[On the other side] 

The old school principal helped Chu Bai untie the rope. 

Chu Bai was freed, but he still held on to his anger. 

He took a look around him and then started to kick the thin man who had been tied up. 

After venting his anger a little, he felt a little more relieved. 

Chu Bai didn’t want to stick around. 

‘All the profitable raw stones were already opened. There’s no point in staying here any longer.’ 

As he thought of this, Chu Bai looked at Wang Haoran with hatred. 

If it wasn’t for Wang Haoran, he would have been the one to make a fortune. 

A fortune that was more than 120 million yuan! 

‘Speaking of which, this Wang Haoran was really lucky, wasn’t he?’ 

‘Could it be that he has X-ray vision too?’ 

‘No, that’s impossible.’ 

Chu Bai immediately dismissed it. 

He was the only Son of Heavenly Destiny, how could this Wang Haoran have X-ray vision as well? 

“We should go, principal.” Chu Bai said. 

“One moment.” Tang Bingyun spoke out to stop him for a moment, “If you knew it was a fake gun, then why didn’t you say so?” 

“I was not certain either.” 

“If you weren’t certain, why did you push the thief so hard. Were you trying to get me killed?” Tang Bingyun questioned in a serious tone. 

For a while, Chu Bai didn’t know how to explain it. 

He couldn’t possibly tell her the truth, could he? 

‘I was trying to save you like a hero would for a damsel in distress, so I didn’t say that the gun was fake.’ 

“President Tang, Chu Bai also helped. Please do not bother him.” The principal stepped forward to help Chu Bai out. 

“Principal Ren, I used to think that you were a very fair person, but it seems that my understanding of you was not entirely correct.” 

After expressing her thoughts, Tang Bingyun didn’t bother with Chu Bai anymore. 

Obviously, she had no intentions of pressing Chu Bai further. 

The old principal realized that Tang Bingyun was not going to confront Chu Bai for her own sake. 

Additionally, the old principal began to understand that he was losing face at a rapid pace in the eyes of Tang Bingyun. 

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