I Became the Rich Second-Generation Villain – Chapter 41


Chapter 41: Stay away from him!

[Shui Zhe Middle School]

After the last class of the afternoon ended, it was now time for dinner.

Many students went to the cafeteria as usual.

However, Xu Muyan instead took advantage of the time to visit the off-campus milk tea shop.

She still owed Wang Haoran a cup of milk tea.

Obviously, she was going there now to fulfill this promise.

However, as for giving Wang Haoran the milk tea in person. . . it was inevitable that Xu Muyan would feel slightly embarrassed. She had never done such a thing before in her life!

Wang Haoran had taken a leave of absence in the afternoon, and he wouldn’t come back until later for the self-study session.

Xu Muyan wanted to use this time to buy the milk tea and secretly put it on Wang Haoran’s desk.

When Wang Haoran comes and finds the milk tea on his desk, he would know it was from her, and she wouldn’t have to go through the embarrassment of actually giving it to him face to face.

Xu Muyan ordered two cups of mandarin duck milk tea.

She didn’t know what flavour Wang Haoran liked, so she could only order what she liked.

There was also a discount offer if someone brought two cups of mandarin duck milk tea at once, which made it cheaper.

While Xu Muyan was waiting for the store to finish making her milk tea, a licensed bureau car stopped by the roadside. It was the type commonly used by police officers in Qingling.

The car window opened, revealing a face. It was Xu Muyan’s father.

“Yan Yan!”

Xu Muyan looked back in surprise, before cheerfully running over, “Dad! Why are you here?”

“I have some work from the bureau. I was in the area, so I figured I should stop by.”

The father and daughter duo chatted, setting a lively atmosphere.

“Miss, your two cups of mandarin duck milk tea are ready.” The storeowner at the back shouted at Xu Muyan.

Xu Muyan went to get the milk tea and then asked her Father Xu, “Dad, do you want a drink? Do you want me to order one for you?”

“Aigoo. I can’t drink what you young people drink; it’s too sweet. I might get diabetes.” Father Xu shook his head in mock horror, before suddenly throwing a pointed question, “I seemed to hear from the store just now that whatever this Mandarin Duck Milk Tea is. . . you’ve ordered two cups. You can’t possibly drink both of them yourself, right? Which boy did you buy the other cup for?”

“Agh. Dad, you’re so nosy!” Xu Muyan complained.

“You made a bet with Chu Bai some time ago. You didn’t lose, right? Could it be that you’re now his girlfriend?” Father Xu abruptly remembered something.

“No way, that guy bragged about getting in the top ten in the class, but he ended up being last place in the mock test.” When she said this, Xu Muyan felt amused. She was practically laughing already, but she kept that to herself. 

“What, last place? Didn’t you say that he made great progress?” Father Xu asked in shock.

“Dad, listen to me. Chu Bai’s grades came from cheating. For him to dare make that bet with me means that he was willing to trick me! He’s a scoundrel.” Xu Muyan said angrily, her dainty lips pursing into a pout.

“Cheating? That’s impossible.” Father Xu didn’t believe it.

“What I said is a fact. If Wang Haoran hadn’t helped me, he might have succeeded in cheating.”

“Wang Haoran?”

“My classmate.”

“Hm… that name is familiar. Now that you mention it, I’m starting to remember him. His family is quite rich, and he’s set to inherit his family’s fortune, isn’t he?” Father Xu frowned.

“Yes, he comes and goes to the school by a Cullinan every day too.”

“Tch. You should stay away from such people, you know?”


“Listening to me won’t harm you. People like him are no good.”

“Dad, lumping all of them together in one go isn’t right. Wang Haoran is very nice. He studies well, looks good, and sings well too. . .” Xu Muyan smiled inadvertently and recounted Wang Haoran in her head in detail, all of his strengths and abilities.

When Father Xu heard her words, his brows knit together, “Yan Yan, do you have feelings for this Wang Haoran?”

“No, no, no, no, how could I like him. . .” Xu Muyan denied it immediately.

Father Xu’s experienced eyes saw through her in a flash.

“Daughter, I would rather you like Chu Bai than that Wang Haoran.”

“Huh? Why are you so hostile towards him, dad? I don’t think he has provoked you before.” Xu Muyan frowned lightly.

“Just don’t bother with that Wang Haoran in the future, it’s best if you stop talking to him.” Father Xu became serious.


“You should listen to me.”

“Dad! You’ve never even met Wang Haoran, so why are you so prejudiced against him?”

“The rich second-generation are all the same.” Father Xu had an unsightly expression.

He has been in the bureau for more than 20 years, and he has dealt with too many cases of the rich second-generation using women and then tossing them away.

The three words ‘rich second-generation’ was enough to fill him with extreme hatred unbefitting of his post as a supposedly impartial police officer.

“Dad, you’re being unreasonable!”

Xu Muyan became a little angry, so she took the milk tea, turned around and walked back to school.

Behind him, Father Xu’s voice rang out.

“Yan Yan, remember my words. If you don’t listen, I’ll go find that Wang Haoran myself!”

[At the hospital entrance]

Wang Haoran slowly walked out, accompanied by Tang Bingyun.

During the fight with the thief, Wang Haoran didn’t suffer any injuries.

However, Tang Bingyun couldn’t feel at ease until he took a check-up.

As soon as the two left the entrance of the hospital, a middle-aged woman greeted them outside.

She is the lawyer Tang Bingyun hired. She’d recently visited the police bureau and gathered important news related to the armed assault the previous night.

The well-dressed woman briefly explained the situation to Tang Bingyun.

Apparently, that thin man was an employee of a jade factory. He owed a lot of money because of his uncontrolled gambling, so he had the idea of ​​stealing some precious jade.

However, the theft failed and alerted security.

In a panic, he broke into the stone gambling establishment.

“Lawyer An, I’ll leave the prosecution to you.” Tang Bingyun lightly urged the woman.

Usually, public prosecution lawyers were sent to handle these cases, but Tang Bingyun didn’t want to let the little thief go so easily. She wanted him to pay the price for what he did!

A thief in the jade factory causing such a big disturbance. . .

What if the Tang family business was affected by this situation? Furthermore, it’s impossible for gamblers to handle such a case after losing out on this opportunity.

The other party would atone for their sins. She’d make sure of it.

“Don’t worry, Miss Tang. Leave it to me.” Lawyer An nodded confidently, then looked at Wang Haoran and spoke with appreciation in her eyes, “You’re quite brave, young man!”

She’d already understood what happened during the incident, so it was only natural she also knew how heroically Wang Haoran handled the hostage situation and restrained the thief.

“It’s no big deal.” Wang Haoran said with a smile.

“Looking at you, you should still be studying, right?” Lawyer An found Wang Haoran very pleasing to the eye, so she asked a few more questions.

“I’m in the third year of Shui Zhe Middle School.”

“Truly a coincidence. My daughter is studying in that school too, and she is also in the third year.”

“Really? May I know your daughter’s name?” Wang Haoran asked curiously.

Lawyer An looked over forty years old, yet her charm has not faded. It was obvious that she had once been a very beautiful woman in her early years. 

With such good genes, her daughter should not be too bad either.

There was no reason for Wang Haoran to be uninterested.

“My daughter’s name is Xu Muyan, do you know her?” Lawyer An asked.

“Wow, I’m in the same class as her!” Wang Haoran’s eyes widened.

A coincidence indeed.

He actually managed to meet Xu Muyan’s mother here.

“So you and Yan Yan are classmates.” Lawyer An was also surprised.

“I should have realized it sooner. Aunt An, you’re so beautiful that it only makes sense your daughter is as well. Did you know that she was actually unanimously nominated by the entire student body as the school flower?”

“Haha. My daughter is beautiful indeed, but there’s no need to flatter this old lady…” Lawyer An smiled happily and looked at Wang Haoran with a very kind gaze.

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