I Became the Rich Second-Generation Villain – Chapter 42


Chapter 42: Xu Muyan’s Troubles

After Lawyer An left…

Tang Bingyun and Wang Haoran began to discuss business.

“Can you tell me why you came to see me?”

“First, there is something I want you to see.” 

Wang Haoran spoke and took out the pictures he had prepared some time ago.

The pictures were close-ups of Fan Jian, Fan Tong and Qin Shousheng after they were beaten up.

“Who are they? How did they get beaten up so badly?” 

Tang Bingyun was stunned as she looked at the pictures of the swollen heads.

“They’re my classmates, and they were all beaten up by Chu Bai.”

“You mean the kid with the thick head today?”

“Yes, him, he has a strong tendency for violence!”

Tang Bingyun couldn’t agree more.

‘Earlier, even though the thief was already tied down by security guards and unable to resist, Chu Bai still went over to beat him up.’

‘No normal person would have done such a thing.’

“The school didn’t expel him after he beat someone up like that?”

“He only had to pay 30,000 yuan as compensation.”

“For beating someone up like that, he only had to pay 30,000 yuan? Isn’t that too lenient?” 

Tang Bingyun shook her head, quickly realising what happened, “Did the old principal defend him?”

Wang Haoran gave a nod and stopped beating around the bush,

“The reason I came to meet you is to ask you to use your authority as a Board Member of the school and transfer the old principal to another position. Without his protection, Chu Bai wouldn’t dare act so arrogantly in the future.”


Tang Bingyun didn’t waste words either. She simply nodded and agreed.

As the principal grew older, he began to handle less of the school’s affairs.

Transferring him to another position wouldn’t have any effect on Shui Ze Middle School.

Furthermore, Wang Haoran had asked her to do so, so how could she refuse?

In addition, she too believed that the principal was far too biassed in favour of Chu Bai. It was hardly fair.

“I will send you the money for the jade as soon as possible.” After having said that, Tang Bingyun asked Wang Haoran for his information.

“I’m in no hurry.”

Wang Haoran took a look at the time and said, “Auntie Tang, I’ll be going now! I’ll be in touch!”

When she heard her title of “Auntie” again, Tang Bingyun’s face twitched. However, she didn’t know what to say. She could only watch Wang Haoran get on the Cullinan and leave.

For a while, she remained frozen where she stood, only returning to her senses when her mobile phone rang.

Zhen Li was calling her.

“Bingyun, how are matters with my son going?”

“I gave him my word.”

“Thanks, I’ll invite you to a beauty salon for skincare when I have time.” Zhen Li assumed that Tang Bingyun had promised Wang Haoran because he used her identity.


Tang Bingyun immediately agreed and then said in a strange tone, “Sister Zhen Li, you are actually of the same generation as my parents, so I should actually call you Aunt Zhen. I will call you Auntie Zhen from now on.”

“What do you mean by “Auntie”, Tang Bingyun? Have I offended you in any way? Are you trying to call me old? Don’t think that just because you’ve helped my son means that I must give you face.”

“I will return the favour, our families have a business partnership anyway, so I will give you 10 million yuan as compensation and we will be even after that!”

“I’m sorry, Sister Zhen Li. I was just joking, sorry, sorry…” Tang Bingyun hurriedly apologised.

Afterwards, they talked for a while. Eventually, Zhen Li calmed down.

When she hung up, Tang Bingyun couldn’t help but sigh. 

‘My life is becoming too complicated.’


The driver drove Wang Haoran to school.

With nothing else to do, Wang Haoran opened his attributes panel to take a look.

[ Host: Wang Haoran

Combat Power: 289

Charm Value: 268

Villain Halo: 319

Villain Points: 1700


  • Master-level calligraphy and painting copying skills
  • Master-level Actual Combat Style: Singing Spring Fist
  • God-level Singing Skill
  • Movie-level acting skills
  • X-ray vision ]

‘I’ve accumulated 1700 villain points?’

Wang Haoran accessed the System Store and found the low-grade Vitality Pill.

[Low-grade Vitality Pill: 1100 villain points (Note: After taking it, the  ageing process will be frozen, and the effect will last for thirty years.)]

[Will you exchange?]


Wang Haoran gave the command to the system.

After the exchange, Wang Haoran couldn’t wait and swallowed the low-grade Vitality Pill, it had a sweet taste to it.

After consuming it, Wang Haoran didn’t notice any significant changes in his body.

According to the description of the low-grade pill, it will take a long time before the effects are visible.

Wang Haoran is currently 18 years old, which means that by the time he’s 48, he’ll still look the same.

He will only start ageing slowly after the age of 48, even though the actual start of the ageing process began at the age of 18.

To put it simply, Wang Haoran will have 30 more years of youth than a normal person.

‘I still have 700 villain points left, I can draw a prize.’

‘The last time I drew it, I got the same type of X-ray vision as Chu Bai. I wonder what I will get this time.’

Wang Haoran was excited.

[Unfortunately, the host did not draw any prize.]

‘Damn it!’

[PR/N: Remember that gambling is bad, kids!]


[Evening self-study]

When Wang Haoran saw his desk, he found a cup of milk tea on it.

‘It’s probably from Xu Muyan.’

He took a sip.

It was sweet, really sweet.

It’s easy to gain weight if you eat too many sweets.

However, Wang Haoran didn’t have to worry about it at all, as the Vitality Pill could not only maintain his face, but also his figure.

While drinking his milk tea, Wang Haoran inadvertently glanced in Xu Muyan’s direction.

He could only see the side of Xu Muyan’s face.

However, it was clear that she was distracted and that she couldn’t focus on her studies.

During class, Wang Haoran sent a message to Wen Jing, asking her for a chance to talk.

[In the middle of the school garden walkway]

A few students were walking around, in twos and threes, some were merely classmates and some were couples in love.

The area was dimly lit, the atmosphere was peaceful, and the light fragrance of flowers filled the air.

It was a very romantic atmosphere.

The couples who were in love enjoyed coming here the most after they finished their evening classes.

Wen Jing was very happy to be called out by Wang Haoran.

“Xu Muyan seems upset; what’s wrong with her?” Wang Haoran directly asked.

Wen Jing was a little disappointed, she thought Wang Haoran had asked her out for a date.

But it turned out that she had expected too much.

“She’d met her father earlier this evening while she was buying milk tea. He asked her to stay away from you.”

As Xu Muyan’s best friend and deskmate, Xu Muyan would always share everything with Wen Jing.

“I’ve never met her father, but he seems to be quite hostile towards me.”

“Perhaps her father doesn’t want Yan Yan to fall in love, that’s why he did it.”

“I don’t think so.” 

Wang Haoran outright denied the possibility.

When Chu Bai made his bet with Xu Muyan, her father readily agreed on her behalf. If he got into the top ten, Xu Muyan would’ve been his girlfriend.

It can be seen that the father was quite the open-minded person in this regard, since he’s proven himself to be quite supportive of his daughter’s affairs.

‘Favouring Chu Bai and targeting me?’

‘Is Xu Muyan’s father also a supporting character in the protagonist’s camp?’

Wang Haoran thought this was a strong possibility.

“You… why do you care so much about Yan Yan’s affairs? Are you planning on pursuing her?” 

Wen Jing couldn’t help but ask.


Wang Haoran said with a nod.

Xu Muyan was one of the female leads, so if he didn’t pick her up himself, the protagonist would do so.

And if the protagonist succeeded, the protagonist’s halo would increase accordingly, and his villain’s halo would decrease.

By then, he would not be far from his demise.

After hearing Wang Haoran’s words, Wen Jing suddenly became a little sour.

She’d seen it coming, but she had never expected Wang Haoran to admit it so casually.

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