I Became the Rich Second-Generation Villain – Chapter 43


Chapter 43: Surveillance

“Don’t worry. Even if I get together with Xu Muyan, I will still love you the most.” 

When Wang Haoran saw Wen Jing’s sullen expression, he comforted her a bit.

“Really?” Wen Jing’s eyes lit up.

“Of course!”

‘Of course not.’

‘Although you’re very beautiful, Xu Muyan is even more so.’

‘That being said, I would obviously prefer Xu Muyan.’

However, Wang Haoran couldn’t openly admit that Wen Jing.

Can he still be considered a villain if he can’t even do sweet talk?

“During the self-study session tonight, help me ask Xu Muyan to go…”

Wang Haoran began to tell Wen Jing about his plan.

His Villain’s Halo points had reached 319 from the original 99, with the extra 220 being taken from Chu Bai.

At first, Chu Bai’s Protagonist’s Halo points were 357, thus using simple math, he could easily calculate that Chu Bai’s current Protagonist’s Halo points would be 137 right now.

His Villain’s Halo points were 319, which is twice as much as Chu Bai’s 137 Protagonist’s Halo points.

In terms of luck, Chu Bai could no longer restrain Wang Haoran.

Furthermore, Xu Muyan’s favourability for Wang Haoran had reached 50, which was already at the level of admiration. Originally, Wang Haoran planned to take it slow, increase Xu Muyan’s favorability little by little, and then harvest her in one swoop.

However, after considering the current situation, Wang Haoran thought it’d be best if he didn’t get too complacent and instead harvest Xu Muyan as soon as possible.

Xu Muyan’s favorability had already reached 50 (Admiration), and Wang Haoran was no longer restrained by Chu Bai’s Protagonist’s Halo, so the success rate of harvesting Xu Muyan was actually quite high.

And as long as he was successful, Chu Bai’s Protagonist Halo points would inevitably drop. After all, a green cap was sure to make anyone lose composure.

At that time, Wang Haoran would deliver the final blow, shattering Chu Bai’s Protagonist Halo.

After talking to Wen Jing, Wang Haoran asked her to head to the classroom first.

Wang Haoran didn’t leave immediately. Instead, he made a phone call to his father, Wang Xiang.





The call connected.

“I want to impress a girl, so help me make a romantic scene. The location is right by the riverside of our school. The timing is from 9:30 – 10 pm.”

Wang Haoran didn’t bother talking nonsense and got straight into business.

“Wow! My son is awesome, changing girlfriends so soon!” 

“Leave it to me, and I’ll have someone do it right away!”

Wang Xiang praised his son, leading to Wang Haoran’s momentary loss of speech. 

“…Okay, Dad. I’ll wait for your response.” Wang Haoran hung up the call and couldn’t help but sigh.

‘Although I don’t have any feelings for this kind of cheap and villainous father, he’s really nice to me.’

He imagined his father sitting on a luxurious armchair and speaking arrogantly to him.

‘Chase whomever you want, however you want, with whatever means you want!’

‘If there’s a need then I’ll fulfil it!’

He suddenly felt that it was honestly quite good to be a rich second-generation villain.


[In the hallway outside the classroom]

Chu Bai received a call.

The caller ID displayed Xu Muyan’s number.

However, Chu Bai knew that Xu Muyan was not the one who called him.

Xu Muyan never brings her mobile phone to school.

Chu Bai answered the phone, and a man’s voice greeted him.

Chu Bai knew whose voice it was.

“Uncle Xu, why did you suddenly call me?” Chu Bai was surprised.

“I wanted to talk to you about something. Is it convenient for you to talk right now?”

“It’s just evening self-study, so I can talk on the phone. What is it?”

Several students were leaning against the corridor railings next to Chu Bai, watching the scenery downstairs. They were merely a bunch of no-name side characters.

Chu Bai didn’t care about them.

“Do you like Yan Yan?” Xu Muyan’s Father asked coldly.

Chu Bai was taken aback for a minute, not expecting Xu Muyan’s Father to ask this question so abruptly.

After thinking about it for a moment, he nodded heavily and replied, “Umm, I like her!”

[PR/N: And yes, he is nodding at the air.]

“Good, you are courageous enough to admit your inner thoughts.” Xu Muyan’s father praised Chu Bai.

“Uncle Xu, surely you didn’t just call me to ask this?”

“It’s part of the reason. I also wanted to ask if Yan Yan is close to a man named Wang Haoran in school? Answer me truthfully.”

“Yes, Wang Haoran frequently harasses Muyan. This person is bad news. He has several minions under him, who cause a lot of trouble at school. He’s also quite the pervert with several different girlfriends!” Chu Bai took advantage of the situation to tarnish Wang Haoran’s image.

“As expected, this Wang Haoran is not a good person!” Xu Muyan’s father was clearly furious.

“Uncle Xu, Muyan is young and innocent so she doesn’t understand it. I think you should persuade her to stay away from that Wang Haoran.” Chu Bai decided to strike the iron while it was hot.

“I met Yan Yan outside of school today. I tried to persuade Yan Yan, but she didn’t listen to me, and we almost got into a fight.” 

Xu Muyan’s Father sighed, and then asked gloomily, “Chu Bai, can you help me with one thing?”

“Uncle Xu, give the word, and I will go to any lengths to accomplish your task!”

“It’s nothing that serious. I just hope you can help me keep an eye on Yan Yan while you’re at school. You must inform me immediately if she has any suspicious interactions with Wang Haoran.”

“No problem, you can count on me!”

Chu Bai couldn’t wait to do so.

He’d already found Wang Haoran to be a very unpleasant character, wishing nothing more than for him to disappear. It was also a wonderful opportunity for him to ruin Wang Haoran and Xu Muyan’s relationship. Of course, he agreed.


Wang Haoran arrived at the classroom.

A nameless minion immediately came over to report to him.

The contents of the report were naturally about the call Chu Bai just received.

“Xu Muyan’s Father asked Chu Bai to keep an eye on her? He wants Chu Bai to contact him immediately if there’s anything suspicious?”

Wang Haoran received some important information.

The little brother who gave him the report was immediately rewarded with 10,000 yuan.

[PR/N: For those wondering why “little brother” and “minion” are interchangeable, it’s because they are in Chinese.]

This was the advantage he had as a rich second-generation villain. His eyes and ears are everywhere in this classroom, and even a nameless nobody could become a threat to the protagonist when under the irresistible allure of money!

Wang Haoran was very fortunate that he got the news in time.

He initially planned to harvest Xu Muyan tonight.

If he hadn’t realized that Chu Bai was keeping an eye on her…

Wang Haoran was confident that as soon as he deceived Xu Muyan inside the hotel, Xu Muyan’s father would come out and try to kill him.

Wang Haoran shuddered a bit while imagining that scene.

“It seems like the plan needs to be changed.” Wang Haoran pondered briefly.

The appointment with Xu Muyan remained the same, but it was impossible to trick her into going to the hotel.

As for Chu Bai, there was no need to avoid him.

‘If he wants to watch, then let him watch, and if he wants to inform, then let him inform.’

‘I’ll make sure you regret agreeing with Xu Muyan’s Father.’

Wang Haoran asked the younger brother to call Fan Jian over.

“Boss, what’s the matter?” Fan Jian asked cheerfully.

Wang Haoran did not reply immediately, but instead transferred 50,000 yuan to Fan Jian.

Fan Jian was a little dumbfounded.

“During the self-study session later, immediately go to the nearby bank to get this amount of cash, and then help me with something. When the job is done, the money will be yours.” Wang Haoran instructed, not really giving a damn whether he was willing or not.

“What if I fail to do it properly?” Fan Jian couldn’t help but ask.

“If you fail to do it properly, then you’ll be found in the nearby river tomorrow morning.”

“Boss…It’s not that serious, is it?”

“Extremely serious. It’s not that difficult either, so If you can’t do it properly, there is no reason for you to live.”

“Boss, just give your orders.”

“After taking the money from the bank during self-study, go. . .”

Wang Haoran whispered to Fan Jian inaudibly.

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