I Became the Rich Second-Generation Villain – Chapter 44


Chapter 44: A Riverside Rendezvous

During the evening self-study session, Wang Haoran received a system prompt.

[Ding! The Host manipulated things from behind the scenes, causing the old principal in the Protagonist’s camp to be transferred to a different position, receiving 300 villain points, Chu Bai’s Protagonist’s Halo -10, the Host’s Villain’s Halo +10!]

Wang Haoran was a little surprised.

Initially, he believed Tang Bingyun would take at least a few days to calm down before transferring the Old Principal to another position.

He didn’t expect Tang Bingyun to act so quickly.

She promised Wang Haoran in the morning and already completed the procedures for transferring the Old Principal in the evening.

‘Now that he’s been transferred, there’s no one left to protect Chu Bai at school.’ 

‘It’ll be much easier to deal with him at school from now on.’

Finally, after the evening self-study session ended, Xu Muyan walked toward the school gate, pushing her bicycle.

Chu Bai was also nearby, following her in secret.

Chu Bai and Xu Muyan were ready to return to their homes once classes ended.

However, Chu Bai suddenly noticed that Xu Muyan was not heading home, instead, she was heading for the river near the school.

Chu Bai thought it was strange and decided to follow her.

After following Xu Muyan for some time, both of them arrived at the river.

Someone was standing by the railings beside the river.

It was none other than Wang Haoran.

Chu Bai became furious!

‘Xu Muyan didn’t return home on time, instead going off to meet Wang Haoran?’

‘So shameless!’

Chu Bai was tempted to rush up to the two of them and ruin their date.

But he held back his urge.

Xu Muyan would only be more disgusted if he went up to cause trouble.

The loss would not be worth the gain.

After some thought, Chu Bai took out his phone and called Xu Muyan’s Father.

“Hello, Chu Bai, did something happen?”

“The evening self-study session just ended, but Xu Muyan is meeting up with Wang Haoran by the riverside instead of going home!”


Father Xu became furious. 

“Keep an eye on them, make sure you don’t let that Wang Haoran kid take Yan Yan somewhere else. I’ll be there soon!”

Chu Bai heard the sound of hurried footsteps coming from the other side.

It was obvious that Xu Muyan’s Father was very nervous and wanted to rush off immediately.

“Don’t worry uncle, I will keep my eyes on them!” Chu Bai hung up the phone with joy.

Chen Bai was aware of Xu Muyan’s Father’s profession.

He was a trained fighter and martial artist.

Chu Bai thought that Wang Haoran would get the crap beaten out of him once Xu Muyan’s Father arrives.

Wang Haoran, being a weak rich kid, wouldn’t be able to withstand more than a few punches from Xu Muyan’s Father.

Chu Bai was looking forward to it.

“It’s going to be a great show!”

While Chu Bai was staring at Wang Haoran and Xu Muyan’s every action, a voice came from behind him.

“Chu Bai, what are you doing sneaking around here?”

When he turned around, he was disgusted. 

“Fan Jian, why does it matter to you if I’m here. If you keep barking, I’ll beat you up!”

“I don’t believe you, try hitting me if you can!” 

Fan Jian took a few steps forward.


Chu Bai clenched his fist but quickly released it again.

He wanted to punch Fan Jian, but he was afraid to bear the consequences.

In the evening self-study session, the Old Principal came to see him.

The Old Principal said that he would soon be transferred out of Shui Zhe Middle School and would become the principal of a different school.

Without his protection, if Chu Bai got into one more fight, he would definitely be expelled.

“I knew you wouldn’t dare to touch me. Trash!” 

With a smug smile, Fan Jian flung his school bag and rode away on his bicycle.

But as he was flinging his bag, a bundle fell out of his bag.

Fan Jian had already left, riding on his bicycle.

The bundle was left alone on the ground.

Seeing that nobody around him saw it, Chu Bai immediately picked it up.

It was a bundle of money, roughly around 50,000 yuan.

“Wang Haoran must have given this to him as a reward, but now it belongs to me!”

Chu Bai stuffed the bundle of money into his book bag without the slightest bit of hesitation.

He had no sense of guilt at all.

‘This Fan Jian just provoked me, but I controlled my anger and didn’t beat him up.’

‘He should consider himself lucky.’

‘This money…  he should consider it as compensation for provoking me.’

‘In any case, he didn’t realise he dropped his money and even if he finds out, he won’t know where he dropped it.’

It was the beginning of summer.

The weather was relatively hot, but the gentle breeze from the river was refreshing.

Xu Muyan parked her bicycle and was a little nervous.

In the past, she would always go straight home after the evening self-study classes, meaning this was the first time she didn’t go home on time but rather came to meet with a boy.

The evening classes ended at 9.30 pm, and it was already 9.40 pm.

Initially, Xu Muyan didn’t want to come, but she came anyway.

“Why did you ask me to come here?” Xu Muyan asked cautiously.

“The milk tea wasn’t too bad, but it was a little sweet.” Wang Haoran said with a smile.

“You called me here just to say that?” Xu Muyan was stunned.

“Yes, what else did you think it was?”

“…” Xu Muyan.

“Alright, I won’t mess with you anymore, I asked you to come here because I wanted to talk with you.”

“So you know all about it… did Wen Jing tell you?”

“Accidentally, yes.”

“Humph, I nearly got into a fight with my dad because of you, but for the record, I-I don’t like you!” Xu Muyan emphasised.

I know, I know.” Wang Haoran knew that she was just playing hard to get.

“It’s good that you understand.” Xu Muyan let out a sigh of relief.

“You should call your mother and tell her that you’re walking by the river with a male friend. She should come and pick you up.” Wang Haoran handed his phone to Xu Muyan.

“I can go back on my bicycle by myself later.”

“When class ends, many students are on the road. You can ride your bicycle without any problems, yes. However, after a while, the roads will become less crowded. And when they do, it won’t be safe for you to ride your bicycle alone.”

Hearing these words, a warm feeling emerged from Xu Muyan’s heart.

She felt that Wang Haoran was being very considerate towards her.

Then Wang Haoran teased, “Also, has it occurred to you that there’s no one else around here, only you and me. Aren’t you afraid that I might have some bad intentions toward you? Call your mother to come and pick you up, so that you won’t have to be afraid of being alone with me.”

Xu Muyan was stunned, she really hadn’t thought about it.

Or to be more accurate, she wasn’t wary of Wang Haoran at all.

“You’re quite thoughtful, aren’t you?” Xu Muyan hummed, but in her heart, she couldn’t help but wonder.

‘The girl that becomes his girlfriend would be very happy, wouldn’t she?’

‘He’s handsome, has a good family background, is a top student, sings well, and most importantly, is very attentive and considerate towards girls, giving them a sense of security.’

[Ding! The Host has touched the heart of one of the heroines, Xu Muyan, receiving 200 villain points.]

Xu Muyan took Wang Haoran’s phone and called her mother.

After the call was over…

“It’s quite refreshing by the river, why don’t we take a walk for a while?” Wang Haoran said.


Xu Muyan nodded her head.

The two of them walked side by side, enjoying the breeze and watching the night’s scenery by the river.

From time to time, the backs of their hands and shoulders would touch each other as they walked.

Wang Haoran noticed Xu Muyan’s nervousness.

When he turned his head to take a look, he saw that her cheeks were flushed.

“Look over there!”

Wang Haoran suddenly pointed towards the other side of the river.

“What are you pointing at? There is nothing there.” Xu Muyan was a little confused.

Wang Haoran smiled but didn’t say anything, he only looked at the time on his phone.

10 seconds later.


Bang Bang!

Fireworks shot up in the sky from across the river, exploding in dazzling and breathtakingly beautiful colours.

The long riverbanks were covered in gorgeous vibrant colours for as far as the eyes could see.

Along the riverbank, the sky became as bright as day.

Xu Muyan’s beautiful face lit up with a pleasant smile of joy and surprise.

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