I Became the Rich Second-Generation Villain – Chapter 45


Chapter 45: All in attendance 

The fireworks lasted for ten minutes before they stopped.

And because the fireworks were set off in rows along the entire riverbank, the few minutes could not be underestimated in the slightest.

In that short while, Wang Haoran burned through a full 800,000 yuan.

But he didn’t care, because he had just earned more than 120 million yuan earlier today.

800,000 was the same as a single hair, a drop in the bucket for the current him.

“Does it look good?” Wang Haoran played up the tone of the situation by staring electrifyingly at Xu Muyan with a pair of passion-filled eyes.

Xu Muyan nodded shyly in confirmation.

‘What a surprise. . . my a*s.’

‘Can the scene created by spending 800,000 yuan not look good?

“You. . . did you prepare this?” Xu Muyan thought there couldn’t be such a coincidence.

“Did you like it?”

“I like it, but. . . why?” Xu Muyan felt that her heart was beating wildly.

“I saw that you were upset, so I wanted to cheer you up.”

Wang Haoran looked at Xu Muyan, “So, are you feeling better now?”

Xu Muyan met Wang Haoran’s gaze and nodded heavily.

[Ding! One of the heroines, Xu Muyan, has experienced +10 favorability towards the Host, current total favorability is 60. (Love from the Heart)]

[Ding! The Host affects the direction of the plot, receiving 200 villain points.]

“You put so much thought into this, is it really only to cheer me up?” Xu Muyan asked boldly.

“Of course. We are friends, after all.” Wang Haoran smiled mischievously.

“Yes. . . yes, of course, we are friends.”

Xu Muyan smiled, but deep down, she felt lost.

[A short distance away]

Chu Bai hid beside the flowerbed by the river. He was enraged when he saw this beautiful pair stare at each other with so much affection.

The flowers and plants next to him were torn and ripped.

Then, a car suddenly stopped beside the road.

A gloomy middle-aged man stepped out of the car.

“Uncle Xu!”

Chu Bai’s anger turned to joy as he waved at the middle-aged man.

“Where is Yan Yan and that rascal named Wang Haoran?” Father Xu asked in a deep voice as he noticed Chu Bai hiding beside the flowerbed.

Xu Muyan’s Father had a strong physique and was full of strength.

Chu Bai could clearly feel that Father Xu was currently suppressing his anger.

And if this anger were to erupt in the form of a punch or a slap, it would be extremely terrifying.

Chu Bai couldn’t wait any longer.

“Over there!” He jumped out of the flowerbed and pointed.

Father Xu took solemn steps, walking silently in the direction Chu Bai pointed.

Chu Bai followed behind, trying his best to control his urge to laugh, revelling in Wang Haoran’s misfortune. 

‘This time, he is done for!’

“Yan Yan!”

Father Xu came behind Xu Muyan and called out in a deep and loud voice.

Xu Muyan, who was immersed in the beautiful scenery, suddenly snapped out of it.

“Dad, why are you here? Where’s mom?” Xu Muyan still hadn’t figured out the situation.

She just assumed her mother had asked her father to come pick her up.

“You ask why I am here?!” 

Father Xu angrily gestured at Wang Haoran, “If I didn’t come, you would’ve definitely been tricked by this kid into a hotel tonight!”

Wang Haoran’s heart skipped a beat.


‘How did Xu Muyan’s Father guess my thoughts so accurately?’

If it wasn’t for that younger brother acting as an informant, Wang Haoran would never have known about the phone call between Chu Bai and Xu Muyan’s father.

And he would really have tricked Xu Muyan into going to a hotel tonight just like her father guessed.

While these thoughts popped up in his mind, Wang Haoran spent 100 villain points to check Xu Muyan’s Father’s attributes.

‘Seeing his riled up appearance, he really might do something to me in a short while.’

‘Better to know then be sorry.’

[Supporting role: Xu Zheng (Currently belongs to the Protagonist camp, reversible.)]

[Combat value: 209]

[Charm: 103]

[Supporting Actor Halo: None]

[Skill: Advanced Mixed Martial Arts]

A 209 combat value was actually quite high, but compared to Wang Haoran’s combat power value of 289… it was a lot, but it was no problem at all.

If it really came down to a head-to-head confrontation, Wang Haoran could win against the opponent’s advanced mixed martial arts with his master-level combat Wing Chun[1].

[1: Traditional Southern Chinese Kung-Fu]

‘Currently belongs to the Protagonist camp? No wonder he favoured Chu Bai so much.’

‘But it’s reversible?’

‘Does that means that if I perform well, I can be acknowledged by the other party?’

Wang Haoran wagered a guess.

“Dad, what nonsense are you spouting? I’m just walking by the river with Wang Haoran.” Xu Muyan saw that her father was very angry and seemed out of control, so she grabbed his arm tightly.

Indeed! Her father, Xu Zheng, did want to rush forward at this very moment and beat Wang Haoran black and blue, but he still possessed his sense of reason. He was afraid of hurting his daughter.

“Uncle Xu, we’ve only just met. There must be some sort of misunderstanding.” Wang Haoran spoke calmly.

“I didn’t misunderstand anything. It’s almost 10 o’clock! Yet you don’t go home and instead invite my daughter, Yan Yan, here. Do you dare to say that you don’t have any ill intentions?!”

“Absolutely! If you want I can swear it. Heaven and Gods above, if I really invited Xu Muyan here with any ill and immoral intentions, then I will be struck by lightning, and I won’t have a peaceful death!” Wang Haoran swore a poisonous oath in an instant.

As a villain, you have to be fearless, merely swearing such an oath isn’t very impressive.

If the Heavens could actually fulfill this poisonous oath, who knows how many people would die from being struck by lightning on a sunny day. Simply illogical.

“Wang Haoran, stop quibbling. You asked Xu Muyan to come here; you definitely have ill intentions. I saw just now that you reached for Xu Muyan’s hand several times, desperately wanting to hold it.” 

‘Chu Bai really lies without even flinching.’

“Do you really enjoy trying to defame me like this?” Wang Haoran was amused.

‘What a dog Protagonist. Backing out of a bet? Ok, fine. And yet now you openly spread false accusations?’

‘Where is your dignity?’

In Wang Haoran’s contact with Xu Muyan just now, there was no such behaviour at all.

“You don’t dare to admit it?” Chu Bai sneered.

“Whatever I say in this situation is useless.” Wang Haoran was too lazy to explain.

Xu Zheng was hostile to Wang Haoran and trusted Chu Bai considerably.

Having heard what Chu Bai said, Father Xu became even more infuriated.

If it wasn’t for Yan Yan holding him back tightly, he would have long rushed up and given a few hard slaps, sending this rich second-generation scum into the ground.

“Yan Yan!”

Just then, a woman’s voice sounded nearby.

“Wife, you. . . why are you here?” Xu Zheng suddenly forgot his anger and was stunned for a moment.

The person who had arrived was Xu Muyan’s mother, the same Lawyer An whom Wang Haoran met during the day alongside Tang Bingyun.

“Yan Yan asked me to come to pick her up.” Lawyer An explained. Seeing the awful atmosphere, she quickly asked,“What’s going on?”

“This no-good kid asked our daughter out at night! He must have ill intentions for our Yan Yan!” Xu Zheng gave Wang Haoran a fierce look.

On the other hand, Lawyer An looked at Wang Haoran, and then exclaimed in surprise, “Boy, it’s you!”

“Wait… you two know each other?” Xu Zheng was shocked.

“I met him during the day because of a criminal case.” Lawyer An explained.

“Committing crimes in broad daylight? I was right that he’s not a good person at all!” Xu Zheng said with a snort.

“What nonsense are you talking about? This little boy here was really brave. . .” Lawyer An retold and described Wang Haoran’s heroic take down of the thief.

As Xu Zheng heard the words, his mood gradually stabilized, and he glanced at Wang Haoran again.

Since she was a lawyer, his wife’s judgment was definitely beyond doubt, and it was even less likely that she would lie for someone she had just met.

Moreover, it would be necessary for her to tell the truth, since Father Xu could easily dig up the relevant files if he so wanted.

‘Seems like this Wang Haoran kid is not what I initially imagined, not like the other rich second-generation kids with bad behaviour and a foul manner.’

‘He’s even a morally upright person!’ 

Xu Zheng had never heard of a rich second-generation risking their lives to uphold justice.

[Ding! The Host has caused the supporting character Xu Zheng’s perception of himself to change, receiving 100 villain points.]

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