I Became the Rich Second-Generation Villain – Chapter 46


Chapter 46 – The Wild Mending

After listening to her mother, Xu Muyan was surprised but also touched.

She did not expect that such a thing would happen in the afternoon after Wang Haoran asked for a leave.

“Dad, I told you that you have misunderstood Wang Haoran. He’s not like other second-generation rich kids. You believe it now, right?” Xu Muyan said with a hum.

“Dear, I think you must be mistaken, Yan Yan even took his phone to contact me. There is no way he could have any ill intentions, “Lawyer An added.

After listening to both his daughter and wife, Xu Zheng shifted his gaze to Chu Bai.

“But, I heard from him that Wang Haoran has a group of little brothers at school who always bully other students and that he also has multiple girlfriends.”

Hearing this, Xu Muyan looked at Chu Bai in shock and said, “There’s no such thing. Many students admire Wang Haoran, but he doesn’t make them bully anyone. He is a diligent student, he doesn’t have time to bully others. He is not any worse than me. As for having multiple girlfriends, that’s even more ridiculous.”

“Is Yan Yan telling the truth, Chu Bai?” Xu Zheng asked in a firm tone.

Chu Bai’s head dropped with embarrassment.

He had said that to smear Wang Haoran’s reputation, but he didn’t expect Xu Zheng to reveal it on the spot.

“I- I exaggerated a little bit.” Chu Bai said to Xu Zheng in a weak voice.

Xu Zheng’s brow furrowed.

He knew Chu Bai liked his daughter, but he didn’t expect Chu Bai would do something as shameful as trying to tarnish Wang Haoran’s image by lying.

“Chu Bai, it’s wrong to lie,” Xu Zheng said in a slightly scolding manner.

“Uncle Xu, this is nothing compared to the fact that he almost got someone killed.” Wang Haoran couldn’t help but give Chu Bai an additional stab.

“Almost got someone killed?” Xu Zheng was shocked.

“Uncle doesn’t know yet? This is what happened…” Wang Haoran told the story of Chu Bai’s performance in apprehending the thief inside the jade factory earlier that afternoon.

“President Tang told me about this. At first, she wanted to sue him but because the Principal asked her not to, she gave him face and dropped this matter.” Lawyer An also told Xu Zheng about what she knew.

Hearing all this, Xu Zheng immediately looked at Chu Bai with fierce eyes.

[Ding! The Host has succeeded in mending the situation, the supporting character Xu Zheng’s perception of the Protagonist Chu Bai has been reduced to zero, Xu Zheng has left the Protagonist’s camp and is now in a neutral state.]

[Ding! The Host has influenced the direction of the plot, receiving 100 villain points.]

Wan Haoran secretly smiled in his heart after hearing the System’s prompt messages.

‘This was only the first stab, the second stab is yet to come.’

‘It’s almost time, Fan Jian should be coming soon, right?’

‘That guy didn’t drop the chain on his bike, did he?’

Wang Haoran became a little worried.

‘I blame the author of this novel for giving me these brainless minions.’


Then, the sound of a bicycle braking on the roadside rang out.

At last, Fan Jian had finally arrived.

He parked his bicycle, looked around, and walked towards the riverside.

“Was it you who picked up the money I dropped?” Fan Jian questioned Chu Bai.

“What are you talking about? Why are you suddenly saying I picked up your money?” Chu Bai was nervous in his heart but on the surface, he appeared calm.

“I remember the money was in my bag before I met you, but after I ran into you it disappeared.” Fan Jian’s gaze shifted toward the back of Chu Bai.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Chu Bai dismissed it with contempt, but his hand subconsciously grasped onto his bag.

“Then open your bag and let me have a look. If the money’s not there, I’ll apologise.”

“No need, my bag is not for you to see either.”

“Show it to me!” Fan Jian became anxious and rushed up to wrestle with Chu Bai.

However, he was no match for Chu Bai.

Fortunately, Xu Zheng stepped in just in time to pull them apart and saved him from a beating.

Wang Haoran stepped forward and said, “Fan Jian, you dropped your money on the road. No one knows who picked it up, and you came to Chu Bai directly to ask for it. Isn’t that a bit unreasonable?”

The words sounded so reasonable that even Chu Bai was surprised for a moment. However, he couldn’t let his guard down.

But just then, Wang Haoran snatched Chu Bai’s bag away from him and started unzipping it saying, “I believe Chu Bai didn’t take your money. I’ll open the bag and show it to you!”

Wang Haoran was a master of Wing Chun, he could throw a dozen punches in a second, and he was as fast as lightning, so it was easy for him to snatch the bag.

Chu Bai was unable to stop him in time.

As soon as the bag was unzipped, the bundle of money inside was revealed.

“This…” Wang Haoran became speechless.

Fan Jian realised that it was time for him to act, so he immediately said, “This is my money. I knew it was Chu Bai who picked it up, and yet he still denied it!”

He looked toward Chu Bai with fierce eyes, weeping with anger, “I withdrew this money for my grandmother’s medical treatment, and you are trying to take it for yourself.”

Of course, Fan Jian was just making up stories about his grandmother’s treatment.

He always used these kinds of excuses when he took leave from school, such as his grandmother being sick, his grandfather being sick, his father being sick, etc. 

All the relatives of Fan Jian were “sick” at one point or another.

The same lies have been told so many times that he had accumulated great experience in doing so.

With the exception of Wang Haoran, who knew the truth, everyone else believed in Fan Jian’s story.

The three members of Xu Muyan’s family looked at Chu Bai with a completely different look than before.

[Ding! The Host has manipulated things from behind the scenes, the supporting character Xu Zheng’s impression of the Protagonist, Chu Bai, has decreased and is now in a state of disgust.]

[Ding, The Host has influenced the direction of the plot, receiving 100 villain points!]

Wang Haoran was prompted with messages from the System.

The villain point reward he received was only from Xu Zheng.

There were no points from Xu Muyan or Lawyer An.

The reason for this was that Xu Muyan’s impression of Chu Bai before this was already at disgust, and Wang Haoran had already received the award once.

‘It seems the reward cannot be issued more than once.’

On the other hand, Lawyer An was not in the Protagonist’s camp. In fact, she was on Wang Haoran’s side.

Therefore, even if Lawyer An was disgusted by Chu Bai, he will not be rewarded with villain points.

“I admit I picked up the money but it’s not like I didn’t intend to return it. I just wanted to give you a little scare since you were so arrogant earlier.” Chu Bai tried to justify himself.

However, this kind of shallow justification wouldn’t change the Xu Family’s perspective of him.

Wang Haoran was pleased to see such a situation.

As a result, Chu Bai would be seen with eyes of disgust unless he gets an opportunity to make a good impression on the members of Xu Muyan’s family. 


Suddenly, Xu Zheng stumbled and covered one side of his abdomen with a pained expression.

Xu Muyan and her mother were startled and rushed to find out what was wrong.

But Xu Zheng’s expression soon returned to normal.

“I just felt a sharp pain in my left abdomen, but I’m fine now.”

“Are you really okay? Should we go to the hospital for a check-up?” Xu Muyan was worried.

“Your father is perfectly healthy, I don’t need to go to the hospital for something like this.” Xu Zheng declined right away.

“Honey, why don’t we go and get a check-up?” Lawyer An followed suit.

“No need, I already said I’m fine. No need to worry.” Xu Zheng had already made up his mind.

He had always been in good health. He didn’t even catch a cold once a year, so he had almost no involvement with hospitals.

Wang Haoran, standing at the side, was puzzled when he saw Xu Zheng’s firm attitude.

‘Xu Muyan’s Family doesn’t have a good impression of Chu Bai right now… Xu Zheng suddenly having pain in his abdomen is not an opportunity for Chu Bai to regain their favourable impressions, is it?’

Wang Haoran has encountered similar situations several times before.

But, given that Chu Bai’s ability is X-ray vision and not something like a divine doctor, can he still treat Xu Zheng?’

‘That’s right, X-ray vision!’

Wang Haoran suddenly snapped out of his thoughts and immediately concentrated on his X-ray vision, looking at the spot where Xu Zheng’s hand was covering his abdomen just now.

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