I Became the Rich Second-Generation Villain – Chapter 48


Chapter 48: Who do you like better?

The group got into the car and drove to Tianhui Clinic.

About 20 minutes later, they arrived at the entrance.

Although it was called a clinic, a luxurious building was visible from the entrance.

The building was several times the size of any major hospital.

As soon as they entered the clinic, a nurse greeted them warmly.

The doctor arrived shortly after the nurse welcomed them. 

There was no need to wait at all.

Wang Haoran had already informed the clinic of the general situation on the way here.

After learning about Xu Zheng’s condition, various internationally renowned doctors swiftly examined him.

Whereas Xu Muyan, Lawyer An, and Wang Haoran were waiting in a separate VIP room.

The room had soft and luxurious sofas, a TV, a computer, and some entertainment equipment to pass the time.

The receptionist asked the three of them whether they wanted any tea or beverages in a soft voice.

The treatment was courteous.

But Xu Muyan and Lawyer An did not have the heart to experience it.

After the two of them anxiously waited for more than 10 minutes, the doctor, who was in charge of Xu Zheng, came with a CT scan report in his hand. 

The report showed a small needle-shaped metal object in Xu Zheng’s abdomen.

This was the culprit of Xu Zheng’s pain.

Xu Muyan and Lawyer An almost had a heart attack looking at it.

The doctor said, “The metal object has started to shift and could’ve caused fatal damage to the body’s organs. Fortunately, you arrived on time. If you were even a day late, no one knows what could’ve happened. Several doctors have recommended immediate surgery, but we need to consult with the family members first.”

“Please perform the surgery, doctor. The sooner the better.” Xu Muyan was so worried about her father that she blurted it out without thinking.

Lawyer An also wanted to say the same, but she was a little more thoughtful, “Doctor, I’d like to know the cost of the surgery.”

Xu Muyan was momentarily stunned by her mother’s words.

She was still in school and was unaware about these types of expenses.

When she heard her mother ask this question, she couldn’t help but feel nervous.

She had already realised that treatment at this clinic was very expensive, but she couldn’t grasp how expensive.

Without waiting for the doctor to respond, Wang Haoran quickly replied, “The Annual Card is valid for all medical fees and examination fees at the hospital, so Uncle Xu doesn’t have to pay.”

The Annual Card costs several million per year. While it is said to be “free”, people will have to pay in advance.

If one doesn’t get sick throughout the year, the clinic will make a lot of money since there will only be regular health checkups with no treatments or surgeries.

Of course, the wealthy people who have an Annual Card didn’t care. After all, their health is more important than money.

In case of any serious illness or crisis, the Annual Card will be extremely useful.

With just one phone call, a doctor will come to the clinic immediately. There was no need to wait for the doctor once they arrived at the clinic.

In case of emergency, there were also two helicopters stationed on the clinic’s rooftop.

The Annual Card was like an insurance policy for the rich.

“Is that so? But I  still need to know how much it is, so I can repay you later.” Lawyer An said.

“Auntie An, the annual card is valid for five people, but my family only has three members, so it’s fine to get a check-up for two other people. Before this, it was being wasted anyway. So it’s fine for uncle Xu to use it.” 

“In conclusion, you don’t really need to pay me any money!” Wang Haoran replied with a smile.

“If that’s the case, then thank you, Haoran.” After hearing this, Lawyer An did not continue to protest and readily agreed.

Nonetheless, she was still moved by Wang Haoran’s kindness.

“Thank you.” Xu Muyan said with sincerity as she looked into Wang Haoran’s eyes.

“There’s no need. Do you still need to thank me, after the relationship we had for so long?” Wang Haoran smiled at Xu Muyan.

With a pair of peach blossom eyes and a handsome face, only a few girls would remain unmoved by his bright smile.

Xu Muyan was moved by Wang Haoran’s words. After looking into his eyes for a moment, she hastily turned away while blushing.

[Ding! The favorability of one of the heroines, Xu Muyan, increased by 10. Xu Muyan’s total favorability of the host is 70 (Unswerving Affection)]

[Ding! The Host has influenced the direction of the plot, receiving 800 villain points, Chu Bai’s Protagonist’s Halo -30, the Host’s Villain’s Halo +30!]

Wang Haoran’s heart was ecstatic when he heard the system’s prompt.

‘800 villain points and 30 villain’s halo, the rewards are quite generous this time.’

‘The most important thing is that Xu Muyan’s favorability has increased.’

‘Unswerving Affection…’

‘Even if I do something wrong now and then, Xu Muyan will not change her attitude towards me.’

On the other side…

Lawyer An couldn’t help but freeze when she watched her daughter’s reaction.

‘That look in my daughter’s eyes… there’s obviously something wrong here.’

‘And Haoran’s words ‘Do you still need to say thank you, after the relationship we had for so long…’ that only reinforces the suspiciousness of this whole affair.’

‘But the main part is that my daughter didn’t even try to deny him.’

‘No wonder…’

Lawyer An was suspicious at first, but she was soon relieved.

‘My daughter is not a child anymore.’

‘Younger people should deal with younger peoples’ affairs.’

‘And Haoran is also an excellent child…’

‘It is a blessing for Yan Yan to be with such an excellent boy.’

‘After all, if we went solely from the families’ backgrounds, our daughter will only climb higher.’

‘Both families…’

“I’ll go to your father’s side.” Lawyer An didn’t bother being the third wheel and left with the doctor.

Now, only Wang Haoran and Xu Muyan were left in the hall.

“What did you just say? You made my mother misunderstand.” Xu Muyan said with a charming smile.

“But I didn’t say anything wrong. I just said there’s no need for you to say thanks for this little effort because we’ve been classmates for so long.” Wang Haoran pretended that he didn’t know anything and put on an innocent expression.

Xu Muyan looked a little disappointed after hearing that.

‘So he treats me like a classmate…’

Xu Muyan didn’t want Wang Haoran to find out what she was thinking, so she suppressed her emotions and smiled, saying, “Hey, didn’t you say you liked the school flowers from the other classes at our school? Who do you like, Qin Yunhan or Mu Zhaozhao?”

She said it half-jokingly, but she had been meaning to ask this question for quite some time.

It was just that she didn’t find the right opportunity.

Qin Yunhan and Mu Zhaozhao were the names of the two other school flowers of the school.

Although Xu Muyan was unfamiliar with them, she recognised them and had seen them numerous times.

It was just that she didn’t have any chances to interact with them.

“Qin Yunhan has an excellent face, the same goes for her temperament. She’s also quite tall, but…she’s slightly flat in the front,” Wang Haoran said as he remembered the appearance of these school flowers.

“Mu Zhaozhao has a cute babyface, and she has an incredibly explosive figure. Her curves are practically exaggerated, but she is shorter than Qin Yunhan.”

He pondered for a moment, showing a difficult look and said, “These two people have their own merits, it’s a really difficult choice to make.”

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