I Became the Rich Second-Generation Villain – Chapter 49


Chapter 49: Qin Yunhan.

Xu Muyan’s heart became a little sour when she heard his words.

It’s not that she’s a narcissist.

But she was also outstanding in terms of beauty, figure and temperament compared to her peers.

Although she was not as tall as Qin Yunhan, she had a height of 165cm, which was tall enough for a girl.

Her figure, while not as exaggerated as Mu Zhaozhao’s, was still quite impressive.

Who knows how many people’s eyes would explode out of their sockets if she didn’t always wear loose school uniforms and wore clothes that actually showcased her figure.

‘This idiot only cares about the school beauties from other classes, rather than the one standing right in front of him.’  

‘Why won’t he look at me? I am beautiful too!

[Ding! The host made Xu Muyan, one of the heroines, feel jealous. Obtained 100 villain points!]

‘Teasing the heroine adds villain points… but making her jealous does the same too?’

Wang Haoran was surprised by the system prompt. 

‘What a pleasant surprise.’

However, Xu Muyan hid her emotions and remained expressionless.

Unfortunately, she didn’t realize that Wang Haoran had seen through her a long time ago.

“If you had to pick one, who would you pick?” Xu Muyan asked curiously.

‘Is it really necessary to ask this? Am I a child who can only choose one candy from the bag?’

‘Obviously, I’ll pick both.’

“Qin Yunhan.” Despite his thoughts, Wang Haoran would definitely not tell her that.

“Mu Zhaozhao is also very beautiful and cute, so why did you choose Qin Yunhan over her?” Xu Muyan continued pestering him softly.

She wanted to know more about Wang Haoran’s aesthetics, his tastes, likings, and his thoughts on his ideal girl. . . for future reference, of course.

“Qin Yunhan is a name I’m more familiar with than Mu Zhaozhao. I selected her because I also know her father.” Wang Haoran responded casually.

Xu Muyan nodded and was about to ask Wang Haoran some more questions when footsteps and bits of a conversation could be heard outside the door.

“Dad. That tile only fell near my feet and didn’t hit me. Really, it’s fine, is there any need to come to the hospital?” A young girl spoke with impatience and frustration in her tone.

“Although everything is fine, aren’t you scared? It’s necessary to do some psychological counselling, and it won’t take long either. Listen to your dad. We’ll stay here just for a while. The psychiatrist will be here shortly.”

The voice was heavy and somewhat smoky. It sounded like a middle-aged man using a very gentle tone.

They both stepped into the hall while talking.

“Sorry, I didn’t realize there were. . . wait, Haoran?” The middle-aged man apologized at first, but he couldn’t help but be shocked when he saw the people in the hall.

“Hello, Uncle Qin.” 

Wang Haoran greeted him with a smile, and then said, “This place is pretty large. If Uncle Qin doesn’t mind, you guys can sit here for a while.”

“Then, Excuse me.” Qin Kai didn’t object either. After a polite exchange of greetings, he asked, “Why are you in the hospital at this hour? Is it your father or…?”

“It’s not my parents, but the father of one of my classmates who is having surgery here.” Wang Haoran explained.

While speaking, Wang Haoran glanced at Qin Yunhan and showed a polite smile.

Qin Yunhan also greeted him with a smile.

Qin Kai was also a well-known, rich man in Qingling City.

As a result, Qin Yunhan and Wang Haoran had known each other for quite some time.

That being said, in Wang Haoran’s memory, the two of them had very little dealings with each other and had almost no contact at school.

After all, the “Wang Haoran” in the original plot only loved Xu Muyan. Even if Qin Yunhan was more beautiful, “Wang Haoran” would not think anything of her.

Of course, even the “current” Wang Haoran doesn’t have any thoughts about capturing Qin Yunhan either.

This tall lass had a good family background and was also breathtakingly beautiful.

Wang Haoran was well aware that pursuing her was not an easy task.

He was merely teasing Xu Muyan with what he said.

He is not interested in hooking up with other women except for heroines and women such as Wen Jing, who can help him deal with the protagonist.

‘Since Qin Yunhan has no connection with Chu Bai, she should not be a heroine.’

Wang Haoran harboured no covetous intentions towards Qin Yunhan.

He simply wasn’t interested.

The smile they exchanged was only out of perfunctory politeness.

After greeting them, Qin Kai and Qin Yunhan quieted down.

Qin Yunhan was playing with her mobile phone on her own.

Qin Kai frowned, thinking about who knows what.

On the other side…

Seeing that someone was here, Xu Muyan was embarrassed to ask Wang Haoran personal questions, and thus she also remained silent.

However, she did occasionally glance at Qin Yunhan in a curious manner.

Even from the perspective of a woman, Qin Yunhan’s beauty truly moved her. Her height seemed to be around 175cm, which was sufficient for her to become a model. The rumoured cutting-board flatness seemed a bit exaggerated, as she was actually quite adequate, if not particularly outstanding among girls.

Overall, Qin Yunhan was a true beauty, worthy of being a school flower.

Xu Muyan subconsciously compared herself with the other party. Aside from being taller, Qin Yunhan was no worse than she was in other aspects.

Whether in terms of beauty or temperament.

However, in terms of family background, Xu Muyan found herself completely defeated.

‘Wang Haoran is a good match for Qin Yunhan’s family.’

‘No wonder he chose Qin Yunhan, they really do match well. . .’

[Ding! The Host caused one of the heroines, Xu Muyan, to feel jealous, receiving 200 villain points!

Qin Kai and Qin Yunhan waited for five minutes before a nurse came to inform them of the psychiatrist’s arrival and invited them into the consultation room.

Qin Kai said his goodbyes to Wang Haoran before leaving with Qin Yunhan.

As the two of them went out, Qin Kai spoke, “Yunhan, don’t be childish in the future and stay with the bodyguard. Don’t sneak away by yourself. You were lucky that the tile only fell near your feet. If it fell directly onto you, the consequences would be unimaginable.”

“What kind of bodyguard can’t even look after a girl? So useless. Fire them as soon as possible.” Qin Yunhan expressed her contempt.

“I’ve already fired him.”

“Really? That’s great!” Qin Yunhan was in a good mood and quickly added, “Dad, I’m already 18 years old, and yet you still allow old and muscular macho guys in black suits to follow me around after school. It’s annoying. You should’ve never done it in the first place!”

“Isn’t this already the tenth bodyguard you’ve driven away?” Qin Kai sighed.

He offended some people in the business world and was afraid that they would retaliate against his daughter, so he hired bodyguards to protect her.

However, Qin Kai was concerned that saying all this aloud might affect Qin Yunhan’s mental state and increase her worries.

After all, his daughter was about to graduate from high school.

“Already ten?” 

Qin Yunhan was surprised for a moment, but then replied firmly, “Dad, don’t find me any more bodyguards, I’ll drive them out one by one anyways!”

“No. This matter is non-negotiable, bodyguards are necessary. I’ve already discovered a suitable replacement who will arrive in a few days.” 

Qin Kai stated his position on this matter before saying in a gentle and comforting tone, “Don’t worry. This time it’s not a middle-aged ‘muscle macho man’, but a young man from the mountains in his twenties. His looks are extremely appealing, so you will be pleased. When the time comes, I’ll bring him to you and he’ll accompany you to school.”

[PR/N: I was wondering where the next hero was.]

“God, what are you thinking? Going to the mountains and finding a country bumpkin to protect me? Dad! If he goes to school with me, I will definitely be mocked!” 

Qin Yunhan almost exploded on the spot, “I’ll say it now, if you find me another bodyguard, I’ll be ruthless. I’ll mock him to the point that it’ll cast a shadow over his heart… No…I’ll make him physically disabled!” 

Qin Yunhan spat angrily.

“If you have the ability, then do as you please.”

Qin Kai relaxed.

This time, the bodyguard he found was different, he possessed genuine skills and martial arts.

With him protecting his daughter, she was absolutely safe.

It was simply impossible for his daughter to scare him away with mere tricks.

“Just wait and watch!” Qin Yunhan snorted in vexation.

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