I Became the Rich Second-Generation Villain – Chapter 50


Chapter 50 – The Supreme Poison Scripture

After waiting for an hour or so, Wang Haoran and Xu Muyan were informed that Xu Zheng’s surgery was completed.

The surgery went smoothly and the needle-shaped metal object in Xu Zheng’s body was successfully removed.

A nurse pushed him out of the operation room on a wheeled stretcher and brought him to the nursing ward.

Lawyer An and Xu Muyan were finally relieved of their worries and looked at Xu Zheng from both sides of the bed with smiles of joy on their faces.

At Xu Zheng’s request, he was given very little anesthetic.

Although the surgery had just been completed, Xu Zheng was still very much lucid.

The three of them chatted for a while.

Xu Zheng already knew how he dodged a bullet with the timely medical check-up and how Wang Haoran helped him in waiving the medical cost.

“Thank you so much for this, Haoran. It’s a blessing for our family that Yan Yan has a classmate like you.” Xu Zheng expressed his gratitude.

[Ding! supporting character Xu Zheng’s friendliness towards the Host has increased greatly, Xu Zheng now belongs to the Host’s camp, receiving 200 Villain Points, Chu Bai’s Protagonist Halo -10, Host’s Villain Halo +10!]

“Uncle Xu, you are being too polite, Xu Muyan and I are classmates. You are my elder. If you act politely, then as your junior, I’m afraid I might get a bashing.” Wang Haoran spoke with a respectful attitude.

With his acting skills, his actions were not pretentious in the least, and he seemed to be speaking from the bottom of his heart.

When Xu Zheng and Lawyer An heard this, they secretly nodded their heads.

‘Modest and polite, with excellent moral character, this is what a rich second-generation kid should be like!’

‘Looks like we won’t have to worry about our daughter’s interactions with him in the future.’

Although Xu Zheng was a tough guy and could endure pain very well, he still needed to rest after the surgery.

Looking at the time.

It was past midnight, quite late at night.

Lawyer An stayed behind to look after Xu Zheng, while Xu Muyan had class tomorrow and needed to return home.

After leaving the clinic…

Wang Haoran told his driver to drop Xu Muyan off at her home first.

On the way, Wang Haoran tried to think of an excuse to stay overnight at Xu Muyan’s house.

Given Xu Muyan’s goodwill towards him, she would probably not refuse.

Afterwards, he could be a b*****d in the middle of the night and harvest Xu Muyan.

However, Wang Haoran merely entertained this thought for a few seconds before dismissing it.

Although Xu Muyan was very much in love with him, their relationship was still in the state of being classmates.

It would be impossible for Xu Muyan to accept such a sudden leap.

If he were to be rough, it might even have the opposite effect, lowering Xu Muyan’s current favourable impression of him.

If things go wrong, the benefits may not be worth the losses.

In any case, judging from Xu Muyan’s level of affection for him, Chu Bai was no longer a threat to him.

There was no need to rush.

When Xu Muyan’s favorability rating reaches 90, at that time, he will be able to harvest her without any worries.

He’d thought this much through.

Wang Haoran dropped off Xu Muyan home first and without even stopping at Xu Muyan’s place for a moment, he immediately returned to his house.

After washing up and going back to his bedroom, he did not go to sleep immediately but instead checked his Attributes Panel.

[Host: Wang Haoran

Combat Value: 289

Charm Value: 268

Villain Halo: 369

Villain Points: 2300


  • Master-level calligraphy and painting copying skills
  • Master-level Actual Combat Style: Singing Spring Fist
  • God-level Singing Skills
  • Movie-level acting skills
  • X-ray vision]

‘2300 Villain Points, not bad!’

However, what made Wang Haoran most excited was the increase in the Villain Halo.

His Villain’s Halo was currently at 369, so by calculation, he could tell that Chu Bai’s Protagonist Halo was currently at 87.

The threat Chu Bai posed to him was no longer as significant.

Of course, that doesn’t mean there wasn’t any threat at all.

According to the System, if Wang Haoran does nothing, the original plot will slowly go back to the right track under the effect of Chu Bai’s Protagonist Halo.

Then the Villain’s Halo will decrease, while Chu Bai’s Protagonist’s Halo will increase.

In conclusion, Wang Haoran and Chu Bai are destined to be at odds with each other.

‘With 2300 Villain Points, it’s time to spend a wave.’

Wang Haoran communicated with the System, opened the System Shop screen, and immediately spent 500 Villain Points to draw a reward.

[Unfortunately, The Host did not draw any rewards, would you like to continue to draw rewards, by spending 500 Villain Points?]


[Unfortunately, The Host did not draw any rewards, would you like to continue to draw rewards, by spending 500 Villain Points?]


[Unfortunately, The Host did not draw any rewards, would you like to continue to draw rewards, by spending 500 Villain Points?]


[Ding! Congratulations to The Host for being lucky and drawing the “Supreme Poison Scripture” worth 8,000 Villain Points, do you wish to spend 200 Villain Points to comprehend it?]

‘Something worth 8,000 Villain Points, it’s definitely profitable, but what is the use of this thing?’

Wang Haoran was somewhat curious, so he checked the description of the “Supreme Poison Scripture”.

[“The Supreme Poison Scripture, written by the Poison Emperor with all his life’s work, when understood and mastered, it will be able to kill people invisibly…”]


After only reading the first paragraph of the description, Wang Haoran couldn’t help but secretly exclaim in amazement.

The Supreme Poison Scripture was simply an exclusive skill made just for a supervillain like him.


[Ding! The Host has spent 200 Villain Points to preliminarily comprehend the Supreme Poison Scripture, gaining the skill “Advanced Poison Technique” (Can be upgraded with Villain Points).]

The Supreme Poison Scripture had three levels of comprehension, namely Advanced Poison Technique, Master Poison Technique and Supreme Poison Technique.

To upgrade from Advanced to Master level, it would cost 1,000 Villain Points, and to upgrade from Master level to Supreme level, it would cost 3,000 Villain Points.

Wang Haoran only had 100 Villain Points left.

Upgrading the skill right now was definitely out of the question, and even if he could, he wouldn’t do it for the time being.

Because, after comprehending the Advance Poison Technique, Wang Haoran realized that it was already powerful enough.

It could already poison people with ease without them noticing!

If he wanted to deal with Chu Bai, it would be a breeze.

This was a very simple solution that would allow him to personally eliminate Chu Bai.

Chu Bai only has the X-Ray Vision, so there is no way he would be able to deal with something such as the Advance Poison Technique.

So if Wang Haoran really wanted to kill him by poisoning him, he would be able to do it with ease.

However, he didn’t think such a thing was not necessary.

It would be better to squeeze more Villain Points and Halo Points out of Chu Bai before dealing with him completely.

And the fastest way to do so would be to use the heroines.

When he thought of this, Wang Haoran immediately took out his phone and called Wen Jing.

It was now past midnight, and Wen Jing should be sleeping, but Wang Haoran wasn’t worried about disturbing her.

He knew Wen Jing would be happy even if he called her in the middle of the night and wouldn’t mind being woken up.

After the phone rang for a while, Wen Jing picked up the phone, still in a slight daze.

Wang Haoran first coaxed her, saying something along the lines of “I miss you so much that I can’t even sleep.”

After hearing his voice, Wen Jing instantly became wide awake, excited, thinking of talking with him until dawn.

However, Wang Haoran was not as excited as her.

After coaxing Wen Jing for a while, he got straight to the point and started instructing her to do some things for him the next morning.

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