I Became the Rich Second-Generation Villain – Chapter 51


Chapter 51: If you like him, go ahead and confess.

[The following day]

As soon as Chu Bai arrived at the school, he immediately started asking Xu Muyan about Xu Zheng’s condition, urging her to persuade Xu Zheng to go to the hospital for a check-up.

Although Xu Muyan was very reluctant to talk with Chu Bai, he was like a fly constantly buzzing around her, and he kept annoying her until she couldn’t endure it any longer.

In the end, she held back the disgust in her heart and briefly explained that – with the help of Wang Haoran – Xu Zheng had already undergone an operation to remove the needle-shaped metal object last night.

When Chu Bai heard this, he felt as if his whole body was struck by lightning. He was utterly dumbfounded.

Originally, he was  planning to take advantage of the situation to make a good impression on the Xu Family, but now it seemed like the opportunity had slipped through his hands like sand.

Chu Bai cursed at Wang Haoran in his heart with hatred.

[Morning class]

The sound of flipping pages enveloped the otherwise quiet classroom.

Chu Bai was currently very depressed, trying to reassert control over his mental state.

Looking at the current situation, ruining the relationship between Wang Haoran and Xu Muyan in a short while seemed quite difficult.

It would be better to start concentrating on how to cheat on his exams and get a high score.

By then, he could attend the same university as Xu Muyan.

Furthermore, he could use X-Ray vision to make a lot of money over the holidays.

A water-front pavilion gets the moonlight first[1].

[1. A person can get more benefits if he’s in an advantageous position. Ex; First come, first served.]

This was a saying that Chu Bai firmly believed in. 

With all of these factors combined, he naturally believed that he still had a chance to pursue Xu Muyan.

So what if Xu Muyan and Wang Haoran grew closer before the exam?

Chu Bai is not concerned about that.

The majority of the students in the class already knew that Xu Muyan would not engage in any romantic relationships before the final exams.

As long as Wang Haoran and Xu Muyan had not confirmed their relationship as a couple, then there was still hope.

After Chu Bai had made up his mind, he immediately picked up a sample of writing composition and began studying it thoroughly.

Copying an essay is quite difficult.

Learning about it beforehand will be most beneficial to him.

[In another part of the classroom]

While studying, Xu Muyan occasionally glanced at Wang Haoran’s unoccupied seat.

It seemed Wang Haoran did not come to the morning class.

Xu Muyan was worried about whether Wang Haoran had overslept because he went back home too late yesterday. It had gotten pretty late back then, after all.

She wanted to call him and ask.

Unfortunately, she never brings her phone to school.

‘Maybe I should borrow a classmate’s phone to call him?’

“Yan Yan, why have you been constantly looking towards Wang Haoran’s seat?”

Just when Xu Muyan was struggling internally, Wen Jing, beside her,  suddenly asked.

“He’s absent for morning class, so I assumed that he might have overslept. Can you lend me your phone? I want to call him and ask.” Xu Muyan spoke in a somewhat hasty manner.

In response, Wen Jing took out her phone. However, she did not hand it over to Xu Muyan immediately, but instead whispered with a cunning smile, “Oh? You seem to care about Wang Haoran quite a bit.”


Xu Muyan denied it but her eyes kept dodging her friend’s gaze, not daring to look directly into Wen Jing’s eyes as she quickly explained, “He returned quite late last night because of my dad, so it’s normal to have such concerns.”

“Ah- Is it really so?” Wen Jing’s face was full of mock disbelief.

“Yes, it is. Just give me your phone.” Xu Muyan did not have the guts to continue chatting about the topic with Wen Jing, fearing that her sharp friend might see right through her thoughts.

“Look at how nervous you are. I’ve known you for so long, what about you do I not know? You’re clearly in love with Wang Haoran!” Wen Jing half-yelled in a cheerful tone.

Like a startled bunny, Xu Muyan almost jumped up in fright, panicking, as she looked left and right at her classmates in embarrassment.

It was a relief that no one seemed to have heard Wen Jing.

“You… don’t speak nonsense!”

“Hehe. I’ll take your reaction as implied agreement. But don’t worry, I’m not a talkative friend, I won’t tell anyone.” 

Wen Jing comforted Xu Muyan’s riled up emotions and then whispered in her ear, “Since you like Wang Haoran, why don’t you go and confess to him?”

“There’s no way I can do something so embarrassing.” Xu Muyan shook her head.

“Hey, what’s there to be embarrassed about? Just give it a try, I’ll be cheering you on!” Wen Jing urged joyfully.

“I won’t. Wang Haoran doesn’t have those kinds of thoughts towards me at all. If I get rejected, I might just die out of embarrassment.”

“Scaredy cat, with how beautiful you are, any normal man would like you.” Wen Jing encouraged her.


“Of course, you’re one of the school flowers. You should have some confidence in yourself. I think that, if you confess to Wang Haoran right now, there’s at least a 90% chance of you succeeding.” 

Xu Muyan was a little moved by Wen Jing’s words, but after a brief moment of hesitation, she revealed some of her own thoughts,“It’s better if I don’t. Studying is the most important thing right now. I don’t want to fall in love for the time being. I-If I really want to c-confess, I should wait until after the exam.”

Wen Jing struck the iron while it was hot.

“Sigh, will you still be able to get him after the exam? Perhaps Wang Haoran will pursue other beautiful girls. Didn’t you hear him say the other day that he was interested in those two school flowers from the other class? If you don’t confess right now, you might regret it later!”

“. . .” Xu Muyan’s heart started beating rapidly, but she still remained undecided for the time being.

Ding Dong!

The school bell rang.

It was time to go to the cafeteria for breakfast.

Xu Muyan remained on her seat, struggling to make a decision.

After an unknown length of time, Xu Muyan noticed Wang Haoran stepping in through the door, and she temporarily managed to free herself from those tangled feelings.

“Did you oversleep and miss the morning class?” Xu Muyan showed a sweet smile.

“Yes.” Wang Haoran nodded.

He went to sleep very late yesterday, so he slept a little longer in the morning.

“Then, have you eaten breakfast yet?” Xu Muyan asked again.

“No, I have not.”

“Ah, so you didn’t eat either. Do you want me to get something for you?” Xu Muyan spoke enthusiastically.

Wang Haoran was stunned for a moment, before glancing at Xu Muyan a few more times.

Xu Muyan suddenly felt she was being a little suspicious, and quickly explained, “I- I also haven’t eaten yet, so I asked if you need me to bring something for you.”

“It’s fine. I have no appetite.” Wang Haoran shook his head.

“E-eh then, uh, actually. . .” The words held back in Xu Muyan’s heart wanted to scream, but her tongue didn’t know what to do with the words.

“What do you want to say?” Wang Haoran asked.

She swallowed back the words in her throat.


“It’s nothing, it’s nothing.” Xu Muyan shook her head and smiled shyly.

Wang Haoran was intrigued by Xu Muyan’s abnormal behaviour, and could vaguely guess that it was due to Wen Jing’s instigation.

However, it was obviously not enough for Xu Muyan to fully make up her mind.

If that’s the case, using an effective ‘catalyst’ would be better.

Wang Haoran did not return to his seat after break, but instead went outside to the stairs next to a classroom door.

He stood on the corridor balcony, pretending to look at the scenery below. But in reality, he was waiting for a person, or more specifically, the so-called ‘catalyst’.

After about five minutes…

Someone arrived.

A tall, beautiful girl.

It was none other than Qin Yunhan.

When Wang Haoran was going upstairs just now, he saw Qin Yunhan going downstairs.

Qin Yunhan and Wang Haoran’s classrooms are not far apart. If Qin Yunhan wanted to return to her classroom, she would have to take the stairs.

As expected, Qin Yunhan stumbled into Wang Haoran, and greeted him with a small gesture, which could be considered their standard greeting.

Afterwards, she prepared to return to her classroom.

But then. . .

“Qin Yunhan.” Wang Haoran suddenly called out.

Furthermore, he purposefully spoke loudly.

As a result, Xu Muyan, who was standing near the classroom door, heard it loud and clear.

And she couldn’t help but cast a sideways glance in Wang Haoran’s direction.

Wang Haoran pretended not to notice and focused on Qin Yunhan.

“Ah? Do you have something to say?” Qin Yunhan turned around.

It couldn’t be said that she had a big impression of Wang Haoran because the two sides didn’t talk much. Having said that, they had known one another for a long time and could be considered half-acquaintances.

“It’s nothing serious, I just saw you went to see a psychiatrist yesterday and wanted to ask if everything is alright.” Wang Haoran casually found a topic to converse about.

To be honest, he wasn’t interested in speaking with this tall girl. What he did care about was that Xu Muyan saw him and Qin Yunhan conversing, as well as the developments that would occur from their conversation.

After all, a ‘catalyst’ was required to achieve the desired result: Xu Muyan’s confession.

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