I Became the Rich Second-Generation Villain – Chapter 52


Chapter 52: The New Protagonist.

Qin Yunhan was really upset by this incident “I was just a little shocked, and the psychiatrist told me that there was no problem. I was so annoyed since I couldn’t go home till late at night, and I wasn’t able to sleep very well… I blame my father for making such a fuss out of it!”  

Her tone and attitude was as if she was a princess. 

However, this was only natural. 

Qin Yunhan comes from a very wealthy background and is a proper young lady. 

Her father, Qin Kai, also doted on her a lot, resulting in Qi Yunhan’s current personality. 

Wang Haoran was really not interested in dealing with a girl affected with princess-syndrome. 

But in order to catch a fish like Xu Muyan, he had no choice but to carry on with the conversation. 

“Uncle Qin cares about you. He was just trying to make sure that you are okay, so you shouldn’t blame him too much.” 

“He doesn’t care about me at all; all he cares about is tormenting me. You don’t know how excessive my dad is; he’s always looking for bodyguards for me!” Qin Yunhan looked very angry. 

“Why does he insist on finding a bodyguard for you?” Wang Haoran asked curiously. 

“I don’t know, but he found ten bodyguards for me in the past. I got rid of all of them, but he still hasn’t given up. This time, he even found a 20-year-old bumpkin from the mountains, saying that he would put him in my class to protect me and accompany me to school.” Qin Yunhan vented her frustration. 

The more Wang Haoran listened, the more he frowned, and he couldn’t help but ask, “Did Uncle Qin say that the bodyguard he found this time was particularly outstanding?” 

“Yes, but how do you know that? Did you hear us talking?” Qin Yunhan looked at Wang Haoran in bewilderment. 

However, he didn’t answer immediately. 

Because, at this moment, he was feeling a little distraught. 

‘A bumpkin bodyguard from the mountains, around twenty years old, a girl with princess-syndrome…’ 

‘What the hell! It sounds just like “School Beauty’s Peerless Bodyguard”.’ 

Wang Haoran still had 100 villain points left so he quickly checked Qin Yunhan’s character attribute panel. 

[Heroine: Qin Yunhan 

Combat Value: 19 

Charm Value: 199 

Heroine’s Halo: 532 

Skills: None 

[Favorability rating towards the Host: 10 (Normal Acquaintance)

‘Sure enough…’ 

‘I really was right.’ 

‘I should have thought of this before. Qin Yunhan is beautiful enough to be a school flower, comes from a wealthy family background, how could she be just a background character?’ 

‘Only a Heroine fits her trope.’ 

With Wang Haoran’s experience of reading many urban web novels, he was certain that… 

‘The man from the mountain is definitely a Protagonist with the Peerless Bodyguard trope, with skills that weak Protagonists like Chu Bai can’t be compared to.’ 

‘Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to work as a bodyguard.’ 

‘But I am the villain in the Protagonist Chu Bai’s plot, so I shouldn’t have anything to do with this “Peerless Bodyguard” Protagonist, right?’ 

Wang Haoran was a bit uncertain, however, since Qin Yunhan was right in front of him, it was not convenient for him to communicate with the System at that moment. 

“Why aren’t you saying anything? You still haven’t answered my question.” When Qin Yunhan saw Wang Haoran in a daze, she spoke again. 

“I didn’t hear you guys talking. I just thought Uncle Qin must have found someone good to protect you, so I asked out of curiosity.” 

“I don’t know if he is any good, but he’s definitely a bumpkin. If that kind of person is around me all day, I’ll definitely be mocked by my classmates all day.” Qin Yunhan’s face was full of worry. 

“If you don’t want him around, then why not stop him from coming?” Wang Haoran immediately called out the matter. 

Whether or not the “Peerless Bodyguard” Protagonist had to do anything with him was out of the question. As the villain, they would definitely come into conflict, so it was better to drive him away in advance. 

“My dad made a deal with someone, and he’s coming over in a few days. He’s also arranged for him to be directly enrolled in my class.” Qin Yunhan felt helpless. 

“A direct enrollment? Then you should probably do something to avoid his enrollment.” Wang Haoran suggested. 

“It’s not my choice to make. My dad knows the school board, so he can easily arrange for someone to be enrolled.” 

“Actually, I can do something about that.” 

“Really? Then, can you help me?!” Qin Yunhan was so excited that she couldn’t help but grab Wang Haoran’s hand and shake it. 

“If Uncle Qin finds out, he will probably blame me, so I’d better not.” Wang Haoran deliberately whetted his appetite. 

“If I don’t say it, who could possibly know about it? Please help me!” Qin Yunhan begged softly. 

“Fine, but I need some more information, and you must do as I say…”  As Wang Haoran spoke, his voice gradually became quieter and quieter. 

Qin Yunhan couldn’t hear him very well, so she couldn’t help but bring her ear closer to him. 

In the distance, Xu Muyan’s heart was filled with mixed feelings as she witnessed the scene. 

[Ding! The Host has made one of the heroines, Xu Muyan, jealous, gaining 100 villain points!] 

After Wang Haoran finished speaking, he turned his back to the right side. 

Qin Yunhan was so excited that she immediately exchanged phone numbers with Wang Haoran and went back to the class with joy. 

Wang Haoran watched Qin Yunhan fade out of his sight before he withdrew his gaze and returned to his seat in the classroom. 

Throughout the whole process, Wang Haoran deliberately did not look at Xu Muyan even once. 

However, he could guess that Xu Muyan was definitely feeling a lot of distress in her heart right now. 

Now, all Wang Haoran had to do was wait. 

However, while he was waiting, Wang Haoran communicated with the System. 

“If I take care of Chu Bai, will there be anything that can threaten me anymore?” 

[To answer the Host, even if Chu Bai loses his Protagonist status, you are still the villain and will still be in conflict with the other Protagonists.] 

“Then can I hide and live in seclusion?” 

[To answer the Host, the Villain’s Halo will naturally attract the Protagonists’ hatred, it’s useless even if the Host hides at the end of the world.] 

“Is there a way for me to avoid conflict with the Protagonists?” 

[The Host can avoid conflict with the Protagonists by killing himself.] 

‘What the hell?! I thought this System was smart, but it turned out to be a moron!’ 

Wang Haoran groaned a bit and asked again, “Then how many Protagonists are there in this world?” 

[To answer the Host, the System does not have the corresponding data, please discover it on your own.] 


‘The world is so big, who knows how many Protagonists there are!’ 

‘Do I have to kill every Protagonist in this world in order to live a peaceful life?’ 

Wang Haoran couldn’t help but feel his head spin. 

Only after a while did his mind calm down. 

In any case, there was nothing he could do to change the situation, he could only continue living as a villain. 

Once he meets the Protagonist, his tragedy will begin! 

[Afternoon break] 

Wang Haoran was sitting in his seat, reading a book. 

Suddenly, his phone buzzed. 

It was a message from Wen Jing’s phone number, [“I (Xu Muyan) am waiting for you in the flower garden, I have something to tell you.”] 

Wang Haoran was not surprised to see this message. 

Wang Haoran had already noticed that Xu Muyan was distracted all morning. 

It seems she’s finally about to break and confess her feelings to him. 

Wang Haoran was not in a hurry, so he continued to read his book for a while before leaving the classroom to catch the fish named “Xu Muyan”. 

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