I Became the Rich Second-Generation Villain – Chapter 53


Chapter 53: Only I can make you happy!

On the other side…

Xu Muyan anxiously awaited Wang Haoran’s arrival.

“Jing Jing, maybe Wang Haoran didn’t see the text?”

“He should have, just wait a bit longer.” Wen Jing soothed her.

“What if he sees it and decides not to come?” Xu Muyan was still nervous.

“If he doesn’t then, then I’ll call him for you, alright?”

“Jing Jing, you’re so nice.” Xu Muyan was a little moved.

“It’s good that you know.” Wen Jing couldn’t help but feel a little sour in her heart.

‘Sigh… my “niceness” towards you is absolutely second to none in this world. . . helping my boyfriend chase you and giving you such assists. Is there another person who would treat you like this?’

Soon, Xu Muyan and Wang Haoran would become an official couple, and she would remain in the dark, unable to have her relationship come out in the open.

Alas, sourness was just sourness. Wen Jing did not wish to lose Wang Haoran over petty reasons. It was obviously not possible to mess with this matter, so she had to try her best and follow Wang Haoran’s instructions to the letter.

Just after the two of them finished chatting, Wang Haoran finally came over.

“I’ll take my leave now, you two have a good talk.” Seeing her mission complete, Wen Jing quickly walked away.

“To call me here so suddenly, is there anything wrong?” Wang Haoran acted dumb and asked.

“I-I. . . T-thanks to your help last night, my father was able to undergo the operation without any issues, and I wanted to thank you.” Xu Muyan felt her heart almost jump to her throat.

“It’s just a small matter. You already thanked me yesterday; there’s no need to be so polite.”

“I-I…” Xu Muyan tried her best to gather some courage, but after stuttering for a long time, she still did not manage to express her true feelings.

Fortunately, Wang Haoran saw through her nervousness and slowed down his pace, quietly waiting for her to speak. 

‘Rushing her now would only lead to further problems.’

She began her sentence in a low mutter, before almost half-screaming the latter portion in a burst of bravery and emotion.

“Argh! If I have to die then so be it! Wang Haoran, I asked you to come here, because I wanted to tell you that I- that I. . . I actually like you!” 

After Xu Muyan finished speaking, her entire face grew red hot.

[Ding! one of the Heroines, Xu Muyan, confessed her love to the Host. The original plot changes drastically, receiving 1,000 villain points! Chu Bai’s Protagonist’s Halo -50, the Host’s Villain’s Halo +50!]

The reward immediately hit a new all-time high.

However, Wang Haoran’s attention was currently not on the reward.

He stared at the sight in front of his eyes. At Xu Muyan’s beautiful pair of watery eyes.

Such a romantic and heartfelt confession by the school flower, he was afraid that not many boys could resist a scene like this.

Even Wang Haoran himself was no exception.

He found himself a bit moved by Xu Muyan.

And certainly, there were many moments where Wang Haoran had the urge to dump Wen Jing and wholeheartedly treat Xu Muyan as his real girlfriend.

To become a good man who is attentive and loyal.

However, Wang Haoran tried his best to restrain these thoughts.

He was a super villain.

How can the big bad villain be tempted by a mere woman; how can he give his heart to a woman?

Furthermore, those villains in these types of novels, which one of them has had a good ending once they actually became attached to a woman?

She was just a tool for him to deal with the protagonist.

‘I cannot like her. I absolutely cannot like her. She’s just a tool. . . a tool. . . a tool. . .’

Wang Haoran hypnotized himself for a while, before strengthening his resolve and responding to Xu Muyan in a relaxed tone,“Oh? That’s not much. I like you too, and also all the other beautiful girls in the class as well, such as Wen Jing, Qin Yunhan and Mu Zhaozhao from the other classes.”

“I’m not joking with you; be serious!” Xu Muyan was embarrassed.

‘I’m not joking though? I’m actually quite serious. As long as it’s a beauty, I will usually like them.’

Wang Haoran really wanted to answer like this, but he held back in the end.

“I’ll be more serious then, in fact, I. . .”

“Xu Muyan, don’t believe him!”

Before Wang Haoran could finish speaking, Chu Bai rushed out from nowhere and started shouting, interrupting Wang Haoran’s words.

“Chu Bai?! What are you doing here, and what I said to Wang Haoran just now, you. . . you- were you eavesdropping on us?” Xu Muyan’s emotions were now tangled up into a ball of anger and nervousness. 

Naturally, she was angry because Chu Bai had come to make trouble and disturbed them. She was also nervous because she was afraid that Chu Bai would publicize her confession.

“Xu Muyan, Wang Haoran is not a good person. He is just a scumbag! How can you like him?!” Chu Bai was very emotional, his eyes looking as if they would burst into flames.

The classroom was too boring, so he took this chance to head to the flower garden to study the composition template. However, in the process of going there, he accidentally saw Xu Muyan and Wang Haoran meeting through his X-Ray Vision and became curious.

He began observing them from a distance.

And although he could not hear them talking, Chu Bai had specially learned how to read lip language after obtaining X-Ray Vision and roughly understood the contents of their conversation.

When Chu Bai saw something was wrong, of course, he instantly rushed over from his hiding place.

“Chu Bai, don’t slander people indiscriminately! If Wang Haoran is a bad person, then can you, being both a thief and a cheater, possibly be a good person?” Xu Muyan scolded him angrily.

“Of course, I am a good person. I’m a thousand times better than Wang Haoran is. Only I can make you happy!” Chu Bai yelled back bitterly.

Even though Xu Muyan had a good-natured personality, at this moment she was so angry that she seemed to be out of breath.

‘Isn’t this Chu Bai being too full of himself?’

“I will only be happy with you?”

“I don’t like you, and I even hate you. How will I be happy with a b*****d like you?”

“Ridiculous! Absurd!”

Seeing her almost blow up, Wang Haoran could not help but whisper to Xu Muyan,“Actually, Chu Bai is right. I’m a very bad person, will you still like me even then?”

The sudden appearance of Chu Bai surprised Wang Haoran.

But since it happened anyways, Wang Haoran simply chose to follow the trend.

If Chu Bai was asking for a beating so earnestly, why would he turn him down?

Just mercilessly beat him up.

“. . .even if you’re not a good person, I’ll still like you.” Xu Muyan was silent for a few seconds, and then quickly answered while blushing.

She had reached the level of ‘unswerving love’ for Wang Haoran. In layman’s terms, she was a woman blinded by love that only wanted to be with Wang Haoran. Her head was empty, and her thoughts were blank. So why would she care whether he was a bad guy or not?

[Ding! The Host successfully struck a blow against the Protagonist, Chu Bai, causing his mentality to become unhinged, receiving 200 villain points!]

“Xu Muyan, you’re crazy!” Chu Bai was trembling with fury.

“My business is none of yours. Please leave and don’t disturb my conversations ever again.”

“You. . .” 

Seeing Xu Muyan’s decisive look, Chu Bai knew that he could no longer get through to her, so he turned his attention to Wang Haoran instead “I also like Xu Muyan. If you are a man, we will have a contest between men. We will fight one-on-one, and the loser will stop pursuing her!”

“You still have the face to play this trick with me?” Wang Haoran was amused.

‘It has been less than a week since Chu Bai lost and backed out of a bet last time, no?’

‘What bullshit “surrender and lose half”. It was just his shamelessness at play!’

“This time is different from last time. It’s a contest between men!” Chu Bai spoke sternly.

“Fascinating. Unfortunately, Xu Muyan is not in a dilemma. She likes me, and she doesn’t like you, so why should I compete with you?” Wang Haoran asked in an amused fashion.

“Don’t talk nonsense, if you’re a man, you will compete with me!” Chu Bai looked as imposing as can be while he desperately attempted to skirt past the boundaries of logic and reason.

“Tch- I need to emphasize to you that Xu Muyan is not a commodity or a bargaining chip. She is a human being, a living and breathing person, and cannot be used to wage a bet. Moreover, let us take a step back and say that we really compete, should we not ask for Muyan’s opinion? Am I right or wrong?” Wang Haoran rapidly questioned Chu Bai.

A crazy feat of linguistic talent. It was like a machine gun, firing away at a pace Chu Bai couldn’t hope to compete with. It made him speechless. Furthermore, these were all reasonable words as well. Assuming that he did refute them… he’ll only look even worse compared to Wang Haoran.

[TL/N: MC destroyed him with facts and logic] 

Xu Muyan was touched, and she looked at Wang Haoran with tender eyes.

[Ding! The Host has successfully captivated the heart of one of the Heroines, Xu Muyan, receiving 100 villain points!]

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