I Became the Rich Second-Generation Villain – Chapter 54


Chapter 54: No Acceptance, No Rejection!

Looking at the situation, Chu Bai realized that he couldn’t provoke Wang Haoran into fighting with him, and he was about to leave with reluctance.

“Wait a minute!” Wang Haoran suddenly shouted.

Chu Bai was surprised and stopped in his tracks.

“Although you can’t use Xu Muyan as a bargaining chip, you are right about one thing: you should not be afraid as a man. You want a fight, right? Then let’s fight, man to man.”

“You have guts!” Chu Bai couldn’t help but be delighted.

He had been suppressed by Wang Haoran in many aspects, but he was certain that in a one-on-one fight he could rub Wang Haoran, a privileged kid born with a silver spoon, into the ground.

“Wang Haoran, have you forgotten what Chu Bai did to Fan Jian and the others last time? You can’t win against him!” Xu Muyan tried to persuade Wang Haoran.

“Don’t worry. I will hold back my punches, I won’t beat him to the point of bruising his face!” Chu Bai was delighted.

“Come on.” Wang Haoran took a step and extended one arm in front of the other, curving one hand slightly, assuming a fighting stance.

“You… Is this Wing Chun?” Chu Bai was stunned.

“Wing Chun, Wang Haoran, please enlighten me.”

“Haha, you’ve watched too much of IP Man, haven’t you?” Chu Bai scoffed a little and followed suit.

“Chu Family Boxing, Chu Bai, please enlighten me!”

Chu Bai spoke in a pretentious manner.

As the words left his mouth, He launched himself at Wang Haoran with his wild fists and kicks, which he had learned by fighting with youths on the streets.

However, before he could even reach Wang Haoran’s clothes, he was knocked down with a single move.

Without giving Chu Bai a chance to stand back up, a barrage of fists rained down on Chu Bai’s face and chest.

Although Chu Bai tried to shield his face with his arms, he was completely unable to resist, reduced to a mere sandbag.

After receiving numerous blows and knowing that he couldn’t defeat Wang Haoran, Chu Bai was unable to endure it anymore and kept shouting, “I admit defeat, I admit defeat”.

Wang Haoran merely ignored it and kept on beating Chu Bai for more than 10 seconds before finally stopping.

He exhaled faintly and felt an inexplicable joy in his heart.


[Ding! The Host has successfully defeated the Protagonist, Chu Bai, receiving 800 villain points, Chu Bai’s Protagonist’s Halo -37, the Host’s Villain’s Halo 37!]

[Ding! Chu Bai’s Protagonist’s Halo has reached 0, resulting in the loss of the Protagonist status.]

Wang Haoran was somewhat pleased after receiving the prompt from the System.

At last, a Protagonist had been hammered out.

However, Chu Bai’s X-Ray vision was still there.

He had repeatedly suppressed Chu Bai and also had Xu Muyan taken from him. Right now, Chu Bai must resent him to death.

If Chu Bai managed to make a lot of money using his X-Ray vision, and was determined to get revenge, he might still cause trouble for him in the future.

Therefore, Wang Haoran needed to eliminate this potential danger in advance.

Using the poison techniques was one way to do it.

However, Wang Haoran thought of a much more interesting way.

After losing the Protagonist’s Halo, Chu Bai’s luck had become very ordinary.

Now, his X-Ray vision had become a double-edged sword.

It could help him earn money, but it could also bring him disaster.

One should know that there are mad scientists in this world.

Those who love to study the mysteries of the human body.

They would be very interested in a person who possesses X-Ray vision.

Wang Haoran wouldn’t mind anonymously spreading the news, creating an uproar in the world to those bunch of mad scientists.

On the other side…

Chu Bai, who was unaware of his approaching doom, slowly stood up.

He felt embarrassed of himself when he remembered the sarcastic remarks he had made in front of Wang Haoran earlier.

After staring at Xu Muyan for a brief moment, he left with a deep sense of resentment.

Now, only Wang Haoran and Xu Muyan were left.

“You… You know Wing Chun, where did you learn it?” Xu Muyan asked with curiosity and excitement.

“I learned it from IP Man, isn’t it amazing?” Wang Haoran said.

“Eh… It is amazing!” Xu Muyan gave a thumbs up, her soft eyes filled with a little more admiration.

“Let’s go back to class.” Wang Haoran said while avoiding Xu Muyan’s eyes.

The reason for letting Wen Jing instigate Xu Muyan to confess her love was to take care of Chu Bai.

Now that Chu Bai’s Protagonist status was finally gone, Wang Haoran had no intention of responding to Xu Muyan’s confession, so he decided to avoid it.

Xu Muyan, however, did not comply, and stood still, resuming the conversation from earlier, asking with a blushing face,“After hearing what I said, what do you think about it?”

“Studying is the most important thing right now, I don’t have the time to think about childish love, so we should wait for a month or so before talking about these matters.”

Such an answer was neither an acceptance nor a rejection, and it was indeed quite scummy.

However, Wang Haoran had no choice but to do so.

If Wang Haoran didn’t have to deal with Qin Yunhan and other Heroines, then it would be perfectly fine to accept Xu Muyan’s confession. But for now, he has to remain single, or at least appear to be on the surface.

Otherwise, it would be quite difficult to gain favorability and villain points.

And rejecting Xu Muyan wasn’t an option either.

Xu Muyan was still a Heroine who possessed a Heroine’s Halo.

The Villain’s Halo naturally attracts the Protagonist’s hatred, while the Heroine’s Halo attracts the Protagonist’s admiration.

Wang Haoran could still get a lot of rewards through Xu Muyan.

Therefore, his relationship with Xu Muyan still needed to be maintained.

Xu Muyan didn’t get the answer she wanted, so she couldn’t help but feel a little sad and disappointed, but she didn’t pursue the matter any further.

As she thought back, she had indeed been a bit impulsive earlier, and what Wang Haoran had said was also correct. Now wasn’t the time to talk about such things.

Qin Yunhan and her best friend, Mu Zhaozhao, were in class watching a movie on their phones.

Suddenly, a call came in.

The caller ID displayed “Uncle Li”.

He had been working for the Qin family for nearly 20 years. Apart from taking care of some of the family’s errands, he also looks after Qin Yunhan’s daily life and drives her from school and back.

He has practically become a half family member of Qin Yunhan.

Uncle Li asked Qin Yunhan to come to the school gate.

“Zhaozhao, Uncle Li is bringing me food, let’s go and get it together.”

“Sister Yunhan, running around is so tiring. You can go by yourself; I’ll just wait for you in the classroom.” Mu Zhaozhao rested her two big melons on the edge of her desk in a lazy-like manner.

[TL/N: Big boobies, hehe *PR bonks the TL*]

The two of them had known each other since childhood, and they’d always had a good relationship with each other. They were even in the same class now.

“Heh, you always drank papaya milk[1], so obviously you’re tired!” Qin Yunhan looked contemptuous and mocking, but in her heart, she was quite envious.

[1. Papaya milk is believed to make one’s chest bigger]

“I regret it too, if only I could give half of it to you, then you would be perfect.” Mu Zhaozhao said regretfully.

Qin Yunhan felt such bitterness that she couldn’t help but smack Zhaozhao on the head, but it was swiftly dodged by the nimble Mu Zhaozhao.

The smack had missed, so Qin Yunhan didn’t continue to make a fuss.

“Qin Yunhan, where are you going?”

Just as Qin Yunhan was about to leave the classroom, a lecherous-looking boy approached her.

“Why does it matter to you, Zhen Wei? Stay away from me.” Qin Yunhan responded with a disgusted tone and walked down the stairs on her own.

“I want to stay away from you too, but I can’t control my heart, my heart keeps driving me closer to you.”

Zhen Wei’s words only made Qin Yunhan feel more disgusted.

She didn’t bother paying attention to him.

However, Zhen Wei did not give up and continued to follow Qin Yunhan from a distance of about five meters.

Qin Yunhan felt very annoyed, but there was nothing she could do about it.

They came all the way to the entrance of the school.

Then Qin Yunhan saw Uncle Li.

Beside him was a young man in shabby clothes.

The young man looked a little idiotic, but when he saw Qin Yunhan coming, his eyes immediately lit up.

‘The city girls really do have flawless skin and look beautiful, ten-thousand times better than the village head Widow Zhang. The old man really didn’t lie.’

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