I Became the Rich Second-Generation Villain – Chapter 55


Chapter 55: The Peerless Bodyguard from the Mountains has arrived!

After Xu Muyan finished her talk with Wang Haoran, she went back to the classroom with Wen Jing to avoid disturbing him any longer.

Wang Haoran decided to wander outside for a bit before going back.

But halfway through his stroll, he bumped into a familiar face.

He recognized the figure, he was Zhen Wei, a ‘relative’ of Wang Haoran’s mother. Formally, he was recognized as Wang Haoran’s distant cousin.

However, contrary to the snobbish look he often remembered Zhen Wei for wearing, the current him was unbearably dirty and emitted a foul, disgusting odour.

Wang Haoran immediately covered his nose and moved away from him.

“Cousin, cousin, you have to avenge me!” Zhen Wei yelled angrily.

Hearing this, Wang Haoran frowned.

This Zhen Wei often used the close kinship between them as a shield in order to run amok in school, using his name whenever he needed to get out of trouble.  

When he encountered a tough problem, he would always come asking for help.

From what Wang Haoran could recall, the last time Zhen Wei looked for him was two months ago.

It was impossible for Zhen Wei to meet him just for a simple greeting.

“Who have you provoked?” Wang Haoran questioned impatiently.

“I don’t know, he just kicked me out of nowhere. Then he grabbed me and threw me into the bin!”

“‘I don’t know’ my a*s. If you won’t speak the truth, you can get out of my sight.”

“It’s true!”

“What did that person look like?”

“A bit handsome, but nowhere near cousin Haoran. He’s about the same age as us, but he wore ragged clothes that looked tattered and worn, as if they’d been washed who knows how many times over. His clothes had patches on them, like some sort of farmer..”

Wang Haoran listened carefully as Zhen Wai began to fill him in on the details. The seeds of doubt began to bloom in his head.

‘So he’s dressed like a farmer, but he dares to beat up people from the city?’

“Did that person say anything to you?” Wang Haoran asked.

“Ah, he did. That b*****d warned me to stay away from Qin Yunhan in the future, and to avoid bothering her. Otherwise, he’ll beat me the moment he sees me! I was angry, so I told him to wait and see, and that my cousin would definitely avenge me.” Zhen Wei spat out his complaints.

“Cousin, do you know what that kid said back to me? He said that my cousin is a fart, and if I called you over, he would beat you up alongside me!”

Seeing that Wang Haoran still didn’t respond, Zhen Wei hurriedly urged,“Cousin, my dear cousin. Please help me! We can teach him a lesson together!”

“You were inexplicably beaten, so why don’t you go tell the teacher? Why tell me? I’m a good student, so of course I can’t help you with such matters. Just get the f**k out of here!” 

Wang Haoran left this ‘dear’ cousin of his with some ‘helpful’ remarks before leaving.

He never looked back.


This villain’s halo is too good at drawing aggro!’

‘I, the villain,  didn’t even do anything, yet I somehow still attracted hatred. The person Zhen Wei spoke of might become a protagonist that I have to face in the future.’

Wang Haoran didn’t want to make any rash moves without properly investigating his opponent.

Otherwise, the one to suffer would most likely be none other than him.

Wang Haoran phoned  Qin Yunhan  the moment he left Zhen Wei’s field of view.

About five minutes later, Qin Yunhan hurriedly appeared in front of Wang Haoran.

“I. . . I was just looking for you. . . that. . . that. . .” Qin Yunhan trotted over, panting and gasping for air, unable to even form a coherent sentence.

“Take a moment to breathe and speak slowly..”

“M-my dad’s bodyguard. . . he’s here!”

“Really? Didn’t you say he would only arrive after a few days? Why did he appear so suddenly?”

“My dad told me he would arrive in a few days, so I also don’t know why he appeared early.”

“I take it if you’ve probably met him by now. Do you know his name?”

“His name is Xiao Yifeng. He’s dressed in rags and has a very crummy appearance, a country bumpkin through and through. I don’t want this kind of person as a bodyguard! You have to help me!”

Xiao Yifeng. . . . . .’

As soon as he heard the name, he could distinctly feel the breath of a protagonist.

Wang Haoran sighed and replied,“I can help, but I have to figure out what’s going on. Let me ask you, is this Xiao Yifeng the same one who beat up Zhen Wei?”

Qin Yunhan nodded,“That country bumpkin is crummy, but he sure can talk. He said that, with his protection, even the king of the heavens would not be able to harm me.”

“I was unconvinced at the time, so I just gave him a casual command to drive away that fly Zhen Wei if he really had the ability.”

“As a result, he went right through the fence and past the gate, and he kicked Zhen Wei. I also saw him say something to Zhen Wei before throwing him like a chicken into a nearby trash can.”

Having said this much, Qin Yunhan’s voice turned a little apologetic,“I understand that Zhen Wei is your distant cousin. I was just annoyed at the time so I told him to get rid of Zhen Wei without thinking. You won’t be angry with me over this, will you?”

“What can I be angry about? Zhen Wei is a toad wanting to eat swan meat. He deserved it. Tell me if he dares to harass you in the future, and I’ll teach him a lesson myself!” Wang Haoran heroically and righteously stated as such.

Qin Yunhan agreed with these words wholeheartedly.

Zhen Wei, that stubborn mule wanted to chase after her? ‘In your dreams!’

In addition to agreeing with Wang Haoran’s point of view, Qin Yunhan was also delighted.

That Zhen Wei was nothing but a fox borrowing a tiger’s might. With Wang Haoran coming forward, Zhen Wei wouldn’t dare to  trouble her.

[Ding! Qin Yunhan, one of the female protagonists, has experienced an increase in favorability towards the host by 10. The current total favorability is 20! (Very friendly)]

[Ding! The host changed the direction of the plot, obtaining 200 villain points!]

“By the way, didn’t you say that there was a way to prevent Xiao Yifeng from enrolling for school? How is it going?” Qin Yunhan asked again after her brief delight.

“I thought Xiao Yifeng wouldn’t come until a few days later, so I hadn’t done anything yet. That being said, there’s no need to worry, I’ll handle this matter by today.”

“Thank you so much.” Qin Yunhan relaxed.

“I don’t think it’ll be completely fine, however. Even if he doesn’t get into the school, you still won’t be able to get rid of him.” Wang Haoran immediately poured a basin of cold water over Qin Yunhan after seeing her relax.

“Makes sense.” 

Qin Yunhan nodded in agreement but quickly realized she had no idea how to get rid of him. As of now, she could only continue asking for Wang Haoran’s opinion,“Then what should I do?”

“Where do you stay at night?” Wang Haoran didn’t answer but asked a question in return.

“My dad bought me a villa near the school.”

“If you do not want to live under the same roof with Xiao Yifeng, I would advise you not to go back to the villa tonight.”

According to the usual routine of “school flower x bodyguard”, in order to “properly” protect Qin Yunhan, Qin Kai would arrange for Xiao Yifeng and Qin Yunhan to live together.

Even if Qin Yunhan initially hated Xiao Yifeng, seeing him all day every day, coupled with being saved by him a few times due to plot development. . . 

Qin Yunhan was sure to fall for him in time.

This ‘hero saving beauty’ novel logic was ironclad.

When Wang Haoran saw these ominous signs, he wanted nothing more than to nip this situation in the bud,, snuffing out these unwanted plot threads in advance. If left alone, they were sure to grow uncontrollably.

“Zhaozhao and I are the only two living in that small villa. How could my father let Xiao Yifeng live there with us?” Qin Yunhan’s face was full of disbelief.


‘It turned out that Qin Yunhan also lives with Mu Zhaozhao.’

‘If that is the case, then Mu Zhaozhao was likely to be one of the heroines as well.’

‘All the more reason to prevent this development!’

“Don’t think of Xiao Yifeng as just a normal bodyguard. Since your dad found such a young man to protect you, he must feel very confident and relaxed towards him. From that point of view, having Xiao Yifeng live under the same roof as you is by no means impossible” Wang Haoran sneakily planted an idea in Qin Yunhan’s head.

When Wang Haoran broke down the situation so logically, Qin Yunhan nodded, finding it to be a highly plausible explanation.

“But if I don’t go to the villa, where do I stay at night?” Qin Yunhan suddenly noticed a problem.

Wang Haoran paused for a moment, before whispering to her mysteriously.

“Live in a place that Xiao Yifeng can’t go to.” 

— — —

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