I Became the Rich Second-Generation Villain – Chapter 56


Chapter 56: Cut off all contact!

[Evening, inside the office of a high-end commercial building]

“Miss Tang, the purchase of the Imperial Green Jade. . . eh miss Tang, miss Tang? Miss Tang?!”

“Ah, what did you just say?”

Tang Bingyun was sitting on an office chair, propping her elbow on the hardwood table, and resting her snow-white chin on her hand in a daze. The female assistant in front of her had been calling her for some time without receiving a response.

After a brief pause… 

“Miss Tang, the more than 120 million yuan needed for the purchase of the Imperial Crystal Green Jade has been remitted to the designated bank account in the financial side. These papers require your attention. Please take a look and sign it. If there are any problems, I can send it back to the finance department shortly after.”

While reporting, the female assistant handed out several papers with signatures on them.

Tang Bingyun reached out and took them. She examined their contents for a brief moment, before picking up a pen and signing her name on it. She then handed it back to the female assistant.

After picking up the papers, the female assistant gently closed the door and left.

In the slightly cold office, Tang Bingyun was the only one left.

Tang Bingyun was daydreaming, her brain filled with the flashing scenes of a young and handsome face, whose lonely back protected her from danger. Gradually, a sweet smile appeared on her iceberg-like face.

[TL/N: People in love generally become stupid and start hallucinating, yes.]

She allowed her imagination to run wild, not even noticing the passage of time. Until suddenly, her phone rang, pulling her back to reality.

She was angry at the sudden interruption, the iceberg that had begun to melt suddenly became colder than before. She picked it up with a huff, as she wanted to see which annoying b*****d dared to disturb her happy time.

[TL/N: See?]

However, upon seeing the caller’s name, the frost covering her face instantly melted away, replaced by a look of joy.

“Aunt Tang, are you busy?” Asked the person on the other end of the phone.

“I’m not busy, not right now. I’ve already had someone call you regarding the 120 million yuan. Have you received the money yet?”

“It’s been credited, and I’ve received it.”

“That’s good. What are you doing now?”

“I’ve  just finished eating dinner, and I’ll be preparing for a self-study session later on. Oh, by the way, I want to ask Aunt Tang for a favour.”

“No problem. Just give it to me straight, and no matter how difficult it may be, I’ll do my best to help!”

“It’s nothing much; I just need a statement from Aunt Tang.”



[Ten o’clock at night, in the hall of a small villa with bright lights]

Two people sat on a sofa within the hall. One of them was Qin Kai, and the other was Xiao Yifeng.

Xiao Yifeng—like an old-fashioned country bumpkin suddenly entering a modern city—kept looking around, curious to the extreme.

Yifeng. Yunhan lives in this small villa. In the future, this will be your station, and you will also live here in order to better protect her.” Qin Kai stated matter-of-factly.

“Uncle Qin, you trust me this much?” Xiao Yifeng asked in surprise.

“Since I was the one who personally sought your help, of course I will believe in you. It’s just that this villa is a little small, with only two floors. Besides Yunhan, Zhaozhao lives here as well. It will be a little crowded, but the rooms should suffice.”


“Yunhan’s childhood friend. Her full name is Mu Zhaozhao. You haven’t seen her yet. When they get back from school, you will be able to meet her.”

Xiao Yifeng nodded.

“The salary will be 50,000 yuan a month. If you are not satisfied, we can discuss it.” Qin Kai continued.

Xiao Yifeng was stunned for a moment.

“Fifty thousand?! I’m very much satisfied! In the past, when the old man gave me work, the employer only gave me 100 yuan a month. And that was for hard labour too! In comparison, Uncle Qin is too lavish!” Xiao Yifeng blabbered excitedly.

“One hundred? Haha!” Now it was Qin Kai’s turn to be surprised, but he quickly realized that this was probably because the “old man” Xiao Yifeng had mentioned was deducting money from his salary.

After looking at the time, Qin Kai spoke again:

“Yunhan and the others should be back soon.”

Immediately after he said these words, a doorbell rang as the fingerprint-locked door suddenly opened.

Xiao Yifeng immediately looked in that direction.

When she saw Qin Yunhan previously in the day, he was astounded, left completely in awe of her beauty.

It was a pity that their meeting had only lasted for a moment, but now Xiao Yifeng could take a closer look at that shocking beauty once more.

Moreover, he hadn’t seen Mu Zhaozhao before, but a girl who came from a city as lavish as this one should be quite pretty as well. 

Xiao Yifeng became excited when he thought of living together with these two beautiful girls.

Although the young man looked honest on the surface, he was a bit wretched on the inside.

Unfortunately. . .

Li Bo hurried in.

“Hm? Where are Yunhan and Zhaozhao?” Qin Kai could not help but ask when he saw that there was no one behind Li Bo.

“I went to the school to pick them up, but I saw no one there. I waited for quite a while, and I even decided to call them. Ms. Yunhan picked up the phone and told me that she wanted to live in the school’s girls’ dormitory, and that she would not come back to the villa anymore!” 

Li Bo’s report ended with him sporting an embarrassed and wry face.


[Ding! The Host prevented the protagonist Xiao Yifeng from living under the same roof with female protagonists Qin Yunhan and Mu Zhaozhao, affecting the original direction of the plot. Obtaining 200 villain points!]

In another place at the same time, Wang Haoran, who had just returned home, received a wave of small rewards.


“It must be that Yunhan got angry with me and didn’t come back on purpose.” Qin Kai sighed, and immediately took out his mobile phone and dialled Qin Yunhan’s number, but the receiver indicated: 

[The user you have dialled is currently not available. Please try again later.]

“Master Qin, what should we do now?” Li Bo asked.

“Yunhan has been spoiled since she was a child. She shouldn’t be used to living in a dormitory. Let her go for now, I expect her to come back by herself in a few days.” Qin Kai responded, before saying to Xiao Yifeng:

“Yifeng, I will arrange for you to go to Yunhan’s class tomorrow to study in the third year of high school, so that you can protect her in the future.”

“I’m illiterate and have not read any books in the countryside. How could I go to the third year of high school? How can people accept me?”

“It doesn’t matter. Yunhan’s school is a private school. I have a few connections with the school’s board of directors, so it is just a matter of getting you in. I’ll call her now.” Qin Kai’s tone was relaxed.

He then picked up the phone and dialled out another number.

Unfortunately. . .

The same mechanical voice played from the speakers: 

[The user you dialled is currently not available. Please try again later.]

Qin Kai suddenly became a bit confused.

‘My daughter does not want to answer my calls, so she turned off her phone, which is normal.’

‘But Tang Bingyun? She’s a busy person who runs several businesses. She could never afford to turn off her phone. Supposedly, her line should be available 24/7. How could my call be denied?’

It only meant she didn’t turn off her phone. But what about the prompt?

Qin Kai could only think of one possibility for now:

Tang Bingyun blocked him.

‘I didn’t offend her, did I?’ Qin Kai thought long and hard about it.

“Uh. . . Uncle Qin, can I still go to school tomorrow?”

“Yes, but. . . the process may take a while longer.” 

Qin Kai was a bit embarrassed.


[Ding! The Host’s actions behind the scenes prevented the protagonist Xiao Yifeng from entering school and approaching the female protagonists Qin Yunhan and Mu Zhaozhao. Obtaining 200 villain points! 】

“Ah, how nice!”

Having just jumped into the bathtub, Wang Haoran couldn’t help but let out a laugh.


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