I Became the Rich Second-Generation Villain – Chapter 57


Chapter 57: Top-tier Hacking Techniques!

After the bath, Wang Haoran lay leisurely on the bed, as he checked his attributes panel.

He’d almost depleted his supply of villain points yesterday, yet they were now back up to a fat and satisfying 2800.

Wang Haoran’s hands felt itchy again.

“System, consume 500 villain points to draw a lottery.”

[Unfortunately, the Host did not draw any rewards. Do you wish to continue consuming 500 villain points to draw rewards?]


[Unfortunately, the Host did not draw any rewards. Do you wish to continue consuming 500 villain points to draw rewards?]


[Ding! Congratulations to the Host for drawing “Top-tier Hacking Techniques ” worth 2,000 villain points, do you wish to learn it immediately?]

A gain of 1000 points. Not too shabby.


Soon, a bundle of extremely complex and baffling information was suddenly downloaded into his mind.

This situation lasted for about 30 seconds before it stopped.

And in just these 30 seconds, Wang Haoran had suddenly transformed from a computer novice to a world-class hacker.

‘This gamble was totally worth itt.In this era, where people upload almost everything onto the web, Top-tier hacking techniques are sure to come in handy  .’

For Wang Haoran, this technique may prove instrumental in dealing with these pesky protagonists.

The student who previously lazed about immediately shot up straight from the bed, opened his notebook, and started coding a virus.

[TL/N: Just for clarification, notebook refers to a small-sized laptop.]

Inside the room, a series of quick and continuous tapping, clacking, and clicking rang out from the laptop’s keyboard, lasting nearly an hour before finishing.

The man responsible for this didn’t even notice how much time had passed. Wang Haoran only felt that his fingers were immensely sore, but after seeing the ‘work’ he had created, a sense of great satisfaction overtook him instead.

A virus, one that acted mainly on mobile phones. 

Its functions were relatively simple, yet also extremely effective. As long as the targeted phone is infected with this virus, he would be able to locate the targeted phone’s whereabouts.

Furthermore, with the usage of the mic feature, one could effectively eavesdrop on conversations happening in the vicinity of the infected phone.

Pictures taken by the front and rear cameras of the mobile phone will also be transmitted to the virus control terminal without fail.

It was a virus specifically crafted by Wang Haoran for Qin Yunhan.

According to the plot, the routines that fall under those “Peerless Bodyguard of School Flowers” type novels include various incidents that  will inevitably occur to Qin Yunhan. This will then lead to Xiao Yifeng’s continuous rescuing of Qin Yunhan, thus winning her heart step-by-step.

Wang Haoran definitely did not want to see this happen.

Then the logical step to take would be to deny the trope of ‘Hero saves Beauty’. He had to stay several steps ahead of Xiao Yifeng and rob him of his opportunities.

That being said, if needed, Wang Haoran could attain a perfect understanding of Qin Yunhan’s movement patterns and location at all times.

And this is the best way to do so…

[Virus Completed]

Wang Haoran used his mobile phone to test out its effects, and it worked flawlessly.


He had made the virus quite stealthy too, just in case. Even if one combined all the anti-virus software in the market, they wouldn’t find it, let alone kill it.


[The next morning]

A pleasant singing echoed from the campus radio.

This was to remind the boarding students that it was time to wake up.

[Inside a girls’ dorm room]

Qin Yunhan and Mu Zhaozhao got up from the same bed, both of them looking lethargic.

Obviously, neither of them slept well last night.

They were both used to sleeping in big, soft beds, and it turned out to be quite the challenge to get used to the hard beds that the school provided them with.

“Sister Yunhannnnnn, let’s go back to the small villa tonight. Sleeping here is so uncomfortable.” Mu Zhaozhao bitterly cried out.

“Do you really want to live under the same roof with that hillbilly? Well I don’t want to. I won’t go back unless that hillbilly leaves forever!” Qin Yunhan was also uncomfortable, but she insisted with gritted teeth.

However, even she didn’t know how long she could last under these conditions.

The bed in the dormitory was only fit for one person to sleep in.

However, since there weren’t enough beds in the room, there was no other option but to share this bed amongst themselves.

Therefore, Qin Yunhan had to squeeze together with Mu Zhaozhao.

When she went to bed at night, they were squeezed shoulder to shoulder, and she found it difficult to even move or turn around. It was torture! Alas. . . she did not want to go back home either.

Seeing that Qin Yunhan wasn’t budging, Mu Zhaozhao could only accompany herself in her suffering.

“Sister Yunhan, what about the toothbrush, cup, and face towel?”

“I- How would I have these things with me?” Qin Yunhan was shocked.

As the young lady of a prominent family who was pampered her whole life, how can she have this kind of awareness? Everything was usually prepared for her ahead of time.

“You asked me to live in the dormitory, and yet you didn’t prepare these things? Then how do we brush our teeth and wash our faces?” Mu Zhaozhao looked depressed.

“Isn’t there a store on campus? We’ll just go there and buy some.”

“The store hasn’t opened yet. . .”

“Then. . . what should we do?”

“Let’s just go back to the small villa at night?” Mu Zhaozhao slyly suggested.

This time, Qin Yunhan was tempted to agree, as her heart began to shake.

Maybe she should surrender?

But before she could respond to Mu Zhaozhao’s words, the phone rang.

Wang Haoran’s name popped up in flashing text.

“Come to the entrance of the dormitory, I’ve brought you some daily necessities.” After the phone was connected, a voice came from the other end.

“Oh, I’ll come right away!”

[TL/N: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) *Samael bonks the TL*]

Qin Yunhan was overjoyed. She straightened her clothes and hair to a somewhat reasonable degree, before she rushed to the door of the building.

Wang Haoran was waiting there with several large plastic bags in his hand.

The plastic bag was transparent, so one could easily see he had brought some daily necessities such as new cups, new toothbrushes and new towels in it.

Best of all, there’s even a phone charger in there!

“How did you know I needed these?” Qin Yunhan was dumbstruck with joy.

“Haha, I guessed.” Wang Haoran smiled nonchalantly.

It would’ve been quite strange if Qin Yunhan, this “princess”, suddenly knew how to prepare essentials for dormitory life.

‘Of course I can guess something as obvious as this.’

“Are you used to living in a dormitory?” Wang Haoran asked. Qin Yunhan was no poker expert, so it was obvious at a glance that she was in a foul mood.

“This is the first time I have lived in a group dormitory, so I didn’t get to sleep well last night. This is no place for people to live at all!” Qin Yunhan was full of resentment.

Wang Haoran sneered inwardly. This rich and pampered lady sure has issues. Her speech itself was unpleasant enough, ‘What do you mean “This is no place for people to live”?’

‘What about the girls living in the dormitory? Are they beasts?’

However, he kept these thoughts to himself and amicably replied.

“You’ve never been in a dormitory before, so it’s normal that you’re not used to living there. If you really don’t want to live there, I can ask someone to get you a teacher’s room.”

“What’s the teacher’s room like?” Qin Yunhan asked happily.

“It’s definitely more spacious than the usual room. It’s a suite with one bedroom, one living room, one bathroom, and so on. Their bed should also be much softer. By the way, they have air conditioning as well, which is much better than your current fan.”

“That’s great! If you can help me get a teacher’s room, I’ll be able to hold out until the end of the exam, then I’ll drive Xiao Yifeng away. I’ll give you a big gift as a form of thanks!”

“What gift?”

“Well. . .” Qin Yunhan frowned and thought for a few seconds, before her eyes abruptly lit up:

“I promise that Zhaozhao will be your girlfriend, is this gift big enough?!”

“Okay, I’ll wait for it.” Wang Haoran said casually.

‘Sigh. Qin Yunhan has no sincerity when it comes to expressing her gratitude at all.’

Mu Zhaozhao was a person, not an item, so how could she give her around willy-nilly? The entire part about a reward was no doubt a big joke.

Fortunately, Wang Haoran never had any notion of asking Qin Yunhan for a gift anyways.

“You can go now; I’ll contact you again if I need anything.” Qin Yunhan waved her hand and skipped joyfully away like a gust of wind.

Wang Haoran cast a contemptuous look at Qin Yunhan’s back.

Qin Yunhan used him. He was nothing more than a convenient tool.

It seemed like being flattered all her life by the licking dogs that surrounded the Qin Family made her think that it was natural to use people like this.

Unfortunately, Wang Haoran was not a bootlicking dog she could command.

‘Oh, my dear princess. I’ll make sure your disease is well ‘taken care’ of.’

[PR/N: *looks at Wen Jing* Yeah, MC totally never uses people.]


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