I Became the Rich Second-Generation Villain – Chapter 58


Chapter 58: The Mantis Stalks the Cicada, Unaware of the Oriole behind?

With the packaged necessities in tow, Qin Yunhan quickly returned to the dorm bedroom, wanting to share the joyous news with Mu Zhaozhao. 

However, Mu Zhaozhao wasn’t very happy with this sudden turn of events, suspecting that something foul was afoot.

“Yunhan, why is that Wang Haoran being so kind to you? Don’t you find him suspicious?”

“Hehe. I’m naturally beautiful and elegant, so of course some of the boys who know me will have those kinds of intentions.” Qin Yunhan spoke narcissistically.

“Then are you interested in Wang Haoran?”

“He looks quite handsome, and I think he has a good personality. He’s okay as a friend but far from being a boyfriend.”


 Qin Yunhan shook her head, then suddenly remembered something, giggling as she continued:

“Zhaozhao, I told Wang Haoran just now that after driving Xiao Yifeng away, I would give you to him as a girlfriend in order to properly thank him.”

“Ehhhh? Sister Yunhan, what nonsense are you spouting? It’s not like you don’t know that I hate rich and handsome boys the most.” Mu Zhaozhao complained with a pout.

“I was just poking fun at Wang Haoran. How could I really give you to him as a girlfriend? Okay, I won’t make such jokes again.” Qin Yunhan immediately comforted her; worried she might actually become angry or sad.

Right. Her aversion towards those kinds of people was because. . .

A wealthy and handsome man had once abandoned one of Mu Zhaozhao’s cousins, leading to her eventual suicide when she slashed her wrists.

Mu Zhaozhao was the first to discover her cousin’s body. At the time, she was only twelve.

The incident had a great impact on Mu Zhaozhao’s soul.

And as her best friend, Qin Yunhan obviously knew about it as well.


[Near the school gate]

In a parked van were three young men, possessing malicious auras.

“Is this lass our goal this time? Who is she?” The ugly youth asked the taller youth, looking at the photo he held in his hand.

“Qin Group, Qin Kai’s daughter.” The tall young man replied.

“She looks really fresh and really ripe. It’s the first time I’ve seen such a beautiful little girl. When I tie her up, I’ll need to have a good taste.” 

The ugly youth with the pimply face continued to drool, as he stared at the photo.

“The employers said we can only tie her up. Don’t touch a single hair on this girl’s head. Otherwise, we might not receive the final payment of 2 million.” The tall young man scolded.

“What a pity.” The ugly youth sighed.

“Sigh. When you have the money, you can get all the bitches you need.” The short young man pitched in, stating his honest opinion.

“Yeah, that’s right! This is our ticket to go and have some fun for a while.” The ugly youth’s mood suddenly improved again, lighting up a branded cigarette before taking a long pull.

“Ay, give me one.” The short young man stretched out his hand.

While chatting, the three youths took turns observing the school gate.

Unfortunately for them, in a Lavida car not far away, a pair of eyes had been locked onto them for who knows how long already, escaping their notice entirely.

As for the owner of this gaze. . .

It was none other than Xiao Yifeng.

Qin Kai had failed in arranging his direct enrollment, but even then, Xiao Yifeng wouldn’t stand idle. 

After that fiasco of a call, Xiao Yifeng decided to ask Qin Kai to arrange a driver to drive him around the school in a Lavida instead. 

Barely a few hours later, sure enough, he found three suspicious individuals lurking about.

That being said, with Xiao Yifeng’s skill, he could easily deal with these three young people without any effort.

He could easily help Qin Yunhan and solve this crisis in an instant.

However, Xiao Yifeng did not want to do so.

Although he lived very comfortably in the small villa yesterday, he also felt a little lonely. The bustling feeling of youth and freshness simply wasn’t there for him to enjoy.

It would be perfect if Qin Yunhan and Mu Zhaozhao lived with him.

Hence, Xiao Yifeng planned to wait for the three young people to accost Qin Yunhan before making his move, playing out the scene of saving the damsel in distress.

With the added sense of crisis, Qin Yunhan would naturally not resist his rescue, and might even go back to the small villa to live with him. How could a young and pampered girl like her not crumple under the threat of death? It was simply impossible.


Living under the same roof with two beauties, Xiao Yifeng felt excited just by thinking about it.

The man who was seen as honest and upright by Qin Kai had actually watched quite the number of unhealthy and degenerative dramas in his free time inside the village.

He distinctly remembered one particular play within the lot that played out much like the situation unfolding in front of him now.

The male protagonist is a family servant, and the female protagonist acts as the eldest young lady of a wealthy and powerful family. 

What was the plot? The family servant steals the eldest lady’s heart, of course.

It was a heart-tugging and boundary-crossing romance drama that stunned and captivated the hearts of people worldwide. 

And Xiao Yifeng, hired as a bodyguard, had inadvertently substituted himself as the hero of the plot.

[PR/N: Man needs to touch grass.]


[Ten minutes before morning class]

Wearing a Bluetooth headset, Wang Haoran was carefully arranging the newly inserted love letters inside his desk, arranging them into neat stacks.

Before summarily throwing all of them into the trashcan at the back of the classroom.

“Buzz, buzz! The virus has been implanted successfully, establishing a connection, please wait. . .”

“Successful connection!”

A mechanical sound soon came from the Bluetooth headset.

Wang Haoran knew that Qin Yunhan was using the charger he gave her, which meant that the virus hidden in the charger would eventually come into contact with Qin Yunhan’s mobile phone.

The system prompt notified him of the successful invasion.

From now on, Wang Haoran would be able to track and monitor Qin Yunhan’s movements in real time, as well as listen in to her conversations.

After a while, the noise of another classroom seeped in through the earphones.

Qin Yunhan’s familiar voice suddenly rang out through the background of loud noises.

“Wang Haoran was so thoughtful; he even brought me a charger.”

Then came the sound of a finger touching an app icon on the screen 

This Eldest Young Lady was evidently playing with her phone while charging.

“Qin Yunhan, I saw that you haven’t had breakfast yet, so I bought this for you. It includes milk, Xiaolongbao, and Shumai.”

[PR/N: Basically food, just Google them. You can do it. B) ]

Wang Haoran could recognize the voice as Zhen Wei.

“I’m trying to lose weight right now, so no. Take it away.” Qin Yunhan’s haughty voice was cold and filled with disgust.

“Skipping breakfast is very harmful for your health , so please have some.”

“You’re so annoying, get out of here.”


Did someone hit something?

The sound of an object falling to the ground could be heard.

Wang Haoran guessed that Qin Yunhan had probably slapped the breakfast Zhen Wei brought to the ground in a fit of fury.

Then, the rough stomp and squish of shoes slamming down on plastic, cups, and other soft things.

It seems that Qin Yunhan wanted to not only throw away the food, but also step on it as well.

‘Goodness. Her ‘princess syndrome’ sure is strong.’

‘Knocking over a breakfast set? Fine. However, to continue stomping on it with her feet afterwards?’

‘What a waste of food.’

‘Simply uneducated.’

That said, Zhen Wei is a cheapskate who deserved it.

“Qin Yunhan, I came with good intentions, so how could you do this?” Zhen Wei’s voice made it sound like he was about to cry.

“This is just the way I am, don’t you get it?” Qin Yunhan retorted arrogantly.

“I’m convinced. Just step on it, how could I be mad at you?”

Argh. Just listening to this fool…’ Wang Haoran did not have the brainpower nor the will to try imagining Zhen Wei’s current dog-like expression.

“Hey, weren’t you sad? How about I give you a gift. Just wait here.”

“You have a present for me? Good, good!”

After these words, Wang Haoran could no longer bear to listen to Qin Yunhan’s voice.

However, he instead immediately received a message.

Qin Yunhan wanted him to go over to her classroom?

Who did she think she was to order people around like they were nothing more than her servants?

Wang Haoran acted as if he didn’t see the message and continued doing his own thing.

A few minutes later, he caught a glimpse of Qin Yunhan standing near the door of the classroom.

‘Heh. Sending yourself into the lion’s den.’

Qin Yunhan waved at Wang Haoran’s seat.

Yet Wang Haoran pretended not to see, merely picking up a book to read.

It was about time for morning class, and some students were still reading, so Qin Yunhan felt that it was inconvenient to shout. However, even she knew that going directly to Wang Haoran in his own classroom would cause a scene.


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