I Became the Rich Second-Generation Villain – Chapter 59


Chapter 59: Chased by the School Flower

“Beauty, beauty… School Flower Xu? Xu Muyan?!” Qin Yunhan could only thicken her face and start shouting at a girl who was not too far from the door of the classroom.

Xu Muyan, who was reading a book, suddenly looked up and saw Qin Yunhan beckoning her to come closer.

The elegant school flower then left her seat, gracefully moving towards the classroom door.

“Hello, what’s the matter?”

She and Qin Yunhan both knew each other’s names, as they were quite famous in school, but it was their first time ever interacting with one another.

“Can you please call Wang Haoran for me. Tell him that I’m searching for him, and ask him to come meet me.”

Qin Yunhan’s voice sounded.


On the other side…

Wang Haoran, who was pretending to study seriously, received a message prompt from the system.

[Ding! The Host made Xu Muyan, one of the heroines, feel jealous, receiving 100 villain points!]

This gain was a pleasant surprise.

Wang Haoran didn’t like the fact that Qin Yunhan was calling him over so casually, intending to embarrass her so that this “princess” would learn some humility.

But who knew Qin Yunhan and Xu Muyan would actually end up talking to each other because of him?

Soon, out of the corner of Wang Haoran’s eyes, he saw Xu Muyan walking towards his seat from the door of the classroom.

“Wang Haoran, there is a beautiful woman looking for you at the door!”

Wang Haoran could almost smell sour vinegar emanating from her as she spoke to him.

[TL/N: Eating vinegar is a euphemism for feeling jealousy, hence the sour smell.]

“Really?!” Wang Haoran smiled and sat up from his chair.

Seeing Wang Haoran’s happy expression, Xu Muyan’s smallmouth couldn’t help but pout.

[Ding! The Host made Xu Muyan, one of the heroines, feel jealous, receiving 100 villain points!]

“Xu Muyan is simply the queen of vinegar to be so jealous of every small thing. . .” Wang Haoran inwardly sighed.

Nonetheless, it was a great bonus, allowing him to conveniently brush up on some well-needed villain points.


Wang Haoran went outside the classroom.

“Help me teach that Zhen Wei a lesson, he’s so annoying!” Qin Yunhan hastily made her request to Wang Haoran as if he would suddenly run off.

“Let’s go.” Likewise, Wang Haoran didn’t dawdle and left immediately.

He had already promised Qin Yunhan that he would help her with this matter, after all.

Wang Haoran soon arrived at Qin Yunhan’s classroom, before shouting two words to Zhen Wei:

“Get out!”

Zhen Wei, who was looking forward to Qin Yunhan’s surprise, was a little confused. However, that didn’t stop him from obediently leaving the classroom.

“Stay away from Qin Yunhan in the future and stop harassing her.” Wang Haoran didn’t bother to mince his words, and simply spoke in a direct and straightforward manner.

“Cousin, I’m not harassing her. I like her and wish to pursue her. As long as I persist, she will be touched by my actions one day.” Zhen Wei shook his head in defiance.

Wang Haoran struck again mercilessly:

“Really? Have you ever looked at yourself in a mirror? You are lazy and crooked; wanting to pursue and catch a beautiful woman like Qin Yunhan might happen only in your imagination. Your brain must’ve been kicked by a donkey for you to think like this. You’re a toad trying to eat swan meat!”

“Looks aside, let’s check your family background. Your family’s assets will only be in the tens of millions even if you die and squeeze out everything you have. Now what about Qin Yunhan? As the Qin Group’s Qin Kai’s only daughter, she’ll eventually inherit a large company of nearly 10 billion yuan. You’re not even worthy of licking their boots!”

Zhen Wei slowly grew more and more speechless.

“Chasing Qin Yunhan is a fruitless endeavor, so just give up. In the end, you are also a second-generation richie with a family worth tens of millions in assets. Chasing a beautiful girl with an ordinary family background should be much easier. Is it really that fun to lick a girl’s boots?” Wang Haoran continued.


“Cousin, you’ve spoken your piece, but aren’t you only doing this because you like Qin Yunhan too?” Zhen Wei could not help himself, and he lashed out in frustration.

‘How witty… for a brain filled with nothing but rocks and weeds!’

Wang Haoran muttered viciously in his heart, before stating, “That’s right. I just fell in love with her, so you’d better not make any trouble for me, or I’ll kill you!”

“Aiya my dear cousin, I was wrong. I am at fault here. I will never harass Qin Yunhan again, but can you agree to a little small request of mine?” Zhen Wei placated softly.

“Don’t beat around the bush and speak directly,  what’s your request?”

Zhen Wei looked around, then whispered, “After you ‘get it on’ with Qin Yunhan, could you take a short video for me to take a good look at?”

[PR/N: WTF is wrong with this guy… Although I wouldn’t mind getting that video too.]

“Piss off!”

Wang Haoran kicked Zhen Wei’s a*s out the door.

‘I’m going to have to try and forget what he asked me. If he has such hobbies, then it would be nice if he kept it to himself.’

“If you don’t want to, then don’t do it, what are you kicking me for?”

Zhen Wei was very aggrieved, and went back to the classroom in despair.

[Ding! The Host cuts off Protagonist Xiao Yifeng’s chance to show off and chase away Qin Yunhan’s suitor, receiving 100 villain points!]

This reward is too small.’

However, considering that Zhen Wei is likely to be just a soy sauce-type suitor, the 100 villain points reward was still somewhat acceptable.


[In the Afternoon]

Wang Haoran was studying while listening to Qin Yunhan’s interactions and movements with his paired Bluetooth earphones.

It was at this moment that Xu Muyan suddenly came over.

Wang Haoran looked up and saw that Xu Muyan was holding a test paper in her hand, staring at him intently.

“I have a problem that I can’t solve, can you help me with it?” Xu Muyan opened the test paper and pointed to a math problem on it.

Wang Haoran glanced at it and immediately realized that it was a simple math problem.

With Xu Muyan’s level, it is impossible for her to be unable to solve it.

‘Well, would you look at that? Drunkenness that isn’t the fault of wine[1].’

[1. Chinese idiom meaning the source of the matter was not what one would expect.]

When he thought of this, Wang Haoran felt a brief satisfaction.

In the past, he had always been the one approaching Xu Muyan for the reason of discussing studies and homework.

However. . . ‘keke.’

With a bit of luck and Feng Shui

The tables have turned.

The feeling of being chased by the school flower is quite a pleasant one.

“This problem is very simple; I’ll teach you.” Wang Haoran didn’t feel like exposing her anyway.

With a look of joy, Xu Muyan immediately sat down in the empty seat next to him, tilted her head slightly towards Wang Haoran’s shoulder, and waited for him to speak.

Unfortunately, at this time, some odd chatter passed out through Wang Haoran’s Bluetooth headset.

“Sister Yunhan, should we go back to the villa and get our clothes?”

“Who knows if Xiao Yifeng is still in that small villa or not, let’s not go there.”

“We need clean clothes though. . . how about you tell Uncle Li to send them?”

“Stupid girl. Although Uncle Li is old and is our elder, he can still be considered a man. How can we let him get our private clothes?”

“Oh, you’re right. However, if we don’t go to the villa, then what would we wear?”

“There aren’t many people in the streets right now. Let’s take advantage of the lunch break to go out and buy some new clothes!”

“You will have to pay; I don’t have a cent.”

“Stingy. You’re not poor, but you’re still so stingy… argh. Forget it, fine, I’ll pay.”

“Sister Yunhan is so nice.”


‘Those two are really. . .’

“Are you okay?” Xu Muyan couldn’t help but be a little curious when she saw that Wang Haoran had been silent for such a long time.

“Something came up, so I have to go for now!” Wang Haoran quickly got up from his seat and  left the classroom without another moment’s delay.

Xu Muyan eyebrows pinched together, feeling a little aggrieved.


Wang Haoran walked out of the school gate and ordered a few dishes in a small restaurant outside the school, pretending to have a meal.

But he was actually observing the people entering and leaving the school gate.

In about five minutes, he saw Qin Yunhan and Mu Zhaozhao exit the school.

The two waved down a taxi and subsequently drove off.

Wang Haoran got up immediately and wanted to stop a car from the road to catch up…

However, as he got up from his seat in the restaurant, he witnessed the weird sight of a van and a Lavida parked on the side of the road starting to follow the taxi that Qin Yunhan just got on, like dogs chasing the aroma of meat.

Wang Haoran subconsciously used his X-Ray vision.

The van and Lavida disappeared at the corner of the intersection in less than five seconds.

Thankfully, this short period of time was more than enough for Wang Haoran to view and inspect the people inside the van and Lavida. 


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