I Became the Rich Second-Generation Villain – Chapter 60


Chapter 60: A Fake Car Accident?

The three teenagers in the van had menacing looks, which was only reinforced by the several knives and ropes next to them.

The knife’s role was evident. And the rope is. . . for tying people up?

These three were obviously up to no good. There was a high chance that they wanted to kidnap Qin Yunhan.

On the other hand, the Lavida had no such dangerous objects inside, and it carried only two people: A fat, paunchy driver and a young man.

There was nothing particularly interesting about the driver, but the young man was a little weird.

It might have been because of his tattered clothing that looked as if they had been washed one too many times, giving him this rustic, farmer-like feel.

The people in the two vehicles couldn’t be more different.

However, they had a common goal: Qin Yunhan.

By now, Wang Haoran was certain that the young man in tattered clothing was Xiao Yifeng.

Zhen Wei had previously described him, and the young man within the Lavida fit the bill perfectly.

Wang Haoran was more than tempted to voice his complaints.

Xiao Yifeng just arrived in the city yesterday, so it was excusable that he was dressed so rustically.

However, he’s an official bodyguard now. Surely, his employer – Qin Kai – must have at least bought him some more decent clothing, right?

Xiao Yifeng probably just refused to wear them.

Why? Because it’s convenient. People will underestimate him to be nothing more than a farmer, leaving him free to slap them right in their faces.

The Protagonists sure like to have fun.

Both the van and the Lavida chased after the taxi that Qin Yunhan was sitting in.

Likewise, Wang Haoran couldn’t afford to sit idly, as he quickly reached out to hitch a ride.

Seeing this, a taxi and a motorcycle both stopped nearby at the same time, waiting for Wang Haoran to get on.

Wang Haoran glanced left and right, before sitting at the back of the motorcycle.

In terms of speed, taxis are definitely faster.

But that’s without taking traffic into account.

Qin Yunhan and Mu Zhaozhao were headed to the commercial street for clothes. Once they had left the school sector, the road would become too crowded. There’s also the time spent waiting at red lights, so its faster speed was practically nullified.

A motorcycle could not only drive in lanes, but also on streets and the sidewalk as well.

It’s way more flexible.  

“Where are you going, handsome fella?” The motorcyclist asked.

“Go straight ahead. I’ll show you the way.”


The engine revved loudly as the motorcycle took off.

Wang Haoran took out his mobile phone and opened up a digital map, looking at Qin Yunhan’s location through GPS, before pointing the way for the motorcyclist.

As the motorcycle left the school sector, more and more cars started appearing on the road. This resulted in a heavy car jam as traffic surged. 

Using the GPS map location, Wang Haoran could see that Qin Yunhan’s movement had considerably slowed down as a result. 

Thankfully, the bobbing and weaving of the motorcycle ensured that the traffic did not impede him.

Before long, Wang Haoran saw the taxi Qin Yunhan was sitting in, with his bare eyes.

The van and Lavida were still following at a distance. However, the motorcycle was now ahead of them.

Since he wore a safety helmet, Wang Haoran wasn’t afraid of being seen.

He hastily locked onto Xiao Yifeng’s position with his X-Ray Vision, then signalled for the communication system to consume 100 villain points for an information check.

Xiao Yifeng’s panel attributes soon entered Wang Haoran’s mind.

[Protagonist: Xiao Yifeng]

[Combat Value: 983]

[PR/N: What the f**k? Is he a god???

[Zain: Still not as powerful as your MOM!! :kek:]

[Charm Value: 128]

[Protagonist Halo: 726]


  • Grandmaster-level medical skills 
  • 15 years of Internal Energy
  • Advanced Hidden Weapon Skills]

When Wang Haoran saw the information, he had the urge to curse the author’s script on the spot.

‘Godammit, this Xiao Yifeng is practically a Mary Sue! Grandmaster-level medical skills at the age of 20?’

‘And he has Internal Energy too?! Internal Energy cultivated over the span of 15 years, 15!’

‘This b*****d is only 20 years old. . . did he begin cultivating Internal Energy at the age of 5?’

Wang Haoran originally thought that Master-level Combat Wing Chun would be enough, but in front of a Protagonist who cultivated Internal Energy, he was completely helpless.

Fortunately, he had a System to help him, and he could simply purchase Internal Energies from the mall. However, it would cost him a fortune.

It took him 1500 villain points to redeem 3 years of Internal Energy.

In other words, if Wang Haoran wanted to have 15 years of Internal Energy, then he needed to spend 7500 villain points in exchange.

It’s simply too much.

And even if he did exchange for it, it might allow him to be just barely on par with Xiao Yifeng.

He would need to get far more if he wanted to overpower Xiao Yifeng.

Wang Haoran would need to slowly develop and accumulate more villain points to make up for the gap between them, as he strives to surpass Xiao Yifeng.

Going toe-to-toe with a Protagonist before he, himself, developed would be plain suicide.

However, there were always methods to take care of matters without showing one’s own face.

“Driver, I’m in a hurry. Take the fastest route to the commercial street.” Wang Haoran spoke with a sense of urgency.

“Okay.” The motorcyclist responded.

He turned the accelerator sharply and drove the motorcycle into a back alleyway, passing through dozens of winding paths and tight corners.

Although the road is complicated, the owner of this motorcycle was used to walking in the streets and alleys on the weekdays. Needless to say, one shouldn’t underestimate his familiarity with this road.

In about fifteen minutes, the motorcycle came to a screeching halt at the commercial street.

Wang Haoran carefully looked at Qin Yunhan’s position and movement speed, estimating that it would take at least ten minutes for her to arrive.

The three young people in the van would probably go after Qin Yunhan the moment she gets off her ride.

However, this is the commercial street.

There are several forks on the road going here. Once she’s kidnapped, running away would prove to be a simple matter.

Wang Haoran just needs to wait for her patiently.

However, Xiao Yifeng was a problem.

Wang Haoran didn’t have the slightest bit of confidence that he could get ahead of Xiao Yifeng all the while managing to deal with the three delinquents.

‘The question is “How?”.’

He immediately opened the map and studied it.

The taxi Qin Yunhan took was going to the commercial street, where there was only one avenue.

In other words, the van and Lavida behind the taxi can only go in that direction.

Earlier, he took a photo of the Lavida. And in that photo, the license plate number was clear as day.

With this information, he can start to make plans.

‘Got it!’

Wang Haoran suddenly thought of a good idea.

“The fare is 8 yuan.” Mo’s master gestured towards Wang Haoran.

“Mister, how much money do you generally make in one day?”

“At most, it’s in the early 200s. If not, around 100.”

“I think you can make 300,000 today!”

“Why?” The motorcyclist obviously didn’t understand, scratching his head in a daze.

“Is this a scam?”


[Inside the Lavida]

Xiao Yifeng was quite excited.

The van followed Qin Yunhan’s taxi, obviously waiting for a chance to nab her.

When that happens, a golden opportunity will arrive.

As long as he saves Qin Yunhan, she will definitely recognize him as her bodyguard.

At the same time, Qin Yunhan would be so frightened that she would probably return to the small villa later.

If that were to happen, then he can live with Qin Yunhan!

The servant and the eldest young lady…

Xiao Yifeng couldn’t help but let his imagination run wild, drooling as greed overtook him.

The cheerful Yifeng’s driver has done this enough times to masterfully yet discreetly follow the van this entire time.

Xiao Yifeng didn’t need to worry about losing the van at all.

All he has to do is wait for the three young people to do something to Qin Yunhan.

But at this moment…


He could hear a crash from the area in front of the car.

“What’s the matter?” Xiao Yifeng was too busy contemplating in the back to notice the situation at the front.

“Are you blind? Or perhaps you think the road is yours? You didn’t even bother to check when you turned the corner!” The fat driver was arguing with a motorcyclist.

“Ignore him and chase the van first!” Xiao Yifeng urged.

“Hit-and-runs are unlawful…” The fat driver had an unsightly look on him.

“Less talking, more chasing!” Xiao Yifeng scolded.

He doesn’t care how the fat driver will be punished.

But what he did know is that, if he doesn’t manage to get there in time, he’ll miss out on a great opportunity to win the eldest lady’s goodwill.


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