I Became the Rich Second-Generation Villain – Chapter 61


Chapter 61: Successful Interception!

“No can do, there’s a row of cars behind us, so we can’t simply back out. The motorcycle is also right in front of us, so we can’t go forward either,” the driver said as he looked out the front and back. 

“Damn it!” 

Xiao Yifeng opened the car door, walking to the front of the car to check it out for himself. The Namo’s (the motorcycle) owner seemed to have no obvious injuries. If there were any injuries to speak of, they would most likely be internal. 

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He was a hero trying to save the beauty, so of course he was in a hurry. As such, he wanted to deal with the motorcyclist first, using his medical skills to treat the other party. 

But before he could stretch out his hand, the motorcyclist cried out, screaming, “bloody murder.” 

His shouting immediately attracted the gaze of onlookers. Some pointed, while some took out their mobile phones to take pictures and videos. 

When he saw this, Xiao Yifeng immediately dismissed the idea of ​​pulling him out of the way. 

He looked ahead, searching for the van. If he used his extraordinary strength, he might be able to catch up to it, but… the van had already vanished. 

Xiao Yifeng was furious.

[Zain: Be mad lmao] 


[Inside the taxi] 

“Mister, how much longer until we’re there?” Mu Zhaozhao was quite anxious when she asked the driver. They might be late if they took any longer. 

“Almost there, we will arrive in about  4 or 5 minutes .” 

“Take us directly to the commercial street.” Qin Yunhan was reluctant to walk. 

“Ladies, there’s too many people on the commercial street, and the car is as slow as an ant. If you’re in a hurry, I can take you to the intersection. Walking will be much faster.” 


Having heard the conversation from his bluetooth headset, Wang Haoran hurriedly went into a clothing store. He’d spent a minute or two buying some clothes before making a break for the commercial street. 

He then looked in Qin Yunhan’s direction with his X-Ray Vision, which had a certain telescopic effect. 

After a while, Wang Haoran found Qin Yunhan and Mu Zhaozhao in a taxi. 

Soon, the taxi slowed to a stop on the side of the road. 

Wang Haoran carried his clothes bag and leisurely approached the taxi as if he was just passing by. 

When Qin Yunhan scanned the QR code to pay for the car, she opened the door and immediately bumped into Wang Haoran. 

“Hey, what a coincidence! Are you here to buy clothes too?” Qin Yunhan immediately greeted him. 

He nodded and smiled, saying: “Yeah, I just bought them.” 

After a brief pause, he made his offer: “Since you’re here to buy clothes too, mind if I join you? We can head back to school together once we’re done.” 

“Sure…” Qin Yunhan didn’t object and nodded in agreement. 

However, Mu Zhaozhao – who was on the side – hurriedly stopped her. She smiled and said to Wang Haoran, “Student Wang, we’ll be buying clothes meant for women, so I’m afraid it would be a little inconvenient for you to follow us. I’m sorry.” 

Wang Haoran had never been in contact with Mu Zhaozhao before, so he didn’t know much about her. 

But going by her soft and gentle tone, Mu Zhaozhao was likely to be a very kind soul. 

“That’s alright, if that’s the case, then I won’t follow you.” 

Wang Haoran smiled apologetically. As he did so, he simultaneously spent 100 villain points to look at Mu Zhaozhao’s character information. He wanted to know more. 

Mu Zhaozhao’s stats immediately appeared in Wang Haoran’s mind. 

[Heroine: Mu Zhaozhao] 

[Combat value: 20] 

[Charm: 196] 

[Heroine’s Halo: 489] 

[Skills: None] 

[Host Favorability: -20 (very disgusted)] 

‘Mu Zhaozhao’s stats ​​are slightly lower than Qin Yunhan’s… but what’s up with this -20 favorability?’ 

Wang Haoran couldn’t help but take another look at Mu Zhaozhao. 

When she felt Wang Haoran’s gaze, Mu Zhaozhao’s sweet smile grew even thicker. 

This harmless-looking Mu Zhaozhao turned out to be a black-bellied loli! 

Only snakes would pretend in such a manner! 

However, Wang Haoran was a bit confused. 

He never had any encounters with her before, so why the disgust? 

Is it because of his Villain Halo, that makes the heroine naturally dislike him? 

“Then I’ll go shopping with Zhaozhao first. I’ll contact you if I need anything, goodbye.” Qin Yunhan waved to Wang Haoran. 

“Wait a minute,” Wang Haoran stopped, “You should still be short of several daily necessities, such as bed sheets and pillows, do you need any help in buying those?” 

“Ah right, could you do me a favor then?” Qin Yunhan nodded immediately. 

“Sure, what would you like to buy? Color, style, any descriptions would be nice.” Wang Haoran deliberately stalled for time. 


[Inside a van parked not too far away] 

“There’s a man next to her, should we proceed as planned?” A short yet prudent young man asked his two companions. 

“Why are you worried about a student? If he dares to try anything, we have more than a few knives!” A pockmarked youth ruthlessly replied. 

“Don’t touch him!” the tall young man said. 

“Gao Zi, you’ve changed, have you suddenly decided to become a good man?” The pockmarked youth laughed. 

“Are you blind, take a closer look, doesn’t he look familiar?” The tall young man was a little excited. 

As soon as socky and the shorty heard this, they immediately took a look at Wang Haoran again. 


“The son of the Wang Group!” 

“Big, fat, and succulent meat. If we kidnap him too, we’ll make even more money!” 

As professional kidnappers, they had information regarding the richest people in Qingling City, Wang Haoran included. 

“Pocky and I’ll tie up the guy. Shorty, you grab the women. We are going to be rich!” The tall young man decisively gave orders, as he put on his hood and started the van. 

The other two were so excited that they too quickly put on their hoods. 

During this time, Wang Haoran, Qin Yunhan and Mu Zhaozhao were still talking on the side of the road. 

The van stopped beside them, as three young men rushed down from the van in a hurry. 

Qin Yunhan and Mu Zhaozhao both turned pale. 

Wang Haoran had been staring at them with X-Ray Vision for quite a while, so he’d already anticipated Mr. Tall, Shorty, and Pocky running towards him. 

[TL/N: I will vomit if I have to write “youth” one more time in this context.] 

He hit Pocky with a one-inch punch, followed by a kick to Mr. Tall’s sacred marbles. 

Wang Haoran put his full strength behind both of these moves, dirtying his hands. However, putting so much strength behind Master-level Wing Chun was exhausting. 

Shorty panicked when he saw his two companions get instantly knocked down. 

Wang Haoran rushed forward, sending Shorty flying a few meters away with his elbow. 

[Ding! The Host successfully prevents the Protagonist, Xiao Yifeng’s, and saves the heroine from distress, receiving 200 villain points!] 

The three youths were knocked down and sent into panic. 

They never thought that Wang Haoran could be so powerful. 

With him around, it would be impossible to go through with their plan! 

The three quickly got up, struggling as they went into the van and fled. 

Wang Haoran watched them leave, but did not stop them. 

It’s not that he doesn’t have the ability to do so, it’s more of the fact that he doesn’t want to catch them. 

‘If I catch these three, Qin Kai will be alerted. When brought under interrogation, they’ll quickly discover that their true target is Qin Yunhan.’ 

‘It would only encourage Qin Kai to take more drastic means to ensure that Xiao Yifeng stays by Qin Yunhan’s side.’ 

That scenario wasn’t something that Wang Haoran wanted. 

As for whether Qin Yunhan will be in any danger, there’s simply no need to worry. 

With her Heroine’s Halo, she will undeniably attract danger. However, she will have every chance to turn the tables. 


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