I Became the Rich Second-Generation Villain – Chapter 62


Chapter 62: The Golden Finger Protagonist!

Though the three young men had already left, Qin Yunhan and Mu Zhaozhao had yet to completely recover. 

It was only natural that they were still in a state of shock. 

“They were probably after me, so you don’t have to worry.” Wang Haoran snorted. 

Then, he pretended to dial Wang Xiang’s phone number, “explaining” the situation over the phone as he asked him to deal with it. 

When Wang Haoran had finished, Qin Yunhan and Mu Zhaozhao had more or less snapped out of it. 

Qin Yunhan was surprised, and said with an audible gas, “wow, I thought you were just good at studying, but I didn’t expect you to be able to fight so well. Why didn’t you chase them though? It’s a pity they got away.” 

“Well, I am just one man. If they were to attack you out of desperation, I’m afraid I wouldn’t have been able to do much. It’s fine if I get hurt, but not you. Otherwise, I’d have to live with that shame for the rest of my life.” Wang Haoran said. 

When these words fell on their ears, they were stunned, looking at Wang Haoran in disbelief. 

Mu Zhaozhao didn’t speak, but she was currently reconsidering her stance on Wang Haoran. 

[Ding! One of the heroines, Qin Yunhan’s favorability of the Host has risen by 10, current total favorability is 30 (Very Friendly)] 

[Ding! One of the heroines, Mu Zhaozhao’s favorability of the Host has risen by 20, current total favorability is 0 (Strangers)] 

[Ding! The Host has altered the plot’s direction, receiving 300 villain points!] 

After receiving the System prompt, Wang Haoran sighed once more. 

Movie-level Acting Skill my a*s, It should be called God-level bullshitting! 

The load of bull he spewed was convincing enough for Qin Yunhan and Mu Zhaozhao to believe him. 

Wang Haoran chatted with Qin Yunhan again, and after gaining a rough understanding of her preferences, they temporarily went their separate ways. 

Qin Yunhan and Mu Zhaozhao entered the women’s clothing store on the commercial street and Wang Haoran went to Home City. 

Once he was there, Wang Haoran immediately began to pick out some essentials such as bed-sheets, pillows, blankets, and so on. 

Qin Yunhan had a very “girly” preference, which basically meant her preferred color palette revolved around pink. 

However… there were plenty of items that fell along that category. Wang Haoran was left confused and was unable to pick for a while. 

“Young Master Wang?” 

Just as Wang Haoran was grappling with indecision, a familiar voice made its way to his ear. 

When he turned his head to talk, he was surprised to see a beautiful woman in professional attire. Her tall and long legs wrapped in black socks were particularly attractive. 

This beautiful woman was none other than his mother’s secretary, Fang Xuan. 

In one hand, she carried a bag of clothes. 

Going by the brand, it was a store specializing in women’s underwear. These were, however, on the lower end of the spectrum. The clothes inside were likely worth no more than fifty yuan in total. 

Wang Haoran was surprised. 

Fang Xuan is the CEO’s secretary, and her monthly salary should be no less than tens of thousands. 

‘Why is she buying such cheap clothing?’ 

‘Doesn’t she know, if you wear such cheap underwear, they’ll sag…’ 

[TL/N: Boobs, they’re talking about boobs.] 

‘She’s a working woman who likely has plenty of savings and a high salary, so why not cherish herself a bit more?’ 

“Secretary Fang is free today?” Although Wang Haoran was very curious, he didn’t want to ask, so he discussed something else. 

“I took a leave of absence to accompany my brother to buy some things.” Fang Xuan smiled. 

“Your brother?” Wang Haoran looked around, but he didn’t notice anyone around her. 

“He went to the bathroom.” She explained. 

“That means you’re free now, right?” Wang Haoran quickly asked. 

“Yes. If I can be of any help, please ask.” The man in front of her was her boss’s son after all. It was only natural that Fang Xuan would be so friendly. 

“I need to buy a few household items, such as pillows, sheets, and blankets. They’re for girls, so it would have to be a bit more feminine. You’re a woman, so it’s only natural that you know better than me when it comes to choosing things for women.” Wang Haoran said. 

“Of course, I can easily help with this trivial matter, yes.” Fang Xuan nodded in agreement. 

As she said so, she began to shift through a pile of household items. However, in no less than five minutes, Fang Xuan had already made her choice. 

The items that Fang Xuan had picked out were of excellent quality with equally beautiful aesthetics to match. 

Wang Haoran was quite pleased with them. 

‘Qin Yunhan and Mu Zhaozhao are sure to like these.’ 

“Elder sister!” 

A boy less than twenty in age came over and called out to Fang Xuan. 

“I’m back!” 

Fang Xuan smiled and introduced them: “Young Master Wang, this is my brother, Fang Heng.” 

Wang Haoran nodded and glanced at Fang Heng. 

Compared to Fang Xuan, a woman with an outstanding appearance, Fang Heng was quite ordinary. 

If Fang Xuan hadn’t said so, Wang Haoran would’ve never considered the two of them to be siblings. 

“He looks around my age. You’re still studying, right?” Wang Haoran casually asked. 

“He graduated from high school last year, but his grades were average, so he didn’t get into college,” Fang Xuan replied. 

“Oh.” Wang Haoran nodded lightly. 

“Sister, who is he? What are you talking to him about?” Fang Heng gave Wang Haoran an unhappy look. 

He has a high self-esteem, and he was very displeased to have the fact he didn’t go to college be mentioned in public. 

However, he wasn’t angry at his sister. He was angry at Wang Haoran. 

“Xiaoheng, what’s the matter with you? Be polite! This is my boss’s son.” Fang Xuan hurriedly reprimanded her brother, fearing that he would offend Wang Haoran. 

“Oh, a rich kid.” Fang Heng bluntly replied. 

“Xiaoheng, apologize this instant!” Fang Xuan said. 

“Rich kids are born with a silver spoon, why should I apologize to him?” Fang Heng didn’t care. 

Fang Xuan was so anxious she could drop dead this instant. 

Zhen Li is her boss. Given her boss’ doting attitude for her son, Wang Haoran could get her fired with a few words. 

“Xiaoheng, don’t be so childish. You’ll listen to your sister, right?” Fang Xuan did her best to convince him with that pretty face of hers. 

“Sister, I’m not ignorant. In fact, I understand that you want me to apologize because you’re afraid of getting fired. But you don’t need to worry, since I’ll be taking care of you from now on.” Fang Heng casually replied. 

[TL/N: “I’m not ignorant.” *proceeds to court death*] 

Fang Xuan was so angry that she wanted to slap Fang Heng right this instant. However, she restrained herself, apologizing to Wang Haoran on behalf of Fang Heng: 

“Young Master Wang, my younger brother is ignorant. You are different in that regard, please don’t pay attention to him.” 

Wang Haoran didn’t answer immediately. 

He wasn’t angry. He did, however, feel that Fang Heng was acting a little weird. 

Just now, Fang Xuan said that Fang Heng didn’t go to college because he didn’t have good grades.

So where did Fang Heng get the confidence to ask Fang Xuan to give up her job as the CEO’s secretary, whose monthly salary is easily in the tens of thousands?

Does he think he’s some sort of Protagonist?

Wang Haoran couldn’t help but feel a little funny, startled by this train of thought. 

He hurriedly spent 100 villain points to check Fang Heng’s attribute panel. 

[Protagonist: Fang Heng] 

[Combat value: 76] 

[Charm: 86] 

[Protagonist Halo: 387] 

[Skill: Golden Finger (Ability of appraising treasures: By touching an item with one finger, able to obtain information such as the item’s year, material, etc.)] 

‘A protagonist through and through…’ 

Wang Haoran looked at Fang Heng again. 

His Protagonist’s Halo is only at 387. 

Compared to Xiao Yifeng, this protagonist is far weaker, and his Golden Finger is limited only to making money. 

With his Villain’s Halo of 456, it wouldn’t be too difficult for him to simply demolish Fang Heng. 

However, Wang Haoran had other plans in mind. 

For Wang Haoran, this protagonist wasn’t all that threatening, which means he’s simply a walking bundle of rewards, an XP book that he could use to upgrade himself. [Zain: GENSHIN?!?]


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