I Became the Rich Second-Generation Villain – Chapter 63


Chapter 63: Planning!

Wang Haoran averted his gaze, inadvertently resting upon Fang Xuan again. 

‘Since Fang Heng is the protagonist, can the beautiful Fang Xuan be a heroine?’ 

‘But they’re siblings…’ 

‘Is the author some sort of eccentric with strange tastes?’ 

[Zain: The author is a man of culture]

Wang Haoran considered these things for a while, before coming up with a possible explanation. 

“Secretary Fang, your younger brother is a young man with an aggressive temper. I understand that, and I’m not angry about it, so you don’t need to apologize.” Wang Haoran gently smiled. 

Hearing this, Fang Xuan breathed a sigh of relief. 

Fang Heng didn’t take this seriously nor did he appreciate it, he only looked at Wang Haoran with contempt. 

“Although, by the looks alone, you don’t appear to be siblings.” Wang Haoran abruptly added. 

“I’m adopted. Xiao Heng and I are not related by blood, but our relationship is the same as biological siblings.” Fang Xuan had nothing to hide. 

[TL/N: It’s not like we’re related by blood or anything- *kawaki wo ameku intensifies*]

‘Sure enough.’ 

Wang Haoran’s guess was confirmed, and even without needing to spend 100 Villain Points, Fang Xuan’s status as a heroine was confirmed. 

When Fang Heng saw his elder sister and Wang Haoran happily chatting amongst themselves, he grew more and more unhappy the longer he stayed. He pointed to the shared massage chair not far away and said, “I’ll go sit there for a while.” 

Fang Xuan nodded, and after Fang Heng left, she said to Wang Haoran, “My younger brother has a temper. I hope Young Master Wang doesn’t take it to heart.” 

“Like I said, it’s fine.” 

Wang Haoran didn’t seem to be angry, making Fang Xuan relieved. 

“Is there anything else you need?” 

“Not really, that was all.” 

“Are these supposed to be for a woman?” 

“Yes, I bought it for a female classmate.” 

“For just a female classmate? Surely, it’s not so simple, right?” Fang Xuan felt that Wang Haoran was quite approachable, so she couldn’t help but joke a bit. 

“I don’t have any interest in little girls. In comparison, an office beauty like Secretary Fang is more attractive in my eyes.” Wang Haoran said, not forgetting to tease her a bit. 

Fang Xuan suddenly felt a little embarrassed. 

She thought of Wang Haoran as a little boy. She was surprised to hear the other party say such a thing. 

She wasn’t angry though. Instead, she smiled to hide her fluster. 

“Young Master Wang, please don’t make such jokes.” 

“What if I said I’m not joking?” Wang Haoran suddenly looked serious. 

Fang Xuan was completely stunned, not knowing how to respond. 

However, Wang Haoran was the first to say, “Since you’ve picked out the items for me already, I still have a few things to do, I’ll be going first.” 

He left with a meaningful smile immediately after, not waiting for Fang Xuan’s response. 

Fang Xuan felt a strange feeling welling up in her heart, making her frozen for a while. 

She didn’t react until Fang Heng came to call her. 

“Sister, are you alright? You look a bit weird.” 

“I feel a little sick, I’m probably tired from work.” Fang Xuan didn’t want to tell Fang Heng what Wang Haoran had said just now, so she found an excuse. 

Fang Heng took her word for it. 

After Wang Haoran left Fang Xuan’s field of vision with the household items in hand, he contacted Zhen Li. He asked her for some basic information regarding Fang Xuan. 

These documents also contained Fang Xuan’s home address. 

Once he got them, Wang Haoran contacted the private detective agency he had sent to check on Chu Bai last time. 

He wanted to know the specifics on what Fang Xuan’s home was like. 

He also wanted to keep an eye on Fang Heng’s movements. 


[The other side] 

Xiao Yifeng and the fat driver were delayed for a significant period of time thanks to the car accident. Only after a bit of struggle, they managed to free themselves. 

He immediately made a phone call to Qin Kai, asking about Qin Yunhan’s situation as if he didn’t know any better. 

Qin Kai replied, saying that nothing unusual happened. 

After a short chat, the call ended. 

‘Qin Kai’s mood seemed stable. So obviously, he hadn’t encountered any major issues, like extortion.’ 

‘Meaning, Qin Yunhan is currently safe, and hasn’t been kidnapped.’ 

Xiao Yifeng didn’t understand why the bandits hadn’t acted. 

‘Maybe Qin Yunhan wasn’t their target?’ 

Xiao Yifeng thought for a while, but he couldn’t figure it out. 

At any rate, this was good news for him. 

Qin Yunhan wasn’t kidnapped, so naturally, he wouldn’t be held responsible for failing to provide adequate protection. 

“The young lady is safe for the time being. Don’t say anything about today’s affairs, just pretend that nothing happened. You’ll have to hide it, even if you’re speaking to President Qin himself. Otherwise, I’ll make sure that you won’t be able to eat or even walk.” Xiao Yifeng threatened the fat driver. 

“Yes!” The fatty hurriedly nodded. 

He was, of course, none other than Qin Kai’s full-time driver. 

He had never been in a car accident during his entire career as a driver for Qin Kai. However, today was the fateful day when he did. If it gets to President Qin’s ears, he’d definitely lose face. 

What’s more, it’s not like anything happened to the young miss. 

‘Yeah, it’s best not to mention this to the president…’ 


When Qin Yunhan and Mu Zhaozhao finished shopping for clothes, they met up with Wang Haoran at the agreed place. 

They found a Cullinan waiting at the meeting point. 

Wang Haoran didn’t want to use the attention-grabbing Cullinan to follow them earlier. But with the crisis averted, it was now naturally okay to do so. 

The three of them went back to school by car. 

However, Wang Haoran didn’t immediately return to his classroom. Instead, he bought two cups of mandarin duck milk tea outside the school. 

Currently, he still has five minutes before the first afternoon class starts. 

By now, most students had already returned to the classroom. 

Xu Muyan was sitting on her seat when she saw Wang Haoran coming in from the corner of her eyes. However, she didn’t look at him. 

Because of Wang Haoran’s sudden departure, she was still a little sour in her heart. 

‘Humph! It’s not like I’m worried about Wang Haoran.’ 

[PR/N: I am speechless]

But at this moment, a hand suddenly brought a cup of mandarin duck milk tea under her eyelids. 

Xu Muyan looked up and saw Wang Haoran smiling. 

“Bought it especially for you.” 

After speaking, Wang Haoran went back to his seat. 

Xu Muyan, who was furious a second ago, instantly had a change of mood. 

‘This guy had me worried, but… he really does care about me.’ 

Holding the mandarin duck milk tea, its warmth spread to her palm. Xu Muyan hadn’t even drank it yet, but her heart had already tasted an unbelievable sweetness. 

[Ding! The Host touches the heart of Xu Muyan, one of the heroines, receiving 100 villain points!] 


[In the afternoon] 

Wang Haoran received a message from the private detective agency. 

He’d received word regarding the details of Fang Xuan’s family’s situation. 

When Wang Haoran saw the report, he immediately understood why Fang Xuan, who has a monthly salary of tens of thousands, saved so much money when buying clothes. 

And from this information, Wang Haoran can easily put together that it hasn’t been long since Fang Huan got his ability. 

‘He has yet to use the Golden Finger to make money.’ 

What Wang Haoran said to Fang Xuan before was no joke. 

If Fang Xuan wasn’t a heroine, Wang Haoran certainly wouldn’t have any ideas about her. 

However, now that he has confirmed that she is one, he needs to do something. 

It’s a good idea to brush up on Fang Xuan’s favorability toward him, but Wang Haoran usually has little to no contact with Fang Xuan. It’ll simply take too long to raise his favorability score. 

That plan would simply be unrealistic. 

He needed something a little more direct and fast. 

Wang Haoran thought about it for a while, before quickly calling Zhen Li. What did they talk about? Fang Xuan’s pay raise. 

An additional 100,000 yuan to her monthly salary! 


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