I Became the Rich Second-Generation Villain – Chapter 64


Chapter 64: First Come, First Served!

[Guoxiang Tianxiang headquarters] 

With sorrow in her heart, Fang Xuan returned to the company. 

After leaving her hometown, both she and her brother went to visit the hospital. 

Her mother’s illness had grown worse, and the doctor told her that she needed to undergo dialysis again. 

However, after so many dialysis sessions, Fang Xuan’s savings had practically dried up. 

She was broke.

[Zain: That’s me!] 

She’s borrowed everything that her relatives could possibly lend her, leaving her buried in debt worth hundreds of thousands of yuan. 

The enormous pressure made it a bit hard to breathe. 

She walked back to the president’s office in a slump, forcing herself to cheer up, and readied herself for another day of hard work. 

“Fang Xuan, starting this month, your previous monthly salary will be increased by 100,000.” 

Zhen Li said aloud, raising her head, who caught sight of Fang Xuan’s return while working.

“Ms. Zhen, may I ask why?” Fang Xuan was surprised by the sudden pay raise. 

Although she desperately needed more money, she had never once mentioned it to her colleagues or superiors. 

She was a woman of principle, so she would never ask them for money unless she absolutely had to. 

‘There’s no way Ms. Zhen Li could’ve known…’ 

“Haoran requested it.” Zhen Li replied. 

When Wang Haoran made his request, Zhen Li could guess that something was up, but she didn’t ask all that many questions. 

She only knew that her son wanted something. As a mother, how could she not satisfy her son’s wishes? 

‘Besides, Fang Xuan is a beauty with a good personality.’ 

‘She has no boyfriend, and her circle of friends is nothing special.’ 

‘She’s barely worthy of my son’s attention…’ 

When Zhen Li finished speaking, she looked down at the paper once more before leaving. 

Fang Xuan’s mind was in a complete mess with emotions ranging from joy, confusion, resistance and shock. 

She now finally understood that Wang Haoran’s words were no joke. 

In truth, Fang Xuan wanted to refuse, but she wouldn’t be able to bear the consequences if she did so. 

Her monthly salary as the president’s secretary was already quite considerable before this. 

If she rejects Zhen Li’s proposal, then it’s only natural this matter would reach Wang Haoran’s ears. 

If Wang Haoran were to get angry, wouldn’t Zhen Li fire her? 

That would cut off her primary source of income. 

Finding a good job would be difficult and time-consuming. 

Then what will happen to her mother who is suffering from uremia? 

What about her father who is confined to his wheelchair for the rest of his life because of his leg injuries that he got during work? 

Even if she were to be a thousand times more unwilling, she dared not utter the words to reject the offer. 

At that moment… 

Fang Xuan’s cell phone suddenly rang. 

‘An unfamiliar number…’ 

“Are you satisfied?” 

She answered the phone, and Wang Haoran’s voice came from the other end. 

“Wh-why?” Fang Xuan had mixed feelings in her heart. 

“You already know, so why ask?” 

“I… what do you want?” 

“It’s not convenient to chat on the phone. I’ll be waiting for you at the Dahao Hotel at ten o’clock tonight. The room number will be sent to you when the time comes. Come over and we’ll talk in person.” 


The phone call ended. 

Fang Xuan didn’t even have a chance to respond, as Wang Haoran had already hung up before she could do so. 

However, Fang Xuan simply couldn’t refuse. 

She took a deep breath, and tried to calm herself down, by throwing herself into her work. 

Before she knew it, night had fallen. 

Time flew, and it was half past nine in the blink of an eye. 

Since Fang Xuan opted for a half-day leave, she still had plenty of work to be done. 

But time was running out. 

After all, she just received a message from Wang Haoran. 

“Ms. Zhen, I want to leave early, can I?” Fang Xuan asked Zhen Li, who was also still in the office. 

“Of course, go ahead.” Zhen Li nodded in agreement. 


[Furukawa Street] 

It wasn’t just Fang Xuan who was worried about their family’s status but Fang Hang as well. 

However, the pressure Fang Heng faced was considerably lighter in comparison. 

After all, he had the Golden Finger. 

This was the famous antique market in Qingling City. 

Of course, while it’s said to sell antiques, most of them are merely meant to profit off people’s stupidity. 

There were very few real antiques around, as most of them being fakes. 

Although it was already 9:30 PM, Furukawa Street was still very lively. 

Both tourists and experts alike were looking to get something good. 

The “plan” was to pick the real antiques from the fakes to make a profit. 

However, most of the people are bound to lose money. Only a small number of people profit every time. 

Some rely on luck, while some rely on skill. 

However, even the most skilled still fail at times. 

It was at that moment that Fang Xuan came to Furukawa Street, filled with ambition. 

With the Golden Finger skill, he had a 100% accuracy in appraising treasures. 

As long as those dusty objects were really antiques, he can tell their value just by touching. 


[At the same time] 

After the self-study session, Wang Haoran didn’t go home. Instead, he came to the Dahao Hotel and opened a presidential suite. 

After sending the room number to Fang Xuan, Wang Haoran went to take a bath. 

When he came out, he received a message from the private detective. 

“Fang Heng went to Furukawa Street.” 

Wang Haoran had never been there, but he knew what it was. 

‘Fang Heng must be there to make money. Given his ability, there’s a chance for him to earn plenty of it.’ 

‘When that happens, Fang Xuan’s mother’s medical expenses will be covered, which in turn will cover up Fang Xuan’s weakness.’ 

‘By then, it would be very, very difficult to harvest Villain Points from Fang Xuan. Because once Fang Heng has the money, he’ll share it with his sister. And by the end of it, Fang Xuan would probably care less about her secretary job.’ 

What little interaction Wang Haoran had with Fang Xuan was thanks to her job. Once she leaves his mother’s company, then it is very likely that all interactions with him will be severed. 

‘This simply won’t do.’ 

‘Xiao Yifeng is overpowered, and I’ll definitely have to face him in the future.’ 

Wang Haoran needed to make himself stronger, so he had to “pick the wool” from Fang Heng. 

After receiving the message, he waited for a little longer. 

However, Wang Haoran was starting to get a bit bored. 

Fortunately, Xu Muyan took this opportunity to message him with her phone at home. It was just some small talk. 

For example: “What are you doing? Are you home yet?” 

Things like that. 

Wang Haoran answered every question she had as they chatted. 

Naturally, he couldn’t tell her the truth. 

Although the chats were all about trivial matters, Xu Muyan seemed to enjoy it and kept sending messages. 

Her level of infatuation was about half as much as Wen Jing’s. 

At that moment… 

There was a knock at the door. 

“The door is open, come in.” 

Once Wang Haoran finished speaking, the person at the door paused for more than ten seconds before entering the room. 

He turned his head and looked again, only to see a beautiful woman in professional attire. 

It was none other than Fang Xuan. 

However, Fang Xuan’s brows were furrowed, and her expression was slightly pale. 

Although Wang Haoran was a certain distance away from her, she was still tense from the moment she entered the room. 


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