I Became the Rich Second-Generation Villain – Chapter 65


Chapter 65: The Super Villain Attacks!

Wang Haoran replied “I’m going to take a bath” to Xu Muyan, then put down the phone and looked at Fang Xuan again. 

“Just sit down and relax.” Wang Haoran said while he poured himself a glass of red wine and took a sip. 

He turned around and asked, “Would you like anything?” 

Fang Xuan shook her head. 

She couldn’t even bring herself to say anything, one could imagine how nervous she was. 

Wang Haoran was in no hurry, so he didn’t speak to Fang Xuan immediately. Instead, he turned on the suite’s karaoke device and sang a few relaxing songs at random. 

Though he was the only one singing. 

After a few songs, Wang Haoran put down the microphone. 

Looking back, Fang Xuan was a bit less pale and nervous, much better than she previously was. 

In fact, Fang Xuan was a bit surprised. 

She obviously didn’t expect Wang Haoran’s singing to be at this level. 

[Ding! Fang Xuan, one of the heroines, has an increase of 10 favorability to the Host. The current total favorability is -10 (Mild Disgust)] 

[Ding! The Host has affected the plot direction, receiving 100 villain points!] 


After receiving the System Prompt, Wang Haoran was almost stunned. 

But in retrospect, he found it to be normal. 

‘When a respectful office beauty encounters a situation like this, she’ll naturally hate the person responsible for it.’ 

But Wang Haoran didn’t mind it. 

He didn’t need Fang Xuan’s heart anyway. 

‘It doesn’t matter.’ 

“From what I understand, you’re adopted. And yet you’ve paid nearly one million in medical expenses for your adoptive mother over the years. Was it worth it?” Wang Haoran broke the silence first. 

“In my opinion, they are no different from my biological parents.” 

“A filial child.” 

Wang Haoran nodded approvingly, and continued, “However, the money required in the treatment of uremia is a huge bottomless pit. You’ll need plenty of money, an extravagant amount. It’s sure to cause you trouble.” 

“And I can offer you money, 10 million!” 

Fang Xuan was stunned for a moment, obviously not expecting this situation. 

She thought that the monthly salary increase of 100,000 was all Wang Haoran had to offer. 

[Ding! Fang Xuan, one of the heroines, has an increase of 10 favorability to the host. The current total favorability is 0 (Strangers)] 

[Ding! The Host has affected the plot direction, receiving 100 villain points!] 

After receiving the prompt message from the system, Wang Haoran paused, and looked at Fang Xuan before continuing, “You understand what I want, right?” 

Fang Xuan pursed her lips tightly, then nodded lightly. 

She wouldn’t have come here if she wasn’t mentally prepared. 

“You’ll find a set of bathrobes and a shower room there.” Wang Haoran pointed. 

Fang Xuan nodded, took her things and walked inside with heavy steps. 

Wang Haoran took advantage of this moment to pick up Fang Xuan’s phone on the table and transmitted the virus he developed into it. 

In the future, as long as Fang Xuan carries her mobile phone, she’ll be controlled just like Qin Yunhan. 

After half an hour, Fang Xuan came out. 

“I thought you wouldn’t get out.” 

Wang Haoran teased. But upon seeing Fang Xuan frozen at the bathroom door, he immediately frowned and said, “You’re in your early twenties, but perhaps you need me to teach you?” 

Fang Xuan walked slowly walked  towards Wang Haoran. 




It was indeed a fact that Fang Xuan needed to be taught. 

[Zain: Insert “Snu Snu.png” here]


[Ding! The Host has succeeded in capturing the heroine Fang Xuan, receiving 1000 villain points!] 

[Fang Xuan’s heroine Halo has decreased by 50.] 

[Fang Heng’s Protagonist Halo has decreased by 50.] 

[The Host’s Villain’s Halo has increased by 100!] 

[Ding! Fang Xuan, one of the heroines, has an increase of 20 favorability to the Host. The current total favorability is 20 (Very Friendly)] 

1000 villain points and a decrease of 50 to Fang Heng’s Protagonist Halo, all according to keikaku.’ 

However, Fang Xuan’s heroine’s Halo has also decreased by 50, which was then added to his Villain’s Halo. Wang Haoran was surprised by this. 

But then he reacted, cursing the system. 

‘Why didn’t the damned system say so beforehand?!’ 

He thought that capturing the heroine would only diminish the Protagonist Halo, but it turns out that the same went for the Heroine Halo. 

Basically, urban web novels have a habit of matching the male Protagonist with several heroines. In terms of quantity, there were far more heroines than male Protagonists. 

In other words, there were more Villain’s Halo points for him to be harvested. 

Wang Haoran’s main goal in the past was to become the Protagonist’s nemesis, but now it seems he has another goal, which is to become the heroine harvester! 

[PR/N: My man is the opposite of “No bitches?”]

As long as the Villain’s Halo far exceeds the Protagonist’s Halo, it will be much easier to deal with the Protagonist. Once he goes beyond a certain level, he can simply end the protagonist once and for all. 

This discovery was great news for Wang Haoran. 

He secretly cheered for a while, and then looked at the second System Prompt. 

‘What the hell is with the favorability increase?’ 

‘Is it because of my performance?’ 


When he thought of this, Wang Haoran glanced at Fang Xuan’s eyes again. 

Compared to before, Fang Xuan’s eyes had a much gentler look to them. 

‘I guess I’m right?’ 

But aside from that, there was something else that Wang Haoran was more interested in. 

“You’ve never had a boyfriend before?” 

‘Fang Xuan is already 25 years old, could it be that she was still a virgin?’ 

‘Did the author really have to go as far as to use the virgin trope to make the protagonist seem cooler?’ 

“My adoptive father and mother didn’t have much money, so I had to get through college myself. I devoted myself to studying until graduation, and then I worked at the Guose Tianxiang. Later, I was accepted by President Zhen and became her secretary. The income was quite considerable, but things took a turn for the worse at home. So I’ve never really had the opportunity to consider these things.” Fang Xuan hid nothing, and carefully explained everything to Wang Haoran. 

“I see.” Wang Haoran nodded. 

At this moment, his mobile phone suddenly rang, as he received more news from the private detective. 

Fang Heng found an ancient porcelain bowl on Furukawa Street, and was spotted by a buyer on the spot, who spent 5 million to buy it. 

Fang Heng is now on his way home. 

Wang Haoran was a little fortunate. 

Fang Heng’s movements were a bit slower than his own. 

Even if he were to become rich this instant, the fact he now had one more “brother-in-law” cannot be changed. 

“I take it that gossip will be a concern for you?” Wang Haoran suddenly asked. 

“I don’t think anyone will like this,” Fang Xuan nodded, warily asking, “Why do you ask?” 

“Looks like I guessed correctly. I’ll transfer the ten million in some other way than. That way, we can avoid gossip.” Wang Haoran replied. 

Fang Xuan nodded. 

Although she was curious, she didn’t ask much. 

In her opinion, Wang Haoran’s “pocket money” probably included millions, if not tens of millions. He didn’t look like someone who’d ever have any trouble paying back his debts. 

“Then… shall we rest?” Fang Xuan felt very tired. 

“I’m used to sleeping alone, you can go back.” Wang Haoran abruptly stated. 

Fang Xuan was stunned. 

‘Isn’t this a bit too cruel?!’ 

‘Why make me go back right now?’ 

She was silent for a while, before finally responding, “Alright.” 

Although Fang Xuan didn’t show it, she was quite displeased. However, she didn’t dare to go against Wang Haoran’s wishes. 

After watching Fang Xuan leave, Wang Haoran let a small smile show on the corner of his mouth. 

The reason why he indirectly told Fang Xuan to go home wasn’t because he was cruel. 

It was because Fang Heng had already made a lot of money and was on his way home. 

As soon as Fang Xuan goes home, Fang Heng would be quite impatient to showcase his earnings, wouldn’t he? 

‘That’ll be quite the show.’ 


[Inside a villa] 

Qin Kai and Xiao Yifeng were sitting on the sofa while Uncle Li prepared two cups of tea. 

“You must’ve worked hard today, keeping watch all the while remaining off-campus. Come, drink some tea.” Qin Kai said. 

“It’s fine, It’s not difficult at all.” Xiao Yifeng forced a smile on his face. 

But he was very depressed on the inside. 

“Have you found any suspicious characters with malicious intent to Yunhan?” When he finished his cup of tea, Qin Kai suddenly asked in a concerned manner. 

“None. If there were, I would definitely catch them.” Xiao Yifeng opened his eyes and started bullshitting. 

“That’s good.” Qin Kai began to relax, as he took another sip of tea, savoring it. He nodded with satisfaction. 

“Uncle Qin, what about my enrollment? Is it done yet?” 

Xiao Yifeng anxiously asked. 

After he met Qin Yunhan once yesterday, he missed her so much that he couldn’t wait to be with her at all times. However, it was a pity that Qin Yunhan hid in school all day, not once showing any signs of coming back. 

Upon hearing his question, Qin Kai suddenly lost the peace of mind he gained from drinking the tea. A look of embarrassment was on his face. 


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