I Became the Rich Second-Generation Villain – Chapter 66


Chapter 66: Can one really discern treasures after reading antique books for a few days?

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“It will take a few days to finish processing your enrollment,” Qin Kai said. 

“I’ll have to wait till then.” Xiao Yifeng was a little disappointed and couldn’t help but ask 

“But with Uncle Qin’s financial resources and connections, surely it wouldn’t be so difficult to get enrolled?” 

“Of course not, these things simply take time.” Qin Kai bullshitted, making it out to be Xiao Yifeng’s lack of understanding. 

Earlier today, he’d gone to Tang Bingyun’s company to find her. However, he still couldn’t meet her. 

Qin Kai still can’t figure out how  he had offended Tang Bingyun. 

She not only blocked his number but even turned away when he visited in person. 

It simply makes no sense! 

‘I’ve always been influential in Qingling City, when did I become so unpopular?’ 

Qin Kai had now given up on finding Tang Bingyun. 

He planned to bypass her and go straight to the rest of the Tang family. 

Although Tang Bingyun is the school director of the Mizusawa Education Group, Tang Bingyun is not the head of the Tang family. 

He still couldn’t believe how a girl in her twenties gave her this much trouble. 

“What about Qin Yunhan’s stay at school? Does Uncle Qin intend to just let her be?” Xiao Yifeng was quite stubborn. He desperately wanted to live under the same roof as the eldest young lady. 

“Yunhan is my daughter. I know her too well. She’s never lived in a dormitory, so for her to live in such an environment is out of the question. Not only that but she’s never returned to the villa to gather her clothes and daily necessities. She’ll be back in a few more days.” 

When Qin Kai said so, he imagined the terrible conditions his spoiled daughter must be living under with an irritated look. 



[Inside a well-decorated teacher’s room] 

Qin Yunhan couldn’t help but sneeze as she left the shower. 

“Sister Yunhan, this place is much better than the dorms.” Mu Zhaozhao leaned on the big bed with a smile on her face. 

Compared with the girls’ dormitory yesterday, the conditions here were far superior. 

Although the room wasn’t all that big, it had everything you could possibly need. 

On top of that, it had its own shower room, as well as appliances such as a washing machine and air conditioner. 

“It’s not that bad. If my dad doesn’t drive that hillbilly away, I can live here till we graduate.” Qin Yunhan was quite satisfied with the new environment. 

‘Of course it’s not bad, do you two girls know how much I had to spend for it?’ 

Wang Haoran couldn’t help but complain when he heard their conversation through the virus he planted on Qin Yunhan’s cell phone. 

A female teacher previously occupied this room, who was convinced to leave at a high price this afternoon. 

In terms of its size and decoration, it was one of the best among all the teachers’ rooms. 

However, in the eyes of the Eldest Miss Qin Yunhan, it was just “not bad”. 

Despite his complaints, Wang Haoran felt it was worth the investment. 

After all, he didn’t want to let Qin Yunhan and Mu Zhaozhao return to the small villa. If that were to happen, Xiao Yifeng would have plenty of opportunities to interact with them. 

Keeping them in school was simply the best choice. 

“Teacher Bai is going to hold a parents’ meeting tomorrow, and the school principal will be there to give a speech in person. All the student’s parents have to be present. What’ll you do then?” Mu Zhaozhao’s voice came from the bluetooth headset. 

“Dad is the only one I can call, and even if I did, he will most likely not come. It’s not like he ever came to a parent-teacher meeting since I was a child anyway. I don’t feel like calling him either, so I’ll just stand outside the classroom tomorrow, no big deal!” 

Qin Yunhan’s tone was a mix of jealousy and sorrow. One could almost hear a faint sob. 

Mu Zhaozhao really wanted to comfort her. But each time she tried to open her mouth, she swallowed it back without managing to get even a single word out. 

The sound of palms slapping against skin could be faintly heard. 

Mu Zhaozhao probably regretted bringing up the topic and slapped herself. 

It was silent. 

Wang Haoran thought about it. 

‘Qin Yunhan has princess syndrome. She’s typically selfish and doesn’t give a damn about what other people think.’ 

‘People like her are generally carefree.’ 

‘But going by what she just said , it seems she has quite the fragile side.’ 

‘Now how do I use this against her?’ 

[PR/N: MC:- she’s quite a pitiful person, Now how do I end this man’s whole Career.] 


[12 AM] 

Fang Xuan returned to the dilapidated residential building called home. 

Because of her busy work schedule, Fang Xuan hired a nurse to take care of her father during the day. 

‘Father is probably asleep by now.’ 

She didn’t want to wake him, so she quietly walked to the door. If possible, she wanted to slip into her room unnoticed. 

But at this moment, the sound of a door being unlocked could be heard. 

Fang Xuan suddenly stopped and waited at the gate. 

Soon, Fang Heng appeared in front of her. 

“Xiaoheng, why did you come back so late? Did you go to the internet cafe again?” Fang Xuan looked angry as she began to reprimand him. 

“Sister, I didn’t go online! I went to make money!” Fang Heng’s face was flushed with excitement. 

“You don’t even have a job, so how did you make money?” Fang Xuan snorted softly. 

Naturally, Fang Heng couldn’t find work considering he was only a high school graduate. Whenever he had time, he went to the Internet cafe to play games. 

Fang Xuan often complained about this. She tried to convince Fang Heng many times to learn a skill. However, Fang Heng was unwilling. 

“Who said I have no skill? My skills have earned me this much tonight!” Fang Xuan proudly stretched out five fingers. 

“Five Yuan?” Fang Xuan laughed it off. 




“Five hundred?” 

“Five million!” Fang Heng couldn’t wait any longer and said it with his own mouth. 

“Five million? I think you probably earned five million gold coins playing Dou Landlord.” Fang Xuan couldn’t help but put him down. But she suddenly realized that something was off, asking him once again, this time more seriously, “You really made five million?” 

“Yes! It’s five million of real money!” As Fang Heng spoke, he showed his sister the bank account information on his mobile phone. 

Fang Xuan looked at it and found that it was indeed five million! 

Could it be that this is what Wang Haoran meant when he said he’d find another way to give her the money. 

She was surprised, but she wanted to make sure. 

“How did you get this money?” 

“I have been reading some antique books recently and learned quite a bit about them! So I went to Furukawa Street to practice, and – with the knowledge I had – I picked out an ancient porcelain bowl. That’s how I earned five million!” Fang Heng fervently explained. 

All of these were lies, of course. If he told her about the Golden Finger, would his sister really believe him? 

“After reading a few books about antiques, you learned to appraise antiques?” Fang Xuan thought this was absurd. 

‘Big players usually had to immerse themselves for decades in their craft. And yet my younger brother is able to do so after reading a few books… in a few days?’ 

Only an idiot would believe it. 

“Sister, it’s the truth! I’m not lying, and if you don’t believe me, I can swear!  I really did earn the money by myself. You know it’s not like me to steal or rob.” Fang Heng firmly stated. 

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