I Became the Rich Second-Generation Villain – Chapter 67


Chapter 67: Continue to harvest the wool!

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“No need to swear, I believe you.” Fang Xuan immediately responded. 

She really did believe Fang Heng. 

However, she only believed that the porcelain bowl was sold for 5 million, not that Fang Heng had the ability to appraise treasures. 

Going by his words, Fang Xuan was sure that the porcelain bowl was a fake. 

Whoever spent 5 million to buy a porcelain bowl was definitely a trusted associate Wang Haoran found. 

‘My brother truly is stupid to think that he would know how to appraise treasures.’ 

However, this situation worked in Fang Xuan’s favor. 

Her younger brother made use of his treasure appraisal skills to solve the family’s financial problems. 

Rather than saying that she sold herself, she now had a legitimate excuse. 

If it’s like this, no one will gossip about it. 

Fang Xuan couldn’t help but sigh. Although Wang Haoran was young, he was still quite considerate. 

“It’s getting late, so rest early.” 

Fang Xuan turned around and wanted to head back to her room, but when she turned back around, a burst of heart-wrenching pain hit her. She almost fell to the ground. 

Fortunately, she caught the wall, allowing her to stand firmly. 

“Sister, are you alright? You’re just excited because I made a lot of money, right?” Fang Heng guessed with a smile on his face. 

“Yes, yes.” Fang Xuan squeezed out a smile. 

“Sister, you should probably quit your job tomorrow. Working as a secretary is exhausting. In the future, I’ll be the one to take care of you!” Fang Heng looked at Fang Xuan with bright eyes as he gave his honest suggestion. 

He loved Fang Xuan like his own sister, but there was more to it… 

However, Fang Heng had always felt useless, and had low self-esteem. As such, he kept these feelings close to his heart. 

‘But it’s different now. I can make a lot of money, support my entire family, and let Fang Xuan live a luxurious life.’ 

“If you really mean it, then this big sister of yours is very happy. However, I won’t quit my job for the time being.” 

“Okay, but if one day sister no longer wants to work, then you should resign.” 

Fang Xuan was all smiles, but she sighed resignedly in her heart. 

‘Silly brother, if I don’t go to work, then how can you make so much money?!’ 

‘5 million yuan, do you really think that this kind of money falls from the sky?’ 


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— — —

[Ding! The Host manipulated behind the scenes! The Protagonist, Fang Heng’s attempt at showing off his first pot of gold to the heroine, Fang Xuan, ended in failure, receiving 200 villain points!] 

Wang Haoran took off the Bluetooth headset and couldn’t help but smile. 

All of this developed smoothly as he expected. 

Fang Xuan mistakenly thought that the 5 million earned by her brother was him handing her the money indirectly. 

At first, it would seem that he only added 100,000 to Fang Xuan’s monthly salary. 

For a beauty of Fang Xuan’s level, this was cheap, very cheap. 

She wasn’t just beautiful either; she was a virgin. If Fang Xuan really wants to play dirty, then couldn’t she easily earn a base amount of 500,000 a month under a big-time boss? 

However, with the way things are going, he’d effectively sent her off with 100,000 a month. 

‘My heart is as black as coal.’ 

‘But if destiny itself makes me the villain, then I suppose it won’t be so bad to act as one.’ 

Wang Haoran jokingly thought to himself, before opening his attribute panel to check the harvest. 

He now had a total of 3300 Villain Points. 

He had no plans of drawing the lottery. Instead, he wanted to take this opportunity to work on his ability to fight with the enemy. 

He had two options. 

Either upgrade the poison technique or exchange points for internal energy. 

Xiao Yifeng has Grandmaster-level Medical Skills. Although Wang Haoran himself has learned the Supreme Poison Sutra, he has only reached the advanced-level poison techniques. 

If he wants to use poison to deal with Xiao Yifeng, then it wouldn’t be enough to raise it to the master level. He would need the supreme level for it to work. 

However, such an action would cost a total of 4000 villain points. 

3300 wasn’t cutting it. 

And even if he could raise his poison technique to the supreme level, it wouldn’t necessarily kill Xiao Yifeng. 

Xiao Yifeng’s Protagonist’s Halo is several hundred higher than his Villain’s Halo. 

When the Protagonist encounters a life and death crisis, Xiao Yifeng with his Protagonist’s Halo would explode with luck and eliminate the said crisis. 

Without the Villain’s Halo suppressing Xiao Yifeng’s Protagonist’s Halo, Wang Haoran wouldn’t dream of killing Xiao Yifeng. 

Upgrading the poison technique is an inevitability, but not right now. 

After thinking about it, Wang Haoran spent 3,000 villain points, exchanging for Internal Energy twice. 

Three years of Internal Energy, then another one, bringing the total up to six. 

At the same time, Wang Haoran’s combat value changed drastically. 

From the original 289 to 559. 

In other words, 270 points of combat power were awarded to those who had six years of Internal Energy training. 

It was quite the significant improvement. 

However, his combat value of 559 was still a far cry from Xiao Yifeng’s combat value of 983. 

He had a long way to go before confronting Xiao Yifeng. 

He needed to work harder to brush up on his Villain’s Halo and his Villain Points. 

Fang Heng, the low-level Protagonist, must be taken care of first to get the harvest. 

As for the key to harvesting this precious wool? It would be none other than Fang Xuan. 

When he thought of this, Wang Haoran called Zhen Li. 

“I see my baby is still up. Why did you suddenly call mommy?” 

Zhen Li’s voice sounded very energetic, and one could vaguely make out the sound of papers being flipped in the background. 

Apparently she’s still busy with work. 

This is the downside of being a company boss. Although you make a lot of money, you have very little time to rest. 

“There will be a teacher-parent meeting at school tomorrow.” 

“Mom will be busy tomorrow, so why don’t we stick to the usual?” Zhen Li replied, curious as to why he would ask. 

Wang Xiang and Zhen Li, both of them are in charge of their own separate companies. In the past, whenever a parent meeting was held, the driver who picked up Wang Haoran would be the one to appear. 

However, Zhen Li had already made up her mind. If her son wanted to go by himself, then she would permit it. 

“I would like something different this time, but you don’t have to come. This time I want someone else to show up.” 

“No problem, who do you want to go with?” 

“Your secretary.” 


[The next day] 

Wang Haoran went to class as usual. 

During recess, some students were worried about the parent-teacher meeting. 

For some, it was because their parents might not make it. 

For others, it would be their poor performance, fearing that the teachers would voice their complaints during the meeting. ‘If I had known, I would’ve simply followed Chu Bai’s example and not come to the school.’ Chen Zishi, a poor student, looked at the vacant seat next to him and couldn’t help but complain. 

Wang Haoran also noticed the vacant seat. 

However, Wang Haoran knew the real reason why Chu Bai didn’t come. It wasn’t because of the parent-teacher meeting. 

No, it’s because of those fast-moving scientific lunatics. ‘They’ve already begun.’ 

At this moment, Chu Bai was probably on his way to the laboratory for analysis. 

Chu Bai’s absence didn’t cause too many problems. 

Without the Protagonist’s Halo, he’s just a nobody. As such, no one will care about him. 

Wang Haoran left the classroom and headed towards the balcony corridor. 

At this time, Qin Yunhan was leaning on the edge of the balcony alone, sulking. 

“Are you worried about the parent-teacher meeting?” Wang Haoran approached Qin Yunhan and asked. 

“Yeah, but I’m used to it. My dad never comes to attend parent-teacher meetings anyway. I’ll probably just stand outside the classroom all afternoon.” Qin Yunhan pretended not to care. 

“My parents never participated either. Someone else always comes on their behalf.” Wang Haoran sighed, expressing the same sentiments. 

“Looks like we’re the same…” 

When Qin Yunhan heard his words, she began to feel that only the two of them could share this sentiment. 

Both of them are children of wealthy families, and their close relatives were all big players in the business world. They were usually quite busy, busy enough that they were never present when it came to any interactions such as the parent-teacher conferences or other such school-related activities. 

The two of them, Qin Yunhan and Wang Haoran, were in the same boat. 

She couldn’t stop looking at him, feeling as though she’d found someone to confide in. 

[Ding! Qin Yunhan, one of the heroines, has experienced an increase to her favorability of the host by 5. The current total favorability is 35 (Very Friendly)] 

[Ding! The Host affects the plot direction, receiving 100 villain points!]

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