I Became the Rich Second-Generation Villain – Chapter 68


Chapter 68: Xu Muyan has Changed!

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“Who did you call for the parent-teacher meeting before?” Wang Haoran asked. 

“Uncle Li, he is our housekeeper, but I don’t want to call him right now.” 

Qin Yunhan was having trouble with her family right now. So naturally, she didn’t want to inform Uncle Li. Qin Kai and Uncle Li didn’t know about the parent-teacher meeting. 

“If you don’t want to call him, then you can call someone else. It’s better than standing outside the classroom all afternoon.” Wang Haoran said. 

“Even if I want to call someone, I’ll need my father’s permission. We haven’t been on good terms recently, so I don’t want to call him.” Qin Yunhan pouted. 

“Do you want me to call you someone?” Wang Haoran suggested. 

“Can you?!” Qin Yunhan’s eyes instantly lit up. 

“Sure, just a moment.” 

Wang Haoran immediately dialed Zhen Li, and after a few seconds of conversation, he hung up. 


“I’ve never talked to you before. I always thought that you would be difficult to get along with, but you’re actually a really nice guy! Thank you so much!” Qin Yunhan smiled at Wang Haoran. 

“No big deal.” 

[Ding! The Host made Xu Muyan, one of the heroines, feel jealous, receiving 100 villain points!] 

“Hey, why does that Xu Muyan from your class keep peeking here from time to time?” Qin Yunhan glanced at a person not far from the balcony and suddenly asked. 

“Really? That doesn’t sound right.” Wang Haoran pretended not to know. 

“What would I lie to you for?” Qin Yunhan affirmed. 

“I guess you’re so beautiful that she can’t help herself.” Wang Haoran was an expert at making stuff up. 

“Of course I’m pretty.” Qin Yunhan couldn’t help her narcissism, but she quickly added, “Xu Muyan is quite beautiful too though, so don’t stare at me.” 

“She’s pretty, but not as pretty as you. She’s probably jealous, which is  why she’s always looking at you.” 

“Do you think I’m prettier than her?” Qin Yunhan was overjoyed and asked. 

“Of course!” Wang Haoran nodded sincerely. 

That was obviously a lie. 

Xu Muyan and Qin Yunhan are both beautiful. ‘To say one is more beautiful than the other would be like comparing plum, orchid, bamboo, and chrysanthemum.’ 

“You have good eyes!” Qin Yunhan was instantly in a very good mood. 

Wang Haoran is the school prince, his praise held a great deal of weight! 

How could Qin Yunhan not be happy? 

At that moment, the school bell rang. 

Wang Haoran and Qin Yunhan exchanged farewells and went back to their respective classrooms. 

However as soon as he sat down, Wang Haoran felt his phone vibrate. 

Someone sent a WeChat message. 

Wang Haoran took out his phone and looked at it. He was surprised, to say the least. 

Xu Muyan sent him a message. 

Previously, she never went to school with her phone, but it seems she had changed her mind. 

He opened the chat to look at the message’s contents: “You guys seemed to be enjoy chatting. What did you guys talk about?” 

“We talked about who was prettier between you and Qin Yunhan.” Wang Haoran typed a message and sent it. 

“You told Qin Yunhan she was prettier than me, didn’t you?” Xu Muyan was quick with her replies. 

Wang Haoran was surprised. Xu Muyan didn’t use her cell phone much, but she typed very fast. 

But what surprised Wang Haoran even more was that Xu Muyan was like a fortune-teller to have guessed so accurately! 

“Yes, she asked me the question. Naturally, I wanted to be polite, so I told her she was prettier. However, in my heart, you’re the more beautiful one.” 


“Well, I admit, you’re both beautiful. However, you do have one thing going for you that Qin Yunhan doesn’t.” 

“What’s that?” Xu Muyan’s message was sent within seconds. 

“Bigger than her! ⸂⸂⸜(രᴗര๑)⸝⸃⸃” 

“Dirty, vulgar! (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻” 

[Ding! The Host teased the heart of Xu Muyan, one of the heroines, receiving 100 villain points!] 

Women are indeed duplicitous animals. 

Her words are so different from her true thoughts. 

Footsteps could be heard, as Song Zhengyu entered the classroom with a textbook in hand. 

Like a thief, Xu Muyan quickly hid her phone in the desk. 


The morning class passed away quickly. In the afternoon, the parents who came for the parent-teacher meeting came one after another. 

The person standing in for Zhen Li had also arrived. 

According to Wang Haoran’s request, the person to come today should be Fang Xuan. 

Alongside Fang Xuan was another office beauty less than 30 years old, also an employee of Guose Tianxiang Company. 

In terms of appearance and figure, she was two points lower than Fang Xuan. That being said, she was still quite eye-catching. 

Everyone else who attended the parent meeting were all middle-aged people, and many of the middle-aged men among them couldn’t help but gaze in their direction. 

The stereotypical middle-aged women in the crowd were green with envy, as they secretly hurled curses at the two. 

“Greetings, Young Master Wang.” 

Fang Xuan and the office beauty greeted Wang Haoran respectfully, but Fang Xuan looked a bit strange. 

However, aside from the strange look she gave, Fang Xuan restrained herself. 

“Secretary Fang, I’ll refer to you as ‘Sister’ for convenience’s sake.” Wang Haoran said. 

“Okay.” Fang Xuan nodded. 

“Young Master Wang, what about me?” The office beauty asked. 

“A moment, please.” 

After he said this, he quickly called Qin Yunhan over. 

“This is the person I found for you. If your teacher asks, tell her she’s your sister. You should talk with her and give her some of your information in advance. It’ll be more convenient that way.” 

“Go for it!” 

Qin Yunhan nodded and smiled at the office beauty, “Then I’ll be troubling you, ‘Sister’! Let’s head to the flower garden; it’ll be quieter there.” 

“Yes.” She nodded with a smile. 

Although she temporarily left her job to participate in the parent-teacher meeting, the company still paid her, not to mention the bonuses that Zhen Li would provide. Anyone would be satisfied with the offer. 

However, Fang Xuan currently wore a frown. She didn’t seem happy. 

“Secretary Fang, are you not feeling well?” Wang Haoran knowingly asked. 

“I’m a bit tired from yesterday. I’m still a bit uncomfortable, but this is my job. I think I can keep it together.” Fang Xuan’s words carried a double meaning. 

Of course, only Wang Haoran would understand the meaning behind this painting. 

“Sister, come with me.” 

Qin Yunhan was about to leave with the office beauty, but it was then that Wang Haoran suddenly called out to them. 

“Hold on a bit.” 

“What’s the matter?” Qin Yunhan asked. 

“Secretary Fang isn’t feeling well. Can you give me the key to your room? So she can go rest for a bit.” 

“Sure.” Qin Yunhan did not object. 

Wang Haoran was the one who got her the room, so it was only natural for her to satisfy this small request of his. 

After handing him the key, Qin Yunhan quickly left with the office beauty. 

“Come on, I’ll take you there.” 

Wang Haoran, with the key in hand, led the way. 

Fang Xuan followed after him. 

After a while, they arrived at the room where Qin Yunhan and Mu Zhaozhao lived. 

“Thank you.” Fang Xuan said, slightly relieved. 

She really was uncomfortable. Standing all the time proved to be quite difficult. 

“No need to thank me.” Wang Haoran locked the door behind him with a smirk. 

“You…” Fang Xuan was stunned. 


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