I Became the Rich Second-Generation Villain – Chapter 69


Chapter 69: Aunt Tang is so good!

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[Proofreader – Mohking, Kanant]


[TL/N: The title alone is an innuendo already. Good job, author!] 

[Ding! The Host captured Fang Xuan, one of the heroines, receiving 500 Villain Points.] 

[Fang Heng’s Protagonist’s Halo decreases by 25.] 

[Fang Xuan’s Heroine’s Halo decreases by 25.] 

[The Host’s Villain’s Halo increases by 50.] 

Wang Haoran accepted the reward with satisfaction. 

‘It seems the capture reward can be swiped multiple times. However, the rewards are far lower than the first time.’ 

‘That being said, 500 Villain Points and an increase of 50 to my Villain’s Halo is still a very generous reward.’ 

‘Hmmm, 15 minutes left until the parent-teacher meeting starts.’ 

Wang Haoran and Fang Xuan left the room. 

A short while later, he encountered Song Zhenyu. 

Wang Haoran was startled, but thanks to his strong mental resilience, he calmed down in a second and greeted her with a smile. 

“Sister Zhenyu.” 

“Not here! It’s “Teacher” Song!” Song Zhenyu glanced at the girl beside him before refuting with a stern look on her face. 

“Don’t worry; this is my sister. She was a little uncomfortable just now, so I brought her here to rest for a while.” Wang Haoran smiled. 

“Your sister, I see.” 

Song Zhenyu nodded, politely extending her slender, snowy-white hand towards Fang Xuan with a smile, “Hello, my name is Song Zhenyu, and I’m Wang Haoran’s class teacher.” 

“Hello, my name is… Wang Xuan.” Fang Xuan almost said “Fang”, but she hurriedly corrected it. 

The two politely shook hands and let go. 

Song Zhenyu frowned, she felt a bit sticky after shaking hands with Fang Xuan. 

“I’m sorry, I just applied a bit of hand cream earlier, but I didn’t manage to spread it evenly.” Fang Xuan apologetically took out a wet tissue from her carry-on bag and handed it to Song Zhenyu. 

“It’s okay.” 

Song Zhenyu wiped her hands with the tissue, she then looked at the time, and said, “The meeting is about to start, let’s go to the conference hall.” 

“Yes, let’s go.” 

Fang Xuan was afraid of continuing with the conversation. So when she heard Song Zhenyu’s words, she immediately nodded and took the lead, walking ahead. 

“Miss Wang, your stockings… they seem to be torn.” Song Zhenyu warned Fang Xuan. 

[Zain: Stockings are meant to be torn, hehe.]

“Ah?!” Fang Xuan was startled, she hurriedly turned around and gave a quick glance, only to notice there was a hole near her thigh area. 

She inadvertently glanced at Wang Haoran, before embarrassingly explaining to Song Zhenyu, “It must’ve gotten scratched somewhere.” 

She was wearing an off-knee professional dress with a hole in her stockings that made the whole thing seem quite… inelegant. 

“Miss Wang, your figure is similar to mine. I have spare stockings in my room. If you don’t mind, you can wear mine.” 

“You have stockings?” Wang Haoran looked at Song Zhenyu in surprise. 

He’d never seen Song Zhenyu use any of them. 

“I’m a woman, so why wouldn’t I?” Song Zhenyu glared. 

Her job made it inconvenient to wear stockings, but that didn’t mean she didn’t have them. 

Once they finished talking, Song Zhenyu took Fang Xuan to her room. 

After a while… 

Fang Xuan’s original black stockings were replaced with dark purple ones. 

They were undoubtedly Song Zhenyu’s. 

In this regard, Wang Haoran wasn’t even the slightest bit surprised. 

After all, with his X-Ray Vision, he could tell that Song Zhenyu had a bit of a soft spot for purple. 

‘It’s said that women who like purple are more romantic.’ 

‘I’m not sure if that applies to Song Zhenyu.’ 

Wang Haoran was a bit curious, but,  of course, he wouldn’t dare to ask Song Zhenyu such a question himself. 

Not now anyway. 

The three of them went to the conference hall together. 

At this point, most parents and head teachers have already arrived here. Conversations could be heard throughout the conference hall, making it an incredibly loud environment. 

The conference hall was split into areas made to accommodate each class. Each area had forty to fifty chairs, and each chair had a student’s name written on it. 

Thus, parents who come to the conference hall will be seated accordingly. 

Next to these seats are aisles for the students to stand in. 

When the parent-teacher meeting is being held, students must stand beside their parents.

They will then patiently wait whether it’s to hear the teacher’s praise or criticism… 

As a parent, it must be a delightful experience to have your child be praised. Some say the face of a parent practically lights up on such an occasion. 

But if your child is criticized, the opposite holds true as humiliation grips you. 

For poor students and their parents, this place was practically a court, and they were under a trial. 

Naturally, Wang Haoran doesn’t have to worry about it at all. 


Wang Haoran was about to go and stand next to Fang Xuan, but he suddenly heard someone calling him from behind. 

When he looked back, he saw a beautiful woman briskly walking toward him. 

“Hello, Director Tang.” 

“Greetings, Director Tang.” 


Along the way, the faculty and staff greeted the beauty with respect. 

However, Tang Bingyun didn’t care about them in the slightest, walking straight toward Wang Haoran. 

“Hello, Aunt Tang.” Wang Haoran greeted her politely. 

When she heard the way she was addressed, her rosy mouth smeared with lipstick twitched in an obvious manner. 

However, she quickly returned to normal as he looked at Fang Xuan, and said, “This is your…” 


“Sister? As far as I know, you’re Sister Zhen Li’s only child, correct?” 

“Ah, I meant godsister.” 

[TL/N: “What are you doing, god-bro?”] 

“So it’s like that.” Tang Bingyun shifted her gaze to look at Fang Xuan, before politely introducing herself: 

“Hello, my name is Tang Bingyun.” 

“Ah… yes, hello Ms. Tang.” Fang Xuan wanted to follow Wang Haoran’s example and refer to her as “Aunt Tang”, but considering their ages, it would be quite inappropriate to do so. Fortunately, she stopped herself just in time. 

Fang Xuan retracted the hateful title in time, which greatly increased her favorability in Tang Bingyun’s eyes. 

“Miss Wang, your lipstick looks good. What shade is it?” Tang Bingyun suddenly asked. 

She was about the same age as Fang Xuan and Fang Xuan was Wang Haoran’s godsister. This was an excellent opportunity to lower her seniority. 

Tang Bingyun would never miss such an opportunity. 

“It’s maple leaf red.” Fang Xuan responded. 

“The color matches you very well. Not only is Miss Wang so beautiful, but she’s also very good at makeup.” Tang Bingyun offered her praises without hesitation. 

“No, I did it myself. My makeup is quite rough. But Ms. Tang is different. You’re very beautiful, and your makeup is even better than mine.” Fang Xuan was a little cautious. 

Just now, she had heard faculty members address Tang Bingyun as “Director”. 

Obviously, Tang Bingyun was someone of high status. 

Fang Xuan didn’t think that a small secretary such as herself should dare converse with someone of such a high rank. 

“Perhaps you’re unaware of your beauty, Miss Wang? I really wanted to ask you for some fashion advice, but it seems your modesty wouldn’t allow it, right?” Tang Bingyun bluntly stated. 

She looked stern, but her tone said otherwise. 

Women like to be praised for their beauty, especially by a beautiful woman. 

As soon as Fang Xuan heard this, she immediately felt better and hurriedly said, “Miss Tang… um, if you would like to know anything, please just ask. I’ll do my best to answer everything.” 


The two women spoke like no tomorrow. 

Tang Bingyun’s social skills weren’t bad at all. She wanted to get closer to Fang Xuan, and with just a few words, she bridged the gap between them. 

Wang Haoran didn’t care in the slightest about what the two women were talking about. 

When he looked away, he inadvertently saw a person who simply shouldn’t have been there. 

‘Xiao Yifeng?!’ 

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