I Became the Rich Second-Generation Villain – Chapter 71


Chapter 71: Rescuing People Couragely!

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“What are you waiting for? Hurry up!” Wang Haoran urged. 

“Uh, yes! Yes.” Fang Xuan hurriedly nodded and got on Wang Haoran’s back. 

Wang Haoran was strong enough to carry Fang Xuan, running from the sixth floor to the first floor in a single breath. Once they were outside the building, he gently lowered her to the ground.

From the outside, it was clear that the fire had started on the second floor. 

Compared to before, the fire was now even worse.

Wang Haoran took a deep breath and ran into the building once again. 

“Why are you going back in?” Fang Xuan shouted when she saw this, her voice full of concern.

But Wang Haoran didn’t have the time to reply, nor did he care to do so. 

He ran straight into the building. When he turned around the corner of the stairs leading to the fifth floor, he saw Qin Yunhan and Mu Zhaozhao moving slowly. 

The two of them were moving at a tortoise’s pace. By the time they reach the second floor, the fire and smoke would probably have blocked the exit. 

With no one else around, Mu Zhaozhao and Qin Yunhan were extremely distressed. 

As a result, when they saw Wang Haoran coming back, they were both surprised and delighted at the same time. 

“Qin Yunhan, you should be able to walk on your own. Mu Zhaozhao, I’ll carry you, get on!” Wang Haoran slightly leaned over. 

[Ding! Mu Zhaozhao, one of the heroines, has experienced an increase to her favorability of The Host by 20. The current total favorability is 20 (Very Friendly)] 

[Ding! Qin Yunhan, one of the heroines, has experienced an increase to her favorability of The Host by 10. The current total favorability is 45 (Very Friendly)] 

[Ding! The Host has influenced the direction of the plot, receiving 500 villain points!] 

“Thank you!” Mu Zhaozhao was very grateful, and with a bit of help from Qin Yunhan, she successfully made it atop Wang Haoran’s back. 

Wang Haoran instantly felt his back being pressed against two big, soft hills. 

‘What did this girl grow up eating?’ 

So far, Wang Haoran hasn’t met a heroine as fierce[1] as Mu Zhaozhao. 

[1. Meaning: So far, she has the biggest breasts.]

With Wang Haoran carrying Mu Zhaozhao, Qin Yunhan was able to move easily. 

The three of them soon reached the third floor. 

However, by now the fire was already massive, and the flames from the second floor were already spreading to the third floor. 

All rooms up to the third floor had solid guardrails, so jumping out of a window was not an option. 

The stairway was the only way out. 

But judging from the intensity of the fire, taking the stairway was extremely dangerous. Even if they weren’t burnt by the fire, the high temperatures would scorch them. 

Returning to the sixth floor, the highest floor, was equally dangerous.

The flames are certainly very dangerous; however, the dense smoke was also an issue. 

Inhaling too much smoke can be fatal. 

Under most circumstances, those who are killed in a fire first choke to death from the smoke, and then get burned. 

“This… what do we do?” 

Although the temperature in the surrounding air was hot from the fire, Qin Yunhan and Mu Zhaozhao’s hands and feet were cold and pale from fear and panic. 

The majority of women care about their appearance like their lives, especially if they are beautiful. 

If their faces were burned, it would be worse than burning to death for Qin Yunhan and Mu Zhaozhao. 

“You guys wait here for a minute!” 

Wang Haoran put down Mu Zhaozhao and ran back to the sixth floor conference hall, violently tugging down all the window curtains.

Then he then rolled them up and returned to the third floor. 

“Mu Zhaozhao, since it’s difficult for you to move, I’ll carry you out first. Qin Yunhan, don’t be rash, and wait for me to come back!” 

The two girls had no clue what to do in the face of such a situation. After hearing what Wang Haoran had said, they naturally did as they were told. 

Mu Zhaozhao got on Wang Haoran’s back once again.

There was an amazingly tender feeling on Wang Haoran’s back once more.

Unfortunately, Wang Haoran didn’t have the time to care about such a sensation.

He used the folded curtains, draping them over both himself and Mu Zhaozhao, covering as much of their skin as possible. 

In addition, Wang Haoran emitted his Internal Energy, also known as True Qi, granting another – more solid layer of protection. 

Wang Haoran was glad he redeemed Internal Energy instead of upgrading the Supreme poison Sutra last night. Otherwise, today he might’ve turned into a roasted pig. 

After putting her down, Wang Haoran rushed back into the building one final time. 

He then brought Qin Yunhan out using the same method. 

After getting out safely, Wang Haoran stepped away to recover his True Qi. 

He felt an indescribable feeling of exhaustion that left him sitting on his buttox.

Such a feeling caused by the overuse of True Qi was quite normal. 

After all, with only six years of Internal Energy, it was still too little to deal with such situations easily. 

If he had ten more years of Internal Energy, taking Qin Yunhan and Mu Zhaozhao out of the fire would’ve been a walk in the park. 

[Ding! The Host intercepted the Protagonist and successfully rescued Qin Yunhan and Mu Zhaozhao from the fire, receiving 500 villain points] 

Wang Haoran managed to successfully harvest a considerable wave of rewards. 

“Haoran, are you okay? Are you hurt anywhere?” Tang Bingyun rushed over and asked with a concerned face. 

“I’m fine, just a little tired.” Wang Haoran shook his hand. 

“You were very brave. As your homeroom teacher, I’m proud of you!” Song Zhen Yu also came over and spoke with both excitement and joy. 

“Don’t sit on the ground, it’s dirty. I… let me help you up.” Fang Xuan also came over and helped Wang Haoran get up. 

However, Wang Haoran was very tired and leaned half of his body on Fang Xuan’s shoulder. 

Fang Xuan was not feeling very well. She found it difficult to support herself, let alone Wang Haoran. However, she held on.

In her opinion, Wang Haoran’s actions were worthy of this much effort from her.

Xu Muyan was a bit shy, but she held it back, walking away from her mother and running to Wang Haoran’s side. 

She boldly followed Fang Xuan’s example and supported Wang Haoran’s other arm. 

Wang Haoran looked at her and teased in a low voice,“You said I was dirty. Why are you coming so close to me?” 

Xu Muyan was very worried, and even after seeing Wang Haoran come out unharmed, her heart was still a little heavy. But after hearing Wang Haoran’s words, she immediately burst into laughter filled with tears. 

“I came to help you because I saw you looking so pitiful. Don’t overthink it.” Xu Muyan said stubbornly. 

Wang Haoran chuckled, and refrained from exposing her. 

‘Why didn’t Wen Jing come over?’ 

Wang Haoran was wondering, suddenly then, his phone vibrated. 

It was Wen Jing who sent a message. 

“I don’t want to go home tonight!” 

Wang Haoran glanced at the message and hurriedly pressed the rest screen button on his phone so that no one could see it. 

As expected, the most passionate girl was still the one who was deeply in love with him. 

“Young man, thank you for rescuing my Zhaozhao, this old man bows to you.” An old man dressed like an ancient scholar, bowed towards Wang Haoran to thank him. 

The old man’s clothes, among the group of parents in modern attire, looked rather peculiar. However, it went well with his scholarly aura.

From his aura, one could tell that the old man was no ordinary person.

“It’s my duty. There’s no need to be so polite, senior.” Wang Haoran reached out and tried to hold up the old man from bowing. 

“Oh, young man, you are willing to help others with both humility and politeness. You’re a rarity, a true rarity!” The old man praised. 

[Ding! The Host improves the supporting character Mu Zong’s impression of him, receiving 200 villain points!] 

‘Huh, this man is actually a supporting character?’ 

Wang Haoran, after receiving the System Prompt, was a bit stunned. 

The award was something he didn’t expect. 

After Mu Zhong came along, some teachers and parents of other students also came to say hello to Wang Haoran. 

Everyone was singing his praises. 

Wang Haoran, despite feeling exhausted right now, thought it was well worth the effort. 

If he hadn’t driven off Xiao Yifeng, it would have been Xiao Yifeng receiving these praises. 

‘There’s 6 heroines present here alone!’ 

‘That b*****d…’

If Wang Haoran had allowed Xiao Yifeng to show off, then – in the future – Xiao Yifeng would be able to walk around the school hallways brazenly. For Wang Haoran, that would simply be a nightmare. 

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