I Became the Rich Second-Generation Villain – Chapter 72


Chapter 72: You’re sick!

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— — —

[Qin Group Headquarters] 

As soon as Qin Kai had concluded with a meeting, his secretary reported that Xiao Yifeng had come to the company. 

Currently, Xiao Yifeng was supposed to be “working”. And yet he suddenly showed up at the office, which slightly displeased Qin Kai. 

Nevertheless, Qin Kai still asked his secretary to bring him in. 

After a few minutes, Xiao Yifeng came to Qin Kai. 

“What’s with the sudden visit? Shouldn’t you be protecting Yunhan?” 

“I was protecting her, but something happened…” Xiao Yifeng’s complexion changed as he began to explain. 

“So you’re saying that you pretended to be a student in order to blend into the school, but someone found out. And when security arrived, asking for your student ID, you beat them up and fled?” After hearing Xiao Yifeng’s words, Qin Kai frowned and spoke with a hint of disapproval.

 “You weren’t there to be a thief; you were there to protect people. If you had cooperated with their inspection, then I would have made a call. Wouldn’t that have been enough to resolve the situation?”

Qin Kai found Xiao Yifeng’s actions rather perplexing.

Originally, it was just a trivial matter. However, now that Xiao Yifeng had attacked them, the situation had changed completely. 

Xiao Yifeng felt a bit embarrassed after being scolded in such a manner, but he didn’t think he was wrong. 

Ever since he was born, aside from the beating he received from the old man, he had never suffered the slightest defeat in the hands of others. 

How could those few rotten security guards be capable of capturing him? 

He thought it was only natural. However, Xiao Yifeng didn’t say it out loud, instead he used other excuses for his actions. 

“Uncle Qin, those security guards were too aggressive. I had no choice but to take action.” 

“Forget it; it’s already done. I’ll find a lawyer to help you; it’s not a big issue.” 

After that, Qin Kai made a call to Uncle Li and asked him to get the car ready. 

“To prevent matters getting worse, don’t go to school until the lawyer arrives. I have an appointment elsewhere, and you’ll be coming with me.” 

Qin Kai told Xiao Yifeng. 

— — —

[In another place] 

The open space outside the burning building was practically packed with people.

One of the teachers conducted a roll call to check the number of students and parents in each class. Fortunately, none were missing.

Soon after, the fire department arrived and promptly extinguished the fire.

Following them were several police officers.

The cause of the fire was still unknown. It could’ve been intentional, but it could also have been an accident. Regardless, further investigation was needed to ascertain the exact details.

As the smoke dissipated, forensics personnel proceeded to gather evidence at the scene of the fire.. 

Other officers were questioning teachers, students, and parents about the events surrounding the fire in an attempt to discover any clues. 

A remarkably gorgeous lady with striking features stood out among the police officers. 

Several male students and even parents couldn’t help but cast an admiring glance. 

Wang Haoran was no exception. 

Apart from his admiration, he also had a few suspicions.

Thanks to his previous encounters, he had learned to be suspicious of exceptionally beautiful women, who were highly likely to be heroines.

He immediately spent 100 villain points to find out. 

[Heroine : Ling Duanya] 

[Combat Value: 188] 

[Charm Value: 201] 

[Heroine’s Halo: 465] 

[Skills: Master-level Mixed-Martial Arts] 

[Favorability towards the Host: 0 (Strangers)] 

‘As expected, she’s indeed a heroine.’ 

About this, Wang Haoran wasn’t even surprised.

Nine times out of ten, in those Super Master type novels, the Protagonist would be accompanied by a policewoman heroine. 

And Ling Duanya was exactly of that trope. 

In terms of combat value, Ling Duanya was quite strong. 

She was more than capable of handling herself in a fight. 

It’s worth mentioning that Chu Bai only had a combat value of 155 when he effortlessly defeated Fan Jian and the other two by himself.

From Wang Haoran’s estimations, Chu Bai could defeat roughly ten people with an average combat value in an unarmed fight.

Thus, Ling Duanya’s combat value of 188 should allow her to beat a dozen or even twenty people without any issues.

Just as these thoughts were flashing through Wang Haoran’s mind, Ling Duanya suddenly walked over to him and questioned.

“May I ask if you are Wang Haoran?” 

“Yes, I am.” Wang Haoran nodded his head. 

[Ding! Ling Duanya, one of the heroines, has experienced an increase to her favorability of the Host by 20. The current total favorability is 20 (Very Friendly)]. 

[Ding! The Host has influenced the direction of the plot, receiving 200 villain points!] 

“You’re very brave; well done!” Ling Duanya gave a thumbs up and complimented. 

When Wang Haoran saw Ling Duanya’s expression, he immediately understood she must have learned about how he had courageously rescued people from the fire after questioning the teachers, parents, and students.

Then, the righteous Ling Duanya, naturally, couldn’t help but admire him. 

Thankfully, Xiao Yifeng was driven away. Otherwise, under the routine plot Xiao Yifeng would’ve been the one to gain Ling Duanya’s admiration.

As she got closer, Wang Haoran was able to see Ling Duanya more clearly.

Ling Duanya had a plain face, but she was naturally beautiful. Aside from her extraordinary beauty and attractiveness, her figure…

His heartbeat increased, as he unintentionally used his X-ray Vision. 

[PR/N: Sure, author. We believe you.]

[TL/N: Rule number 1 of harem novels: Never trust the MC.]

Wang Haoran immediately felt his blood flow increasing. However, then he felt cold water being poured over his head, instantly calming him down. 

This Ling Duanya, there was something wrong in her body… 

What’s more, it was a set-up. 

Wang Haoran couldn’t help but scoff.

Ling Duanya just so happened to be sick, while Xiao Yifeng coincidentally possessed Grandmaster-level Medical Skills. 

If Xiao Yifeng was allowed to meet Ling Duan Ya, he would easily discover this. Then, he would step in and save her, leading to an inevitably large increase in favorability. 

In addition, with the dangerous occupation of Ling Duanya, Xiao Yifeng would again rely on his combat value, and help Ling Duanya solve several crises. 

Fortunately, he intercepted the protagonist’s opportunities to harvest Ling Duanya.

“I would like to ask you a few questions about the incident involving the fire in the building. May I ask if now would be convenient?” Ling Duanya saw that Wang Haoran was in a bit of a rough state, thus raising this question.

“Yes, but I would like to go somewhere quieter.” Wang Haoran looked around then pointed to a building nearby and said, “Let’s move to the gym.” 

Ling Duanya didn’t object. 

Wang Haoran had no problem walking around, so when Ling Duanya nodded, he went with her to the gym.

The gym was filled with sports equipment, such as basketballs, footballs and so on. 

The doors to the gym were open throughout the day.

If a student wanted to get any sports equipment, they would just have to fill out a form at the entrance.

“Beautiful police sister, you’re sick!” 

After arriving at the gym, Wang Haoran suddenly spoke in a serious tone. 

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