I Became the Rich Second-Generation Villain – Chapter 73


Chapter 73: Tang Family Manor!

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— — —

As soon as she heard those words, Ling Duanya froze. 

If it weren’t for her prior friendly perception of Wang Haoran, she would’ve probably assumed that he was cursing her.

“Would you care to elaborate how I’m sick?” Ling Duanya asked calmly. 

“If I’m not wrong, you suffered an injury on your right knee.”

“You… how did you know?” Ling Duanya immediately lost her calm, asking with astonishment. 

“When I saw you walking just now, there was some inconsistency, and such inconsistency is definitely not inherent, rather it was caused after birth.”

[PR/N: Thomas has never seen such bullshit before.] 

Obviously, Wang Haoran couldn’t say that he used his X-ray Vision to discern it. So he made something up. 

“I walk very steadily; you’re saying there’s inconsistency?” 

“Ordinary people wouldn’t be able to tell, but people with extraordinary eyesight and knowledge in advanced medical skills will be able to discern it easily.” 

“You… you know medical skills?” Ling Duanya was even more astonished. 

“No, but my family ancestors were renowned doctors, so learned a lot of things about the field of medicine as a child. As soon as I saw you walking just now, I knew that you had suffered an injury. I presume it’s been well over 3 years by now. Moreover, the injury is poisonous.” 

Such a judgment was thanks to the knowledge Wang Haoran gained from the Supreme Poison Sutra. 

He was able to see with his X-ray Vision that the bone on Ling Duanya’s right knee was slightly grayish in color, which indicated that it was poisoned and then treated. Unfortunately, some of the residual poison still remained. 

Upon hearing Wang Haoran’s words, Ling Duanya had a look of shock on her face and said, “Three years ago, I was wounded by a poisoned dagger on my right knee. Later I received treatment, but after six months, there has been an inexplicable pain ever since. I went to the hospital several times, and was treated several times, but it never got any better.” 

“However, it didn’t really affect me most of the time, so I simply ignored it.” 

“Your condition, if left untreated, will leave you paralyzed within a year.” Wang Haoran didn’t make that up to make her panic. 

If Ling Duanya continued on as is, there really will be a serious problem. 

“Then… what should I do?” Wang Hoaran seemed very convincing. As such, even with Ling Duanya’s strong mental fortitude, she couldn’t help but panic. She freaked out, “Since you can discern my condition, you should be able to cure it, right?”

[PR/N: Disclaimer: Please do not accept random medical check-ups from strangers.] 

[TL/N: “Trust me, I know what I’m doing. These healing crystals and essential oils will definitely be able to cure you.”]

“Of course.” Wang Haoran nodded. 

The purpose of the poison technique was to kill people, but it could save them just the same. Similar to how medicine could be used to save people, but also kill them.

The only difference is that poison techniques save people by treating them with poison. 

“I really don’t want to become paralyzed; can you help me? You can ask for anything in return.” Ling Duanya pleaded. 

“My ancestral medicine has a tradition, charging only one penny for the treatment. Naturally, to keep with the times, it has been changed to one yuan. Other than that, the only thing you need to cover is the cost of the medicine itself, no other reward is needed.” Wang Haoran said. 

“Then I would like to thank you in advance.” Ling Duanya was a little relieved. 

“However, there’s one thing you must remember. I can help you with your treatment, but you cannot tell others about me treating you. And you absolutely cannot allow others to treat your injury.” Wang Haoran warned.

“I will keep it in mind.” Ling Duanya nodded heavily and didn’t give it much thought. She simply assumed this was merely another tradition passed down from Wang Haoran’s ancestors. 

“I’ll prepare the medicine for the treatment as soon as I have time. We can get back to where we were now, feel free to ask your questions.” Wang Haoran changed the subject. 

“Before the fire started, did you notice any suspicious individuals present?” Ling Duanya readjusted her mood and got to work. 

“Suspicious individuals?” Wang Haoran nodded heavily, “Yes!” 


“A man came here pretending to be a student, and after being discovered by the security guards, he beat them up and fled in a rush.” 

“What did that man look like?” Ling Duanya inquired. 

“I was far away, and didn’t really get a good look, but I know someone who does.” Wang Haoran replied. He then called Fan Jian, Fan Tong and Qin Shousheng, his three minions. 

When these three reported Xiao Yifeng earlier, several people saw them do so. In this scenario, their words would be more credible than his.

When they were notified, the three immediately ran to the gym in a heartbeat. 

“All three of you, may I ask what the man who pretended to be a student looked like? Can you give a brief description?” Ling Duanya opened her mouth and asked.

[PR/N: WHY? WHY?? Do you need to tell us that she opened her mouth to speak.] 

[TL/N: How else would we know how she asked PR-san?] 

“That man was probably about the same age as us.” 

“His appearance was neither thin nor fat, and he looked very handsome.” 

“He was very good at fighting, he knocked down two security guards with his bare fists!” 

The three brothers spoke up immediately, and the policewoman took note of their words, before saying, “I will have to ask you to come with me to check the surveillance recordings by the school entrance; please help us to identify this man.” 

The three instantly agreed to follow Ling Duanya out of the gym. 

Wang Haoran watched Ling Duanya leave and smiled in anticipation.

He had already done all he could. All that’s left was to wait for the harvest. 

— — —

[Outside a relatively ancient manor]

Uncle Li drove here with Qin Kai and Xiao Yifeng. 

An old servant was waiting at the entrance of the manor. Upon seeing the guests arrive, he led Qin Kai and Xiao Yifeng into the main gate. 

Under the guidance of the old servant, they went through an elegantly curved and ancient corridor. Qin Kai and Xiao Yifeng soon arrived at a pavilion in the garden. 

In the pavilion, an old man with a white beard was carefully examining a jade bracelet. 

“Master, the guests have arrived.” 

The old servant announced, then bowed and left. 

“Old Tang, I haven’t seen you in a long time! You still look as good as ever.” Qin Kai said in a cheerful voice. 

The old man withdrew his gaze from the jade bracelet and looked at the two people standing in front of him. 

His gaze passed by Xiao Yifeng and landed directly on Qin Kai’s body as he slightly smiled, “Oh no, I’m an old man by now. However, Brother Qin has flourished as of late. Qingling City’s Real Estate Industry… a large and bountiful cake. I’m afraid Brother Qin alone has taken up no less than 60% by now.” 

“I was just a little lucky. Compared to you, Old Tang, who started with nothing and built an unshakable empire in the jade industry, this is nothing.” Qin Kai smiled and waved his hand, speaking words of admiration. 

When Old Tang heard this, he couldn’t help but stroke his white beard. His eyes held a proud look, as his smile grew a bit wider. 

Qin Kai was an experienced businessman. He naturally knew how to flatter someone and put them in a pleasant state of mind. 

With just a few words, he made Tang Lao look at him more favorably.

“Brother Qin, don’t just stand there, take a seat.” Tang Lao gestured. 

Qin Kai sat down on the stone bench in the pavilion and glanced at the bracelet Tang Lao was fiddling with, “The color and workmanship of this bracelet is absolutely brilliant. If it were to be placed in the public market, it would be worth at least 10 million, correct?” 

“This bracelet is made from Imperial Crystal Green, and it was crafted by Liu Feng, a famous jade craftsman. Its value ranges between 11 and 13 million yuan; however, I don’t intend to sell it.” Talking about this, Tang Lao showed a pleased look. 

“After all, this is a present from my granddaughter Bingyun.” 

“She’s currently in charge of half of the Tang family’s business. Not only is she one of the best in management, but she is also very filial. I envy you for having such an excellent granddaughter.” Qin Kai spoke with envy.

Followed by a sorrowful tone, “I hired a bodyguard to protect my daughter, because I was afraid of retaliation from my competitors due to some business matters. However, she stubbornly refused to even listen, so I planned to transfer the bodyguard to her class.” 

Tang Lao was surprised for a moment and understood why Qin Kai had come to visit him, but he was also a bit confused. 

‘Shouldn’t he have approached my granddaughter Bingyun with this matter?’

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