I Became the Rich Second-Generation Villain – Chapter 74


Chapter 74: The Protagonist gets Caught!

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— — —

“How old is this bodyguard?” Old Tang asked. 

“It’s this one right here.” Qin Kai gestured to Xiao Yifeng beside him. 

“Oh, such a young man. In that case, it’s perfectly fine to go to school.” Old Tang nodded his head. 

Previously, he thought that the person Qin Kai had found was several decades old and wanted to enroll him in school. 

But if the person in question is Xiao Yifeng, then there’s no problem at all. 

“Why didn’t brother Qin visit Bingyun?” Old Tang asked. 

“If I could, I wouldn’t dare to bother Old Tang, but Miss Tang Bingyun has blocked my number. And when I visited her company, I was turned away without even getting to meet her. 

Qin Kai smiled bitterly, “I have never offended Miss Tang Bingyun, and I’m quite unsure as to the reason for this, so I visited Old Tang.” 

“I see….” Old Tang paused, before forming an awkward response, “I haven’t intervened for quite some time now, ever since Bingyun has taken over to be precise. She must have her reasons. I’m also old, so it wouldn’t be very convenient for me to interfere.” 

In his heart, Qin Kai couldn’t help but curse at the cunning old man, but on the surface, he still put on a cheerful face and said, “Old Tang, at present, the real estate under my company’s name in Times Square is in the process of soliciting tenants, I wonder if it interests you?” 

“Times Square is a place where every inch of land is the same as gold. My family’s property is small; I’m afraid I will not be able to afford such high rents.” Old Tang said with a sigh. 

“How about ninety percent of the rent?” 

“The jade industry has been in the slump lately, and even if you stand in a high position, the money probably wouldn’t be able to cover the rent.” 

“Seventy percent.” 

“Brother Qin, please don’t make things difficult for me.” 

“Fifty percent.” 

“Bingyun is a very filial child, I can’t force her to do something she doesn’t want to do.” 

“Thirty percent!” 

“Bingyun gave me such an exquisite piece of jewelry just yesterday; how can I possibly make her upset?” 

“Ten percent!” Qin Kai clenched his teeth and said. 

“Alas, since brother Qin insists on it, I have to help brother Qin even if it hurts my relationship with my granddaughter.” Old Tang “reluctantly” agreed to help. 

Qin Kai saw it in his eyes, and in his heart, he cursed the other party. ‘Damn old man, cunning old fox…’

It was nothing more than a trivial matter for the Tang family to arrange for a student to be enrolled in their private school.

But Qin Kai had to reduce the rent price to ten percent. His financial loss will be at least 30 million! 

30 million for a single enrollment. 

This was simply extortion. 

However, for the sake of his daughter’s safety, Qin Kai had no choice but to enrol Xiao Yifeng in her school. 

Old Tang, obviously, was aware of this himself. 

He truly was an old demon, befitting of the saying: “people become more cunning as they grow older”. 

Old Tang took out his phone and immediately called Tang Bingyun, right in front of Qin Kai.

It was clearly a matter of a few words, but Old Tang spoke with Tang Bingyun for more than ten minutes before hanging up. 

“Old Tang, how did it go?” Qin Kai wrinkled his brows and asked. 

“I don’t know why, but Bingyun has specifically rejected your request for Xiao Yifeng’s enrollment. However, I’ve already told her to let him in. Bingyun didn’t give a reply yet; she said she’ll get back to me in ten minutes.” Old Tang explained, followed by his personal stance, “Don’t worry, brother Qin. You have been very sincere, I will definitely make it happen.” 

Qin Kai nodded his head slightly. 

He just saw Old Tang on the phone. Old Tang’s expression didn’t seem fake. It appeared he and Tang Bingyun really had a disagreement. 

However, he still couldn’t figure out when he had offended Tang Bingyun. 

— — —

[The school] 

When the fire was extinguished, the investigators left for the time being. 

However, the turmoil persisted. 

The students and teachers were quite frightened, unable to calm themselves down. 

Nevertheless, the parents went back one by one under the school’s supervision. 

As usual, the students went back to their classrooms and prepared for their afternoon classes. 

“Haoran, come here for a moment, I have something to say to you.” 

Wang Haoran was about to head back to the classroom when Tang Bingyun suddenly approached and said. 

The two of them came to a quiet place where they could talk. 

“Qin Kai went to my grandfather, asking my grandfather to intervene and arrange for that Xiao Yifeng to be enrolled in the school. I don’t know what benefits Qin Kai offered my grandfather, but it seems my grandfather is adamant about helping Qin Kai.” Tang Bingyun spoke in a straightforward manner. From her expression, it was clear she was experiencing some difficulty.

Hearing this, Wang Haoran started to think. 

‘In this situation, there seems to be no way to stop Xiao Yifeng from being enrolled in school. If Tang Bingyun is forced to go against her grandfather and strongly try to prevent Xiao Yifeng from being enrolled…’ 

‘Tang Bingyun may agree, but it will inevitably affect Tang Bingyun’s favorability.’

‘If I really were to force her, the loss may be too big for such a small matter.’

Thinking of this, Wang Haoran replied immediately, “Then obey your grandfather’s wishes, but you should also make a request.” 

“What request?” 

“Xiao Yifeng can enrol in the school, but only through the standard procedures.” 

“What are the standard procedures?” Tang Bingyun didn’t quite understand. 

“It’s…” Wang Haoran leaned closer to Tang Bingyun and whispered. 

After hearing Wang Haoran’s words, Tang Bingyun instantly revealed a relaxed and relieved smile. 

She has a good relationship with her grandfather, but she also doesn’t want to go against Wang Haoran’s wishes. If she really had to choose, Tang Bingyun would certainly be caught in a dilemma.

[Ding! Tang Bingyun, one of the heroines, has experienced an increase in her favorability of The Host by 5. The current total favorability is 55 (Heartfelt Love)] 

[Ding! The Host has influenced the direction of the plot, receiving 100 villain points!]

Tang Bingyun immediately took out her phone. 

— — —

[On the other side]

Old Tang received his granddaughter’s reply and couldn’t help but smile. 

“Old Tang, has the matter been settled?” Qin Kai asked with expectation. 

“There will be no problem with the enrollment, but it will have to be…” 

Old Tang appeared odd as he was about to answer, but a servant suddenly came forward to report. 

“Master, there’s people from the civil service outside.” 

“My Tang family is innocent; what are they here for?” Old Tang said with displeasure. 

“I asked them, and they said they were looking for the little brother next to President Qin.” The servant replied. 

“Let’s go and see.” 

Old Tang frowned and walked ahead. 

Qin Kai and the others followed. 

Soon, the group arrived outside the manor. 

Ling Duanya and a few of her colleagues were waiting outside. 

‘There’s no shortage of beautiful women in this city, huh? Yet another superb beauty.’ Xiao Yi Feng saw Ling Duanya with a glance and secretly drooled. 

“We suspect that you are related to an assault and a fire incident, we need you to come with us and cooperate in the investigation.” Ling Dunya and a few of her colleagues walked up to Xiao Yifeng and explained. 

“Beauty, I confess to beating people up, but what does this fire incident have to do with me?” Xiao Yifeng said with a casual smirk. 

“Whether it has anything to do with you or not, we will know after the investigation. Please come with us.” 

“Beauty, I’m sorry, but I have no intention of going anywhere right now.” Xiao Yifeng folded up his arms and said. 

“That isn’t up to you.” Ling Dunya gestured to her colleague, intending to handcuff Xiao Yifeng and take him away by force. 

“Go ahead, if you want to, but you’ll be the one responsible for the consequences.” Xiao Yifeng still maintained a leisurely stance, folding his arms, as his mouth issued a sinister warning. 

“Yifeng, don’t mess around. Go with them, and I will help you solve this matter.” Qin Kai hurriedly persuaded him. 

Taking action against a few security guards would be entirely different from taking action against Ling Duanya and her colleagues. 

Hearing these words, Xiao Yifeng forcefully suppressed the thought of starting a fight and got into the car with Ling Dunya and the others. 

— — —


[Ding!! The Host manipulated things from behind the scenes, causing the Protagonist Xiao Yifeng to be arrested as a suspect, receiving 200 villain points!] 

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