I Became the Rich Second-Generation Villain – Chapter 75


Chapter 75: Protagonist’s Failed Routine!

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— — —

[Inside the interrogation room]


“Xiao Yifeng.”


“Can’t you see such an obvious thing?”




“Please cooperate with the investigation. If not, you’ll have only yourself to blame if I am rude!” Ling Duanya shouted as she slammed her fist down on the table.

“Beauty, being angry is bad for your health.”

“That’s none of your business; just answer my question.” Ling Duanya’s pretty face turned cold.

“Sure, but send your colleagues away first. I’ll only let you interrogate me.”

Ling Duanya thought about it for a moment, before waving away the surrounding police officers. She seemed very confident in her ability to defend herself against Xiao Yifeng.

“Now it’s just you and me, so please cooperate with my questions” Ling Duanya picked up a pen to record his statements and returned to the matter at hand, “Gender?”

“You are sick!” Xiao Yifeng shouted seriously.


The table shook violently.

“You really don’t know what’s good for you!” Ling Duanya’s temper was on the verge of erupting.

“What I said is true; you are really sick.” Xiao Yifeng didn’t mind her and continued solemnly, “Your right knee was badly injured before. However, most of the time, it’s perfectly normal. But when it begins to hurt, you experience bone-piercing pain, correct? “

After finishing his analysis, Xiao Yifeng leaned back on the chair leisurely, as if waiting for the icy cop Ling Duanya to show a shocked expression and beg him for help.

However, to his surprise, Ling Duanya was just slightly surprised, far from being shocked.

This perplexed Xiao Yifeng a bit..

“If you don’t treat your injury in time, you will need to undergo an amputation within half a year to save your life.” Xiao Yifeng exaggerated the condition, wanting to scare her a little more.

“Oh, and what’s it to you?” Ling Duanya asked in a flat tone.

“I can heal your injury within half a month with my hands!” Xiao Yifeng promised arrogantly, showing off an expert-like demeanour. 

“And how are you going to treat it?” Ling Duanya sneered and played along.

“Don’t worry, beauty. There’s no need to apply medicine, just cooperate with my acupuncture and massage, and I guarantee you will be healed in no time.” Xiao Yifeng swallowed his saliva subconsciously.

“Can’t you just use acupuncture only?” Ling Duanya asked nonchalantly.

“Acupuncture alone is not enough.” Xiao Yifeng narrowed his eyes and started spouting nonsense.

As a matter of fact, with his skills in medicine, acupuncture alone was more than enough to heal the injury completely. He wanted to add the massage for his own perverted desires. 

“And why not stick to just the massage?” Ling Duanya’s eyebrows secretly tightened in disgust.

“Oho. It turns out that the beauty is afraid of acupuncture. I can work using just the massage too, but the treatment time would need to be extended by two months.” Xiao Yifeng replied seriously.

“Haha…” Ling Duanya coldly laughed.


A massive noise echoed throughout the small room. The metal table Ling Duanya slapped down on had a faint palm print on its surface.

Xiao Yifeng was startled and confused at the same time.

He couldn’t figure out why Ling Duanya was so angry.

While having a man massage her body should indeed be a little hard to accept, wasn’t it nothing compared to the possibility of spending the rest of her life stuck in a wheelchair?

Shouldn’t it be an easy choice? Why is Ling Duanya so unwilling about it?

— — —

[In another place] 

Wang Haoran received a System Prompt.

[Ding! The Host’s manipulation behind the scenes has caused the Protagonist, Xiao Yifeng to fail his routine of acting pretentious in front of the heroine Ling Duanya, receiving 200 villain points!]

— — —

“You rascal! You’re still young, yet your mind is full of filth!” Ling Duanya directly decided to handcuff Xiao Yifeng, snorting contemptuously at his words. 

“I already told you, if you don’t cooperate with me, then don’t blame me for being rude. I will be detaining you here for 47 hours as a warning, and I will re-interrogate you at the 48th hour.”

After laying down the hammer, Ling Duanya turned the air conditioner to the lowest temperature possible. She then left the interrogation room, shutting the door behind her tightly.

“Hey, beauty, wait a minute! I’m telling you the truth! You really are sick; why won’t you believe me? Hey?! Are you really not going to come back?!”

[Samael: Again, please do not take medical advice from strangers.]

[Zain: Psss, hey you, yeah you. Want some of this magic grass? It’ll make you feel really good!]

Xiao Yifeng shouted ‘till his throat was sore, but there was no response at all.

He looked down at his handcuffs and then at the surroundings of the confined interrogation room .

A feeling of suffocation suddenly rose up in Xiao Yifeng’s heart.

Despite the tight security, none of the guards would be able to stop him if he wished to escape.

However, thanks to Qin Kai’s previous warning, he resisted the urge to do so.

The temperature in the interrogation room continued to drop as time passed.


With the powerful air conditioner put on full blast, Xiao Yifeng couldn’t help but shiver.

To keep himself warm, the raggedy youth had to start using his Internal Energy, speeding up his blood flow throughout his body in an attempt to fight against the cold air seeping into his bones.

“Tch. If used like this, my Internal Energy can only last for 20 hours at most. That b***h may look pretty, but she has a vile heart. Does she want me to get frostbite and pneumonia?!”

Xiao Yifeng made an estimate based on the current speed of his internal energy consumption. He couldn’t help but start cursing aloud, placing all the blame on Ling Duanya. 

Not once did he ever consider that he had made a mistake too.

He wanted to take advantage of Ling Duanya through the pretense of “medical treatment”. The fact that she held back from giving him a mouth full and swollen cheeks can already be considered relatively restrained.

Unfortunately, the Protagonist Xiao Yifeng would never be grateful for this. A self-proclaimed master of the world like him always needed to act superior to others. To him, women were mere trophies. Who cares what they thought?

He believed that Ling Duanya was the one who was ignorant, and that he was being bullied despite the fact that he wanted to treat her out of kindness.

It was simply too much!

— — —

[The next night, after self-study]

Wang Haoran sent Song Zhenyu back to the rented residential building, preparing to return to the hotel for a nice “rest”…

When he suddenly received a message from his private detective.

It was news about Fang Heng. 

The kid had dug out another famous painting from the depths of the Furukawa Street Market. There were also some buyers at the scene, who were willing to pay a sky-high price of three to four million to purchase the painting. However, instead of immediately selling it like last time, he stopped a taxi and quickly left the street.

As for where he went, the private detective didn’t say.

Fang Heng was obviously still on the road. With so many different paths to go, the private detective was unable to provide solid answers until Fang Heng arrived at his destination.

“Oh, it’s Xiaoheng, what’s the matter?”

At this time, Wang Haoran overheard Fang Xuan’s call-line from his bluetooth headset.

“Sister, are you still at work?”

“I just finished, and I’m on the way to the hospital to see mom. What’s the matter?”

“I have a surprise for you. Wait for me downstairs in your company; I’ll pick you up in a taxi. Let’s go to the hospital together.”

“Alright, I’ll wait for you.”

The call ended.

“Go to Kangming Hospital, not the hotel.” Wang Haoran swiftly told the driver to change route.

Kangming Hospital was a general hospital.

Furthermore, Wang Haoran had learnt through the private detective that Fang Xuan’s mother was hospitalized at this exact hospital.

“Yes sir.”

The driver responded promptly and made a uturn.

About ten minutes later, Wang Haoran arrived right outside the Kangming Hospital.

There were vendors selling fruit outside the hospital gate.

Wang Haoran brought a bunch of fruits on a whim.

He then walked into the hospital and successfully found the ward and bed where Fang Xuan’s mother was currently hospitalized.

Fang Xuan and Fang Heng hadn’t arrived yet.

He saw a dull-eyed woman lying on the bed, her skin blotchy and festering.

An unpleasant stench wafted through the air, a revolting odour that could be smelled from far away. 

Based on his knowledge of human physiology gained from the Supreme Poison Sutra, Wang Haoran was quite certain that even if this woman underwent regular dialysis treatment, she wouldn’t live for more than three months.

Unless she found a suitable kidney donor in time…

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