I Became the Rich Second-Generation Villain – Chapter 76



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Chapter 76: Stealing the Protagonist’s Opportunity!

The woman was currently awake, but her mental state was very poor.

The Cullinan’s driver put the fruit basket at the head of the bed.

She turned around to look at the two strangers who had suddenly appeared.

“Hello Auntie, I’m a friend of your daughter Fang Xuan. I came to visit you specially.” Wang Haoran greeted her politely.

“Thank you. Please take a seat, take a seat. I would help move the stool myself, but. . .”

The woman was so unwell that she couldn’t even raise herself from the bed, so she felt apologetic when she asked Wang Haoran to move the stool by himself. 

But there was no need for Wang Haoran to do something like that.

The driver had already walked over and took out a stool from the side of the ward, wiping it carefully with tissue, before placing it in front of Wang Haoran.

“Oh, what’s that smell? It stinks!”

There was a sound of undisguised disgust at the door of the ward. A middle-aged aunt in her fifties walked in at that moment, pointing at Fang Xuan’s mother and screaming viciously.

“You undying old woman, I feel so sick just by looking at your hideous face. You should just die already! You make the entire place smell bad; how am I supposed to live with this!?”

“I’m sorry; I’m sorry for causing you trouble.” Fang Xuan’s mother apologized, lowering her head.

“So you’re aware that you’re causing me trouble. Why don’t you hurry up and die then? I’ll be much happier, and your daughter and son will be less burdened.” The middle-aged woman continued to scold her in a sarcastic tone.

Fang Xuan’s mother went silent.

It’s true. Uremia’s treatment is very expensive, so much so that her family’s savings were almost emptied trying to treat her disease.

Not only that, there was even a huge pile of debt that came about as a result of them treating her.

Naturally, She was well aware that she was a burden to her son and daughter. Perhaps death truly was the better option, a relief for her sickened self. 

[Zain: Aww, poor aunty…. Now let Wang Hoaran use you in order to destroy your son, lmao.]

“Hah! Even if you do find a kidney donor, can you even afford it given your family’s financial situation? Unlike yours, my son is much more useful. He already contacted a kidney donor for me, and it won’t take long before I can undergo an operation.” When the middle-aged aunt saw the old woman’s pained expression, not only did she show no pity, she instead went and threw salt on her wounds without hesitation.

“Throw her out for me.” Even as a villain, Wang Haoran couldn’t listen to her ramblings anymore, so he ordered his driver to directly throw her out of the ward.

Where was the sympathy between fellow sufferers? This middle-aged aunt suffered from uremia as well, yet she was still crazily sprinkling salt onto the wounds of an old woman who didn’t have long to live!

This auntie went way too far.

The Cullinan driver immediately acted on his orders, grabbing the smelly, middle-aged aunt, before throwing her outside the ward without a second thought.

It wasn’t just Wang Haoran who had heard enough, even the driver couldn’t stand it anymore.


A man in his thirties rushed over and shouted at the driver, “What are you doing? Stop it!”

The man rushed over and punched the driver in the face.

Unfortunately, the man who attacked was weak, and the strong driver directly apprehended him.

“You—! You damn b*****d, do you know who I am?! I’m the deputy general manager of Tiancheng Company, with an annual salary of one million. I’ll make you pay for provoking me!” The weakling broke out into a rant as he cursed at the driver.

But the driver’s heart did not waver as he turned to look at Wang Haoran.

Awaiting further instructions.

Wang Haoran called Wang Xiang.

“Hey, Dad. Is Tiancheng Company any good?” 

“Bah, it’s merely a broken company, and its total value is less than 100 million.” 

Wang Xiang scoffed and spoke disdainfully, before quickly adding, “My precious son, Tiancheng Company messed with you, right? They must be courting death. Give your dear old dad three days, and I’ll have it shut down for you!”

“No need to go so far. I just felt that their deputy general manager wasn’t pleasing to the eye, so just have him fired, and let’s leave it at that.”

“Alright, I got it!”

“I still have something to do, so I’ll end the call now.”

Wang Haoran hung up.

“Hah! This kid truly knows how to direct and act by himself. My son is the deputy general manager of his company; how can he be fired just because you say so?” The middle-aged aunt laughed.


“Mom, don’t talk. That’s enough!” The aunt’s son gritted his teeth in frustration.

Seeing that her son’s expression was off, the smile on the aunt’s face instantly melted away.

The aunt’s son was swaying all over at this moment.

He had become so angry earlier that he didn’t pay much attention to Wang Haoran and the driver.

In hindsight, he immediately recognized that Wang Haoran wasn’t someone he could mess with.

With that temperament and appearance, and his tone of voice that gave off a noble aura…

Not only that, even the fact that he was accompanied by a gentleman wearing a suit and white gloves, most likely his personal driver.

Wearing white gloves to drive… how could a driver like that drive an ordinary car?

At worst, it was a Mercedes-Benz Maybach, at best, maybe a Rolls-Royce.

“Young master, g-give me a chance, I-I was wrong to have bothered you.” The middle-aged aunt’s son begged for mercy with snot and tears overflowing.

“Beep again, and I’ll kill you.” Wang Haoran retorted irritably.

The man’s mouth immediately shut, as if it had been sewn up. He proceeded to drag his mom elsewhere, fearing she might anger Wang Haoran again.

[Ding! The Host has successfully stolen the Protagonist Fang Heng’s opportunity to show off, receiving 200 villain points. Fang Heng’s Protagonist Halo -10. Host’s Villain Halo +10!]


‘Could it be that the middle-aged aunt and her son were originally arranged for Fang Heng to face slap and show off?’

Wang Haoran reacted as soon as he received the System Prompt.


But before he managed to analyse the information, someone’s voice sounded from outside.

Fang Xuan walked into the ward, and almost balked immediately in panic upon seeing Wang Haoran.

She did not understand why Wang Haoran was here.

“Ah, Xiao Xuan, your friend brought fruits to see me.” Fang Xuan’s mother spoke with a smile.

‘So he came here as a friend…’

Fang Xuan woke up from her daze and relaxed a little, bowing slightly to Wang Haoran, “Thank you for visiting my mother.”

“No need.” Wang Haoran smiled.

Fang Xuan trembled subconsciously.

Hearing his words, she suddenly felt very flustered.

And if his voice was accompanied by the sound of a locking door… she did not even want to know how panicked she might become. It was possible that she wouldn’t be able to continue standing upright!

“There’s nothing entertaining here, and my brother is still shopping downstairs. What do you want to eat? I can ask him to bring it.” Fang Xuan was polite and courteous towards her ‘guest’.

“That’s fine; I’m not hungry.”


Fang Xuan felt a little uneasy chatting so leisurely with Wang Haoran like that, so she quickly turned her attention elsewhere.

“Mom, when I arrived just now, I saw that the wicked mother and son next door had terrified and unsightly faces. What happened?” Fang Xuan suddenly asked her mother.

That pair of mother and son next door truly deserved to be biological parent and child, their mouths were both equally cruel, and they both liked mentally torturing innocent people. 

For Fang Xuan’s reserved and soft-spoken mother, living with these people was no less than torture. She could not even recall how many times the other party had angered her.

Therefore, Fang Xuan hated them both very much.

“Oh, it’s like this…” Fang Xuan’s mother recounted the preceding events to Fang Xuan.

After listening, Fang Xuan just stared at Wang Haoran with a blank expression.

[Ding! The heroine, Fang Xuan, has experienced an increase in her favorability toward the Host 15. The current total favorability is 45, (Very Friendly)]

[Ding! The Host influenced the plot direction, receiving 200 villain points!]

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