I Became the Rich Second-Generation Villain – Chapter 77


Chapter 77: I Will Buy This Painting!

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“Mom, I’m here.”

Fang Heng had a look of joy on his face as he arrived at the ward with a packed bag. However, upon seeing someone he did not expect to be here, his face couldn’t help but turn sour.

“But what’s a pampered rich second generation like you doing here?” Fang Heng asked in a gloomy tone.

“Xiaoheng, don’t be rude, he came here to see mom.” Fang Xuan reprimanded.

“To offer courtesy for no reason, there must be a hidden motive.” Fang Heng frowned in response.

Fang Xuan was a little unhappy, but she didn’t continue to scold him. After all, Fang Heng was her own younger brother, criticizing him because of others might be a bit too much.

Besides, even Fang Xuan herself felt that Wang Haoran was quite the villain.

Unfortunately, despite knowing that Fang Heng was probably right, she somehow couldn’t manage to feel any disgust towards Wang Haoran. In fact, she wanted to be closer to him.

What a contradictory mentality…

[Samael: Hey, you’re the one who wrote this.]

“Xiaoheng, this is your sister’s friend! You are not allowed to be disrespectful to him, or I’ll smack you on the head until it’s swollen!”

Fang Xuan’s mother felt very grateful that Wang Haoran had taught the mother and son next door a lesson earlier, thus she reacted more negatively to Fang Heng’s words.

“Okay… I’ll be polite.” Fang Heng reluctantly agreed, taking an apple out of the bag and throwing it to Wang Haoran using more force than necessary.

“Please eat!”

Wang Haoran reached out and caught it easily, but he didn’t eat the apple.

Because he doesn’t like apples.

Moreover, this apple hadn’t been washed yet.

Fang Heng, this b*****d, was deliberately trying to piss him off.

If it wasn’t for his plan to slowly harvest Fang Heng’s wool, Wang Haoran would’ve just thrown the apple back before personally giving that ugly mug of his a big slap.

But after thinking about it, he calmed down.

‘Fine, let the kid be arrogant for now. I’ll deal with him once I’ve harvested all the wool.’

“Xiaoheng, these apples haven’t been washed. Why did you give them like that to our guest?” Fang Xuan’s mother reprimanded him again.

“Tch, how can a rich second-generation like him like to eat apples? These are commoners’ food. He won’t eat it even after I wash them, so why bother?” Fang Heng retorted sarcastically.

The old woman’s face froze. However, just as she was about to criticize Fang Heng once more, he took the lead and changed the subject, “What about the nasty mother and son next door?”

“They got kicked out, and probably changed their beds. They won’t stay here in the future.” Fang Xuan said.

“What happened?” Fang Heng asked.

Fang Xuan relayed what she had heard from her mother to Fang Heng.

But when Fang Heng heard this, instead of being grateful, he fiercely glared at Wang Haoran.

He was all set to teach the despicable mother and son a lesson with his own hands, releasing the hatred from his long-standing suffering at their hands.

He never imagined that they’d be chased away by the troublesome Wang Haoran first.

Fang Heng felt very depressed.

“You’re being so kind to my family for no reason. You want to pursue my sister, don’t you?” Fang Heng stared at Wang Haoran and spoke scathingly.

“Pursue your sister? You’re overthinking it.” Wang Haoran smiled.

Pursue Fang Xuan? The sheets have already been rolled over twice, did he still need to pursue her?

“Don’t lie, if it’s not to pursue my sister, then why are you being so nice to my family?” Fang Heng couldn’t believe it, and scoffed at him:

“Don’t think that you’re special just because you have your stinking money, I have money too.”

After he spoke, Fang Heng took out a half-meter-long scroll that he had been carrying. “You see this thing? Someone asked me to sell it for four million, but I didn’t!”

Hearing this, Fang Xuan’s heart skipped a beat.

Four million? This must be due to the help that Wang Haoran personally arranged!

‘Aigoo. This little brother is so stupid, why didn’t he just sell it immediately?’

“Oh? What is this?” Wang Haoran pretended to be surprised.

“Zhao Mengfu’s painting of Drinking Horses, but you might not know about it. Or perhaps you don’t even know who Zhao Mengfu is.” Fang Heng laughed sarcastically.

The reason as to why he did not sell this ancient painting was that Fang Heng wanted to use it to slap the faces of the mother and son next door.

More specifically, the ugly aunt who kept boasting about her son’s million-dollar annual salary.

Just by casually going to Furukawa Street and finding a good painting, he could easily earn several years’ worth of her son’s meagre salary and more.

It would have slapped their faces like a flash of thunder.

A pity that Wang Haoran had driven them away.

To the side.

Fang Xuan could only feel shame.

Only she knew her brother best. He didn’t study in middle school, and his grades were mediocre. But after reading a few antique books, he truly thought he was the main character in some sort of novel.

[Zain: This is every reader after reading “Reverend Insanity” :kek: ]

Simply stupid.

In her opinion, if Wang Haoran hadn’t looked for a helper to bump up the price, it would have been difficult to sell this broken painting for even dozens of dollars.

“Well, actually, I have heard of Zhao Mengfu. A famous painter, calligrapher, and poet from the end periods of the Southern Song Dynasty to the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty. He was often called the crown of the Yuan Dynasty, thanks to the new style of painting he created. Together with Ouyang, Yan, and Liu, they became the four masters of regular script…” Wang Haoran said slowly.

His knowledge reserve as a scholar was quite immense.

Fang Heng was stunned.

He only learned from the golden finger that this was Zhao Mengfu’s Drinking Horse painting. He didn’t really know much about Zhao Mengfu.

“I didn’t expect you to know this, not bad.” Fang Heng, a chronic narcissist, commented on Wang Haoran in an old-fashioned manner, trying to act knowledgeable.

“Xiaoheng, can this painting really sell for that much money?!”

Fang Xuan’s mother asked in disbelief.

“Yes, absolutely!” Fang Heng said in a firm tone, “Last time, I sold an antique for 5 million. I have to tell you that this is the second time I’ve bought a treasure, and someone asked to buy it for 4 million. Your son, I, have an extraordinary talent for treasure appraising. In the future, our family will definitely live a luxurious life!”

“Furthermore, I’ve already spent money to ask some helpers to go to various places to find a kidney. Once a suitable kidney donor is found, your illness will be cured, mom!”

“So you can rest assured and just wait for your illness to be cured!”

“Xiao Xuan, is this true?” Fang Xuan’s mother could not believe it, so she asked Fang Xuan instead.

[Chinese trivia: Xiao = Little]

“It’s true, mom. Our family has money now, a lot of money, and we’ll never have to  worry about money again in the future.” Fang Xuan’s tone was firm.

The family was indeed not short of money anymore. Half the 10 million promised by Wang Haoran had already reached Fang Heng.

“Great, great… my son has a good future ahead of him.” Fang Xuan’s mother was so excited that she burst into tears.

Seeing this, Fang Heng felt extremely proud.

Wang Haoran watched silently for a while, before suddenly speaking:

“I’m very interested in collecting paintings; would you sell this picture of Drinking Horses to me?”

“Someone offered 4 million, and I still didn’t sell it. How much can you offer?” Fang Heng asked.

“5 million. If you want, I can pay you right now.” Wang Haoran answered promptly.

“Okay, deal!” Fang Heng didn’t even think twice.

He had already inquired about the maximum price of this Drinking Horses picture when placed on the market, its price is averaged at around 4.5 to 4.8 million.

Hence, Wang Haoran’s bid of 5 million was already considered sky-high.

And although Fang Heng hated him, he wouldn’t say no to money.

Wang Haoran immediately started the exchange on the bank software, and a 24-hour dedicated account manager soon called to confirm the transfer.

In less than ten minutes, 5 million was successfully credited to Fang Heng’s account.

Fang Xuan felt a lot more relieved upon seeing this scene.

Wang Haoran was quite trustworthy, giving 10 million exactly, no more and no less.

[Ding! The Host’s manipulation behind the scenes caused the Protagonist Fang Heng to earn the second pot of gold, showing off his failure to the heroine Fang Xuan, receiving 200 villain points!]

“It’s yours.” Fang Heng handed out the scroll.

Wang Haoran didn’t pick up, instead asking his driver to do it.

He didn’t even open up the scroll to check its authenticity from beginning to end.

Fang Heng was very surprised by this.

However, Fang Xuan wasn’t surprised in the slightest.

This was just Wang Haoran’s method of giving away money to them anyways, so whether or not the painting was truly authentic made no difference.

There was no reason to check it.

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